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>unleash the itzy

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yeah lets rent those ever expanding housing bubbles instead of buying it for the long run since we will still produce groups

you cant be serious


>kills twice
based itzy

that's actually surprising

ok, Itzy won, but who were 2nd and 3rd place?

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If he bought the building, he can afford to put TWICE into 2 dorms instead of 1. Reading comprehension retardo.

What did they mean by this?


isn't this the cutest girl you have ever seen in your life

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shut the fuck up already you retard

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Living in the same house edition

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he DOESNT need to fucking put them into two dorms moron

For me it's Yeji

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Cub mogged hard


come on just tell me

jyp basically said dont get lazy like those bp girls

Does it matter

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>JYP is rich enough to buy the building
>But JYP is cheap and squeezes 9 members into a single apartment in a building he owns
>I must believe the 9 of them live under one roof for whatever retarded fucking reason
Okay brah

quiet niggers

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he can afford it but he doesnt because he is a cheap fucko
>not a single new song for the dreamday tour

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I love Sharky so much bros

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I'm curious

lia honey please stop talking and go sit in the corner

was Itzy vs Hwasa


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the koreaboo edition of taylor swift

reminder that everyone is sabotaging loona and the whole universe conspires against them


loonabros dont use that kind of offensive language

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jyp has to donate to the cult. He can’t be bothered with dorm shit

pls no

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an art hoe and a kfapper have a baby. that baby grows up and is influenced by both parents musical tastes. who is their favorite kpop group and soloist?

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hwasa was 2nd, no idea who was 3rd

>lets spread the group into two dorm
>especially now that we own a building we know that have massive appartments the likes of got7

seriously you cant be more retarded

based slugchad ska yejichad

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the cult of twice is the only one that matters

>rich enough to buy two apartments next to each other
>still makes them all sleep under one roof
>uses the second one to apply makeup lel
Keep them humble, Mr Park.

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They should all sleep in one big bed.

how can yuna compete?

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Thanks best buddy

stfu roastie

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agreed. and with me.

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it makes things unreasonably complicated if they split it in two. they have a makeuproom in the basement. they can get picked up and dropped to a location at the same time... i mean imagine going to an awards show, half the group gets there 30 minutes early and they have to wait for the 2nd car to get here b/c of traffic. theyd also need to hire more staff... say for small things where they would need just 1 manager, they would now always need 2.

im a fr*cking bad boy

that so far these girls are just riding on the coattails of twice and if they don't realize it they'll end up spoiled

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what's with the wony pdf files counter-offensive today?

sorry, what did you say?

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What is he going to do with the spare apartments? Rent them out?

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you think the curtains match the drapes?

Yuna is redhead, and I love the redheads, so Yuna is better.

nice esl

JYJ and Kanye West


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yeah i think it's a good idea, for those reasons, also for social cohesion. if they split into 2, they might form into two cliques, and be cunty towards each other

When people say split into two. They are still living together, normally in apartments which are side by side to one another.. No one is saying they live in dorms apart from each other.

hye is only good for one thing

Don't even try

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>LGBT actually stands for Loona, Gay, Black, Trans
At last I truly see.

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twice and sunmi

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imagine the smell

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right now:
ryujin > everyone else, it's not even close

once they restore yuna's old hair she'll blow everyone out of the water

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don't get cocky

we hate red hair here (at least on asian qt's)


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fuck off we love jiu here

You know what it is
Coming round again
You want a dose of this
Right now
Its Daily Dubu uh!

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w-whhat is she wearing

Fuck. Yiren is so pretty.

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Didn’t cub keep referring to “her house” on that episode of twice tv in the strawberry farm?

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Literally the most attractive homo sapien to walk this Earth.

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MASSIVE sizequeen

imagine wony in a year

>2 last threads was itzy vs izone vs loona
>this thread is 1 dorm vs 2 dorms vs loona

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Someone is going to drag his balls over that face one day. And it won't be you.

old and plastic

I read Art of the Deal I got this np

>ywn be dubu
>ywn be bullied by momo and sana 24/7

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we should protect her at all costs

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what does she know

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>no sharkgf

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Busters don't even have a dorm

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jyp already had his way with her

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Donald please

ronald mcdonald lookin bitch

any sharkman in

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>This is America

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that's sad, they are cute girls and deserve better

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who tf is that guy


they were always the prettiest by far. it's a shame that this girl didn't make it

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jisoo can stay with me

they're all kids so they probably live with their families
and i think they're disbanding soon

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Asia was created to be conquered by the white man

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why do you think that?

what happened?

