Fix You by Coldplay is the greatest song ever written and you all know it

Fix You by Coldplay is the greatest song ever written and you all know it

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OP, Coldplay is music for people that actually get laid. Counts out about 90% of this board.

It's fucking shit, not even Top 10 Coldplay:

let's see how you think about that when your period is over in 5 days

its kinda sad, my sis played this at my grannies funeral. i cried. 7/10.

better when you add SOAD to it

I don't know about that one, my guy.

The Scientist, Strawberry Swing, and Charlie Brown are some of my favorites, though their best record was either Parachutes or AROBTTH

what about this

Coldplay had it, lost it then its gone forever.

that's a fucking terrible song holy shit lol
i ltierally listen to kpop and weebshit and that stuff is about 10x less cringy that fix you

best coldplay track coming through

*blocks your path*

based and redpilled

the beginning part is cool but the climax is tedious and not melodically or rhytmically interesting. basically there's some concentrated cute going on in the opening verse, building anticipation for a pay off, but the disappointing pay off wears on your patience for the sickly sweet vibe.

Everyone knows that The Scientist is better user

So fucking underrated
Probably the most underrated song by them

Oh hell yea son



>And it was all yellow

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I remember listening to my dad's CD of A Rush of Blood to the Head, because I only knew the Scientist and Clocks. Goddamn this song is good, just an overall solid album. Nostalgic as hell