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Hey! Listen!

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hello shark friends how are we doing on this fine day

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need more mommies

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so, DC is basically fucked,wn
>rainbow v
ten you absolute fag


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>Video Games
cant live without a bit of games
havent watched for ages
here and there
>Prescribed drugs for mental conditions such as ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety
people with mental problems are a bit hard not to
>Non prescription drugs
fuck off
hate it
>Savory foods
they are good once in a while
>Fantasy literature
fuck off i own most of the forgotten realms books they are fucking awesome
>Porn, but masturbating is still fine
who on earth can give up porn?

Can’t wait to have gaypop happy babies with Yeri. They’ll be like Vernon except way less gayer

Man Korea really loves the Queen movie huh... guess the youth didn’t really know they existed until the movie.

comfy is just a code word for boring dbh

>imagine having images saved or wasting time to look up photos to post your seething rage
lol pathetic

what do my wiz*bros think of itzy breaking iz*one's music show win record? do you think JYP did that on purpose?

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Who is that

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why do you retards have to start a thread every 2 minutes?

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we're sorry for bumping your shitty fantano thread out the catalogue

do you incels really like zipperhead women who look like little children??
this is what a real woman looks like, just to make this clear

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>ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety
>mental problems

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based dalla dalla bro I recognize you. have a good nights sleep.

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because we are the only relevant thread in Yea Forums

baby shark doo doo

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All songs but it's the same songs over and over.

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IOI sharkgirl

How can you explain this

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>fuck off i own most of the forgotten realms books they are fucking awesome
man im searching for them for years ive been trying to get the full collection too some of those books are so fucking expensive

cringe and bluepilled

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more twice butts

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not bad

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hello i am from korear


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>literally looks like an insect.
disgusting. imagine the cope of incels who need to go for asian women because they cant get white women

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you're not bumping anything weebfag, you're just being cancer on everyones monitor every 2 minutes

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wheres arin poster?

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don't post that disgusting lazy ghoul slut with gingivitis

so cute

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dubuggo btfo

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>so retarded he can't even use filters
>4channel 2k19

who is that fag supposed to be anyway

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Ik this is bait but

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>spilling my semen for white thots that cant see past my wallet and not caring about normal asian girls that cant speak properly english and they are fascinated about your stories of war in titan

business as usual

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Will shark eat our penguin??

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we hate wh*te roasties here
with one or two exceptions

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someone tell me how i can cop this look

imagine the level of a cuck you have to be to disturb a bunch of bros having a nice time posting pictures of cute girls on a nice thursday night. take it easy and calm down bro.

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And tofu

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cub will protect her

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is there a more down to earth idol than hani?
not giving a single shit about her image

is that even a question?

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*kills izone*

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looks like Remember Me is the best title and Magic is the best b-side

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>still seething
both a cuck and a whiteknight lmao yikes

oh well, at least we have visuals

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Roastie kryptonite

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you're thinking of ost ballad
They work in the context of television where it can reinforce a certain emotion in a scene,
but generally can't stand on its own as a song

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hell yeah

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post more pure girls

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*kill the revolution*

dude... cub's mom is hot. as. fuck

just imagine her being younger... my god..

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>be asian girl
>naturally look like shit
>dye your hair blonde because you want to look like white women
I dont know what is more ridiculous, asian women who want to be nonasian or white males seeking asian females because they know that they arent good enough to satisfy real women

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Sarah Jessica Parker...

if you're doing slutpop you probably already don't care about your image

you start

It does not cost them shit to make when it's the same sets and cameras and hasty porn editing for everything they shit out.
As long as it has ads in pornhub, it paid for itself already, and no-one should fund the shady-ass industry mafia any more than that.

based suraj

you have uggos and landwhales and thats all you'll ever have

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I was going to link the puma store but the sneakers are sold out

Imagine the smell

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where are my bangtan bros

and the music user

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Cucked and niggerpilled. Get off my board faggot.

