Angry music

What is Death Grips' angriest album/song?
Also what bands are like Death Grips, but angrier?

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Passenger of Shit


jenny death is their angriest album
giving bad people good ideas is their angriest song

no love deep web

>bands like Death Grips, but angrier

try clipping's first album CLPPNG


Machine Girl

yeah, this probably

No. Clppng is for cucks

v angry

666 trips of truth

steroids or nldw

ugly art

this too

also GLOSS

Their angriest song is probably Up My Sleeves

Try punk/proto punk/post punk and the likes. Grips is entry-level angerness, try the real deal boyo



not a fan of death grips except for some stuff on jenny death but the title did say angry music so im posting a song

>What is Death Grips' angriest album/song?
Their EP
Full Moon

Public Enemy is angrier than anything Death Grips did. Bad sound quality is not "angry" or "heavy", it's just bad.

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God I fucking love this album
Listen to the entire album btw. Probably Death Grips main influence.

>being this dense

clipping's first album is midcity