You now remember how shit this was

You now remember how shit this was

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Their worst record imo anyone who says otherwise is a faggot

good songs ruined by mark ronson’s shitty production

the songs themselves aren't good, bar a small few. ronson's production only made em worse

what are the logistics of the hand eyes can the red guy see out of them or what

Imagine being under 40 and thinking anything by this band is worth listening to

FH4 made me love this record for some reason

This cover art is worse than lullabies

Songs for The Deaf is a classic

when do you guys think we can expect their next record? ever since them crooked vultures homme's release schedule has been very erratic

Part of that was him almost dying on an operating table due to drug use but I’d assume either this year (unlikely) or next year (most likely).

Hope they spend some more time writing but hopefully we get something within the next 2 years, I can see a 2021 record.

>Part of that was him almost dying on an operating table due to drug use
i forgot about that part

I’m going to correct myself here. He did have a knee surgery (something that I thought was a cover up) but he did actually have a knee surgery but the complications were further complicates by drug use at the time

thought it was complications from a knee operation?

he has a problem with painkillers like most white people in america right now

It was, see here I corrected myself after doing very quick research. He also alluded that the drug use and depression was set it by “someone else” so that makes me suspicious as to what or who was bothering him.

He’s also one of the last rock stars who believed in the life and lie that partying and having tattoos made you cool.

Is this shit?
I was listening this morning and thought it was pretty shit, QotSA has fallen pretty far

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he's been quite secretive about what really happened to him. i've heard mentions of drug abuse and a knee surgery. i think in one interview he refuted the knee surgery thing, saying it was a story that someone else put out. either way something big must've happened seeing how fucked up he was and how he was planning on quitting music entirely.

I thought sunday and gardenia were great

There is nothing wrong with that album. Clearly their worst but not bad at all.

that album is 10x better than villains. you need to be an iggy fan to like it though

Ranking of their albums? I was pleasantly surprised that their 2013 release was a good as it was since I didn’t like Lullabies or the 2007 album.
I just want the truth and an honest story too. Homme is too obsessed with tricking the public and being elusive as part of his humor

i love the opening track
>Homme is too obsessed with tricking the public and being elusive as part of his humor
maybe, but i also get the idea that it's something he really doesn't wanna talk about.

Rated R (2000)
Queens of the Stone Age (1998)
Songs for the Deaf (2002)
Lullabies to Paralyze (2005)
Era Vulgaris (2007)
[didn't listen] ...Like Clockwork (2013)
[didn't listen] Villains (2017)

I was being an asshole and I agree with what you said more than what I originally said. He probably isn’t comfortable talking about it. Sorry papa Homme

i wonder if the paris attacks had anything to do with it.
i still havent listened to villians. what i heard of it i knew to stay away,
is there any good tracks on it?

I probably have the same ranking except I’d have it go Rated R = SFTD

i don't remember it at all actually

>is there any good tracks on it?
there are a few that are solid. i liked head like a haunted house, the evil has landed, and un-reborn again, the last one being one of my favourite songs of that year. it's worth at least one listen if you're a big enough fan of the band, but it's certainly not essential.

Truly Homme is the Emperor of Pleb Filters

Truly Homme is the Jesus of Music

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I liked it. Josh has shown more complexity as a songwriter on the last two Queens albums. I don't like that it didn't have any guest musician, which has always been one of the more interesting aspects of QOTSA.