Prove me wrong

Prove me wrong

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DOOM and Aesop
Though this meme is still very true, and Kanye’s discog is in the top 5

>DOOM and Aesop

kanye is unironically the most boring hip hop artist in history

based on this picture, the best discography in hip hop belongs to someone else, because the cyclops attacks Spongebob and Patrick right after this scene

>knowing this much about spongebob

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Black Thought/The Roots
Flying Lotus
Earl Sweatshirt
Lil Ugly Mane

some of the best discographies out there IMO. Kanye is up there, but not the best

we're not all boomers who were 30 when that movie came out like you, grandpa

>t. not a goofy goober, just a regular goober

best hip hop song ever made coming through

So spongebob is soî now? Epic


>the best discography in hip hop is a 7/10
thanks for letting me know so I don't have to waste time exploring that shitty genre

I get how one would consider Kanye while talking mainstream hip-hop. But placing him over Kendrick is beyond me. His lyrics and production makes him the most influential artists IMO

Kanye has never been wrong.

Kendrick only has one good album (TPAB)
Kanye has 7

>His lyrics and production
His lyrics, not his production. Kendrick doesn’t produce. And really? Kendrick couldn’t possibly be more influential than Kanye, who the hell has Kdot influenced?

Kendrick's lyrics are tolerable at best, and he doesn't produce anything nor would he have the talent to. He's only liked because after 2012 he dropped on his knees and starting sucking critic dick

Implying that
>Kendrick isn't mainstream
>Kendrick has better production than Kanye
>Kendrick is more influential
Kanye shits all over Kendrick. He has only two good albums and hasn't produce anything like Yeezus or 808s & Heartbreak.

Jesus Christ I can't stand faggots like people who are posting in this thread... How people can say DOOM and others 'underground' rapper have a better diacography than Kanye? I just can't stand indie hip hop heads.
>my musical taste is superior bruh, this rapper sold 1k copies but it's one of the best rapper in the game.

>Unironically thinking rap is music


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Bro Kanye literally brags about all his Grammys, he’s just as guilty of “sucking critics dicks” as Kendrick, only difference is Kanye is the executive producer of his own music He gets a say in his video productions?

Even Travis Scott has better production and a better discography than Kendrick.

Sure I guess, what about his music though faggot? Also Kanye directed a mini-movie for the Runaway music video, try again

Operation Doomsday
Vaudeville Villain
Take Me to Your Leader
Mm.. Food
The Mouse and the Mask
Born Like This

and those are only the best ones. If it's not the best discog, then it's top 5 without a doubt.

Consecutively unbeaten.

93 Enter the Wu Tang
94 Six Feet deep
95 Liquid Swords
96 Ironman
97 Wu Tang Forever

>Posting a Nerdwriter essay unironically.
Also this.
Even if Kendrick directed his own videos (he doesn’t) he’ll never make any music videos as good or interesting as Kanye

Thought music was subjective. And does the quantity of albums really trump the quality? And nowhere am I implying Kendrick is a superior producer than Kanye. Though the producers he works with I.e. Jonas Lindstroem happens to be an outstanding photojournalist. Let's pitch him against Kanye.


The difference is that Kanye makes great personal albums, and then critics find it good. Kendrick constructs his albums to be as appealing to critics as possible, by trying to mix genres, agreeable political messages, ''we wuz poor and life wuz hard'' cliches, etc

>spongebob is soi
>spongebob is calarts
>shitty wojak
You really don't know anything about what you're attacking, just blindly using memes as a replacement for any sort of personality.

Like, zoinks, Scoob!

Kanye > Outkast > MF DOOM > every other discography

agreed. No matter whatever stupid shit he says I’m gonna listen to the next album

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i can't because it's 100% true

Although doom dosent count because his disco has been mediocre this last decade, at least Outkast stopped before it got to that point

Music is subjective but Kendrick not being a music producer is objective

That's not how you spell 2pac

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Who's doom? If you mean MF DOOM you forgot to spell the man name in all caps

best opinion itt
everyone else's opinion has been horseshit especially except the pic in op