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They knew china would betray and kicked her.

where do they live?

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punished binnie...

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freaking cute omo

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aren't they a temporary group for an anime?

Cool space pirate

Yeji's the type of girl who would stab you at your sleep

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they're not all like that

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how are this and this the same age???????????

i have no idea, i just find the girls cute

they live with their parents iirc

That’s the ideal way to go

omo i wish

they aren't

>cant even eat a cake right
sally is so useless

they aren't

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makeup and styling

this but Yuna and suck your balls dry


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Yuna? More like you? Nah


c-can you stop trying to make me like yuna
i r-really shouldn't be


sally is good at other things

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teen slut

this is the best song with the best girls

Yuna? More like Poona

who would win in a fight tho, wony or yuna

His vlive was so good

It's always so comfy and chill with him

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she is godd at having beautiful legs
and a cut face too

>supports Palestine
no thanks

nobody fucking cares about your gay shit roastie

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>Everglow teasers use shitty royalty free music
Yuehua are so cheap baka

at least minji can't corrupt the rest of them then

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gowon and choi yena are fucking sluts

and a big brain

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blinks ww@?

Attached: vbIgRHhq_5U.jpg (799x1200, 88K)

why gowon
i agree on the other one though

the amount of padding lmao

sally is uggo

post hana!


staying home and not going to the concert

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let's not push it

she should do this version

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post 지헌 (jiheon (i think idk))

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i onloy like jisoo

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that's too advanced and requires a bright smile

same dbh

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Based af bro. We must post best JiU

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I love Twice...and itzy

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Of course it is an ITZY fan...

like this?

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ang Won-young's Real Personality
wonyoung is jealous of yujin and hates her
She is creepy and scary
Jang Won-young's expression when she was jealous of Ahn Yoo-jin
There is an article on the Internet and there is a video
Wonyoung's eyes are really scary
She looks like a devil or satan
She's really going to kill a man
Ordinary people, however angry they may be, cannot make that face.she has such an evil look
because she is so evil
They are about the same age and about the same height, so Won worries and jealous that she might fall behind yujin
Although she won first place, there is no difference between the first place and the last place
The difference in the number of votes is small

>She is Chinese who pretends to be Korean Only her nationality is Korean
>She had plastic surgery
>she's 16 in korea
>she can get plastic surgery inkorea
nothing is more scary than angry jealous roasties

lisa looking thicc here

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same but just twice

Attached: aead356de5637824a0f65efc6ccee740_ueLDg8TguqUBhbQAT.jpg (750x1074, 509K)


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that's a cute one, yes

sally is cute

Attached: hana4.webm (742x1860, 2.79M)

good taste user. you seem like a really cool guy. have a good day

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i cant stop listening to dalla dalla because of chearyoung's parts are so good

Attached: tumblr_nom88eC30R1utoybro1_250.gif (245x160, 1.67M)

Attached: Dy38whbVsAEBBW2.jpg (3000x2077, 693K)

even if it all was true, why would any man care about that
she is pretty, that's what she is good for

who is the best rapper in kpop rn?

Attached: DzLZUfjU0AALyTY.jpg (768x1024, 117K)

It's an Ellapedo though

This but Yeji

why isn't yuna the center

who the fuck does ryujin think she is

Unironically Dami

the cutest

Attached: DzAa1QBV4AA2SYv.jpg (1365x2048, 385K)

The only visual

fags ruin everything again

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yuna is too young man


Attached: 1550676497150.jpg (1920x1080, 136K)


based fags

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>She looks ugly without a circle lens and makeup
>She is Taiwanese.
>Taiwan is similar to China.
>Taiwan speaks Chinese.
>She is not a Korean anyway.
>She pretends to be a Korean for popularity in Korea
>Don't pretend to be Korean you chinese

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Blackpink is the re-

Attached: Rose stem.png (466x845, 683K)

Attached: somethings not right.jpg (1536x1509, 2.23M)


Attached: 181201 구구단 Gugudan Hana.webm (828x1080, 2.98M)


>Wonyoung's eyes are really scary
>She looks like a devil or satan

Attached: DzCl8SHU0AIr4z3.jpg (768x1024, 105K)


Attached: Dn8d8rgU0AEvejH.jpg (717x717, 74K)

i only stan ot14

nobody cares about Wony anymore anyway

the mind of mentally ill roasties


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i'm sorry but why is jyp recycling a 2015 concept?