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>ywn tell stories from war against Plutonian Supremacy fought on wastes of Titan in atmosphere full of methane

this is a real woman

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all of exid are pretty chill. i think it's because they kinda have one foot in the older gen back when idols were more easygoing and funny

>real woman
>that waist to hip ratio
nice bait

meant for

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what's with this poster

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>white women
>real women

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stop responding to the butthurt asian "man". it will do you no good.

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yeah, you're right
i'm pretty sure that's from Minx era

binnie wife

nice try

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>loona's comeback taken off streaming sites
>mnet uploads fancams late
>charts like shit
>no chance of a first win

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jisun wife

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don't reply to antis btw


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binnie cheap prostitute

>just imagine her being younger
i literally can

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this but arin


my maid/servant

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arin concubine

bacon wife


ITZY in the JYP office

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i wish i could shrink down and go inside cub's mouth

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Have you watched his vlive? I watched it and I it was comfy as fuck

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so cubs mom is an artsy hoe huh? that explain why cub likes indie/artsy so much

i literally used blade runner quote and her mouth was constantly open like a frog waiting for flies

never knew a boring movie would help me get korean pussy

why not go inside her p at that point

That's my wife wtf

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best jihyo's best feature

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are subs out?


>white youtube
starting to grow on me

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>a blacked posting cuck faggot who is a white knight for roasties at the same time
jfc, is this the new normal for poltards?
i am at a point where i dont know what is worse:
a) shitlib whites
b) roasties
c) pol/trumptard pagan larping cuck faggots
i am at a point where i just despise 99% of white people

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her motherly instincts and love

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any sharkman in

the madman cannot be stopped

t. white male

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do you have more pouty gahyeons?

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>blade runner
don't respond to me or my wife's son ever again

good stuff lads

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will black pink ever enter ariana granda territory? i like 7 rings but it's so cringe to act like she didn't get there from sex appeal as apposed to the mediocre mother fuckers like ed sheeran who gained their fame through semi catchy songs.

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i would like the world to be populated only by asian people (kikes, niggers and whites are all shit-tier).
but they should let me live, so i can go on worshipping dubu

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post more yuna god damn it

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t. ugly manbaby with a dick in his hand trying to get off by imagining other people becoming suicidal and miserable like him

imagine irene doing this

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lots but I'll have to post them later

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its boring as shit after you watch it a second time


It sounds like seungyeon is saying NOW instead of NO
not looking at the lyrics it really changes the song
She wants all of that NOW

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was that for the whole week?

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or what?

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dumb landlubber

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What a goddess

Is anyone here buying tickets for BTS?

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that's a nice and rare gahyeon bro.

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or i post some loona

Attached: Dz8VBsVU0AEtSMM.jpg (1333x2000, 382K)

if i am able to...
last time i was in line for the tickets 30 mins before the sales started, and still wasn't able to get one

cutest girl in the galaxy

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what are those black marks on her legs?


momo never stops eating

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this is not a good look for twice in general

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yes it is, dubu looks adorable

if i'm shiny
everybody gonna shine

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to be fair, everyone except yeonwoo gets mogged by nana

I don't really like going to concerts but I'll try

fake tattoo

binnie free prostitute

why later?

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Attached: DRA5rOVUEAUTJPe.jpg (640x640, 40K)

t, literal slave paying for free shitpost material in 2018+1

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DC teasers are great

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binnie loving gf

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reminder that wonyoung is chinese and pretends to be korean


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still inferior to nana and yeonnoo

>tfw i just thrown 400 bucks on a tranny who looks like ryujin
>she calls me oppa throughout the whole session

Oh do I have some funny news today but I can't find the video/post. But Soulja Boy apparently dissed BTS

Is the American rap industry coming for them now?

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I want an Arin Moaning Compilation

talk me out of buying dreamcatcher albums

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Twice without Dubu is like Barca without Messi - useless.

Attached: the_one_thing_guys_want.jpg (1800x1200, 586K)

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never thought a 15 year old would make me feel this way..

