White albums

I saw a topic on here the other day stating that blue albums are the best albums, but we all know white albums are the best.

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This wasn't as good as Kin, and neither were as good as...you guessed it...Blue

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not a single good album on there LMAO


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My fucking eyes

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here's the better version

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dead meme

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xtc - white music

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Came to post this. Best white double concept album released in the 70s.

A night at the opera isn't that great, its got like 3 good songs and that's it.

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you're probably the only one who thought this was a creative/funny post

Thought this thread was dedicated to what only white people listened to and so had a laugh at this.

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die lit is unironically good though, absolutely no memes involved,

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I am disappoint

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hey Yea Forums, am i white?

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