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red jiu mentioned

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Reminder that your waifu doesn't want you if you can't show her your sixpack

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Attached: Dz8NIMNXgAEF-Es.jpg (801x1200, 137K)


tim,e for preganncy

you know what else you can't do in korea? drugs

maybe if you're comparing her to rose

>Wonyoung is mean and pretentious
>Abortion is illegal
>But women can still have abortions.
>Similarly, she is a minor, but she underwent plastic surgery in Korea
>People think it is illegal for minors to mold.

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>nayeon in those stockings

Alligator is unironically miles better than Shoot Out
Not nearly as meme-worthy tho, which is a shame

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when's dreamcatcher's next comeback they deserve a re-do

the dog KNOWS

Attached: Dz7p8ubUUAAlqx8.jpg (2048x1364, 187K)

Both my waifus on the left

i said don't mess up my tempo

Attached: Dz2y6Y0UYAA8TG9.jpg (1080x1080, 166K)

rose please gain some weight

Attached: 1523838178774.jpg (322x358, 14K)

>Is she really pretty? she is chinese who pretends to be korean "Because I'm young people would think I didn't do the plastic surgery"
>She is taking advantage of that point.
>She even had a prosthetic implant put in her forehead

Attached: 1539514687521.jpg (1538x1080, 100K)


Attached: Dz2z75zWoAAbDFe.jpg (1080x1080, 95K)


says who

Attached: DzLYiKmUYAANI0f.jpg (640x751, 81K)

imagine rosè running at you in the night

BLOW IT> L L L L alligator

i want you to stop posting comments from other websites

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Hanbyeol is cuter than Wony

need a real interaction

Attached: DnxySoVXcAA_QVO.jpg (783x1200, 90K)

file name

Attached: weki meki.jpg (800x489, 128K)

literal art hoe

Attached: 1550514511611.jpg (647x647, 40K)

Attached: DnuiKQnU0AAzyXX.jpg (4096x2732, 1.17M)



Attached: m0pbamym3jh21.jpg (1080x1080, 169K)

he should have stuck with it for twice

peyton manning

to be fair, it really was an impossible task to make something comparable to shoot out


what class is yeji?

Attached: 1530895255935.jpg (1024x682, 112K)

it's kinda shit but i'm having fun watching the stylists try to make them look like lizards without going full furry

Attached: Dz7K8klVYAASYE_.jpg (2048x1152, 478K)

low class

wtf I love wacky mickey now

so nyuh shidae

Shoot out isn't that good imo.

it has to be the stray kids rappers

imagine twice without CU

economy class

Attached: Dz6zPlpVsAEvGqP.jpg (1366x2048, 505K)

Attached: 1545074970266.jpg (422x480, 48K)

For me its Ahn Yujin

Probably Summer at earliest, they got plans in the meantime


shoot out is just much catchier in terms of the song itself and the choreography

I thought it was very meh at first, but Jooheon's rap part and the chorus really grew on me

I want another gugu song like AGLM

Attached: DzhpAoCUUAAv6_u.jpg (1000x1385, 223K)

my waifu and her shnoz on the right


Attached: 5545645654654.jpg (1200x1920, 329K)
>4k in the title
>it's 1080@60
those motherfuckers




Attached: 1549035674859.jpg (750x1000, 109K)

basquiat was a hack but i like klimt. cub is cool in my book

Attached: DxBwWBpVAAA1syX.jpg (1024x1024, 162K)

That's not IOI


Attached: DOB_JAdUIAALR39.jpg (959x959, 86K)

So its better, yeah i said that

i wouldn't mind, it's not exactly a big favorite of mine.

not gonna click but you gotta be retarded

My phone gallery is filled with Wony, Yuna, and Ella. Am I chad now?

Not sure if ps but she def got a bleaching treatment

Attached: 00133CCB-D8C4-49F5-B62A-76761538E21E.jpg (693x1200, 48K)


Attached: 1526589942384.gif (260x362, 2.03M)

Attached: Dz6hIfGVsAAv1EE.jpg (1920x1282, 523K)

i was agreeing with you

based, white, and redpilled



Bomi butt

Attached: Bomi butt.webm (544x912, 1.87M)

early but its okay