Attached: Dz70JL0UcAAooBT.jpg (799x1200, 235K)

walk into the club like whatup i got a big cock?

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>events that never transpired

Attached: 3fe11b76e07ce516f74f04d2b0e4a0bc.jpg (1364x2048, 450K)

im at work. im usually only on later at night est

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seconding this

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>hey user hey hey hey look what i can do with my tongue *BLEH*

what do?

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Isn't she half-Korean and was born in Korea and went to Korean schools though

Attached: DnnqXQQV4AAMnU1.jpg (4096x2730, 1.89M)

Life without Dubu is like asian women without white men - useless

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Attached: sana.jpg (1005x670, 114K)

binnie protein extractor

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Attached: the most ____ thing.jpg (750x1125, 60K)

Attached: (745x541, 77K)

Attached: Dx6c7_LUcAEy2wo.jpg (1920x1282, 272K)

buy it, do it for ourgirls

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do you think dubu would enjoy the beastie boys? this is a very important question.

Attached: dubu_notbad.webm (252x360, 128K)

based arinchad saving the thread

Attached: 45448794961_5bd3aa86f5_o.jpg (2000x1333, 344K)

yea, probably
beastie boys is very easy to listen to and to like

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only thing there that applies to me is eating food but i'm in good shape so doesn't matter

based me

When was the last time soulja boy was relevant? Also 88rising are a bunch of nobodies

For me, it's JinSoul

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Attached: 25011476_131236170880723_1007827424764755968_n.jpg (1080x1351, 126K)

don't care, I would do it every day for the rest of my days

fly like a butterfly~
wings wings~

believe it.

well, i instructed her not to show his boner.

if there is clout there is diss


muh dik

Attached: AlienatedSpitefulFirecrest.webm (810x1440, 2.96M)

me in the middle

Attached: totes me 2.jpg (2508x1672, 507K)

binnie beautiful lady


I really want to poke those rabbit teeth

Attached: DzuLTdyVYAEI-GJ.jpg (750x1334, 113K)

white woman cant compete

i actually understand polish, but i can't speak it

t. Siarhei

how is soulja dumbo still free after the obvious piracy of both Nintendo and Sony consoles?
no way he can pay the copyright fines.
did they declare him clinically retarded and unable to understand what he was doing?

is this belle delphine?


binnie ugly japanese tranma

you can definitely live without mindless hedonistic garbage. as you get older you'll realize that life's better when you're not overloading yourself with pleasurable stimuli.

I wish I was either momo or dubu here


based neonazis love bts

binnie incel seethe inducer

binnie rich saerom

Can ITZY acheive Black Pink's popularity


binnie chuu's fat ass

alright friend

delete this


binnie pit slut


thought she was n*ked

better than delphine

I don't think they like them if they were caught making fun of them multiple times

this cannot be real I literally just found out about this slut 1 minute ago

kidnapping wony, beheading her and having her severed head sent to iz*one's dorm


>Magic is the best b-side
worst bside

this but using it as a fleshlight until i get a yuna gf

>could go out and look for opportunity to shoot some random gangsta
>gangs would start killing each other and survivors get mostly jailed
>posts about korean pop on tumblr instead
About as low risk, I guess.

binnie gentle lovemaking


busted chink wony, i had my share of fap. it's time to move on.

no you cant especially when you are horny all the time
women cant keep up

why not just using the open wound on her neck

it's better to send the severed head to iz*one's dorm, imagine the sheer terror on their faces

stanning her hard in bed


what a goddess

kim lip

nice vertical mouth down there


the j-line would faint
hyewon, yujin and eunbi would probably end up being catatonic due to the sheer shock
everyone else would just be crying and screaming


wonybros remain loyal to wony, for another 14 years at least

coloring book is the best


it's like söyboys having hitlerjugen haircut, they're totally clueless

hyungwon and minhyuk subunit


I can't accept that

Jin mother fuckin Soul!

this but liar liar and twilight


2nd best title