On/Off Thread

On/Off Thread

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Oh holy shit morrrrrreeeeeee

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OP: Not sure if you are retarded or just that much of a newfag, but this is NOT an "On/Off" thread. An "On/Off" thread is not you, taking two images from long since known and established sets of images of a females widely available all over the internet, and then selecting one image from the set where she is clothed and one where she is naked and placing them side by side (thus, reducing the original images' resolution drastically and making an even shittier image than the original two you found from a set on the internet). An "On/Off" thread is where an OP posts his original content girl (wife, gf, etc.) with her clothes on, live and ready, with a timestamp, and calls out digits, where anons posting name an article of clothing to be removed and if their post contains those digits, she removes that article. If she is fully stripped, anons can now make her do anything. THAT is an "On/Off" thread . . . not you making shit-tier low rez collages of 2 selected images from known sets.

Half of the shitty collages you post are fakes on one side anyway, you idiot, but then you are too dumb to even realize that.

ps. EVERYONE hates collages! They are cancer around here and always have been. It's an IMAGE BOARD, not a hurr-durr-look-at-what-I-made-now-beg-for-moar board, you fucking asshole!!! Post the native images, or fuck off! No one is interested in your "artwork".

It's also why you are always the only poster in these your shitty, misnamed, threads.

Op is an asshole, and a retard. Period.

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What the sucked in chest is going on here?

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honestly, this these threads are cancer with the collage crap
everybody seen all these anyway
what's the point?
to make even newer fags beg?
like everyone, i dont get it

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Why does this look shopped?

Why'd you cut her onlyfans mark off the bottom of your collage?


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lol, her set is fucking a decade old

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She shut down her pornhub account during the pandemic. Do you have any of the videos (missing a couple) or are you just shitposting here (like all the others) pretending you are exposing when it is already a mainstream pornwhore or camwhore or internet whore?

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Who is she?

That is horrifyingly ugly. Jfc.

Well considering I'm the guy that's been posting her for years......yeah this is OC.
This isn't rocket science

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this thread sux
whose posting all this old content?

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fucking yuck!


Ok, retard. Pretty sure nobody around here is that dumb. Ever hear of google?



Cool story bro.
That's why you named your image "Screenshot 20220426" and yet I have it in higher resolution on my hard drive from 2017. Makes perfect sense, fag.

keep going i beg

except she had her own sub on reddit for several years, going back quite a long time ago

how fucking dumb are you tho?

Does “OC” count when she is the one who posted to social media? Not like you got her to make those pictures retard.

Her sets were all over the place, moron. What the fuck are you begging about? Not to be retarded?

the redtit archives say you are retarded

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Are you retarded? They're screenshot from my private folder, where I keep all of my nudes aka gallery vault.....
Lmao she's my high school ex gf she didn't have a reddit sub

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Post or get the fuck out faggots

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Yet you are the one who brought up Reddit, clearly you like going to that shithole. You should probably go back.

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Literally perfect

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ok are these just like AI generated or some shit or wtf are women just openly doing on/off pics for no goddam reason

If the money is right

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Why are 90% of these bitches flatter than a 12 year old?

Idk, why don't you contribute and post your own fat tit bitch if it bothers you so much? Post or stfu

Lmao "you're not allowed to sit with us" wtf are you 12 like these hoes?

wow shes so skinny even her vag lips look thin.

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yea but like how much is that? like is someone out there literally paying 500 per pic??

more likely its just some reddit admin who requires nude verification for girls to post their shit in the reddit


Most of them are one dude. DG

is there a story to this?