Why is shoegaze so unpopular?

why is shoegaze so unpopular?

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because it is alternative rock for pseuds

Only 1 good album

it's a whole genre of genericness

It's a genre with one good album and then the rest of it is so bad that people are desperate to find shit they find 'proto-shoegaze'


i've listened to some shoegaze albums that i've absolutely loved and some that i hated or didn't care for

there is some diversity there even though Loveless' influence can be heard in a lot of it

I can't stand people who say this, the only way you can hold this opinion is either you have listened to next to no shoegaze or you have inherently awful taste

I've listened to more of that shit than you can imagine, because I live in Western Australia and it's the only fuckin thing that plays on the radio here, and it's all the fuckin same I'm sick of it it's just a bunch of beach bum hippy drippy wig wam guitar weewoooweeeeeeee bweoooow I'm fuckin sick to death of it

There is no way real shoegaze gets any mainstream radio play, it's far too noisy for any casual audience. What artists do they play?

>a term coined by the press
have a guess how I know you've got the worst tastes in music known to mankind? what a DRONE.

>y-you haven't listened to enough of it!
>y-you're not listening hard enough!!
>th-that's not the GOOD shoegaze, y-you have to listen to the GOOD shoegaze!
You guys know you have to be at least 18 to post here right?

>why is shoegaze so unpopular?
False premise. Shoegaze is really a 90s genre, and it was one of the dominant ones in British indie in the early 90s. The fact it's still so influential that it seems current demonstrates how important it is.

Great job justifying to yourself that only listening to loveless and souvlaki is fine and that anyone who says otherwise is underage

because it's LOW ENERGY

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its womb music.
and he's right.

I've listened to more shoegaze than you have tho

Literally every art-hoe listen to shoegaze

I dont think you know any art-hoes to be honest

Because bad music is still bad music even after you chain so many effects you can barely hear it.

2 actually

Genres that don't exist rarely get popular.

Every single "shoegaze" album is actually dream pop, noise pop or rock, or straight alternative rock.

I am one

radio music just as bad as top 40's trash lol retard

1 (one) good ep

>shoegaze isn't a genre
>dream pop and alternative rock somehow are

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Pls be my gf

The same reason grunge is unpopular; it was an early 90s fad. Back in the day bands like JAMC, Ride, and Lush were regularly getting chart-topping hits in the UK, as well as tearing up the modern rock charts in the US along with Catherine Wheel and Chapterhouse. Everyone just seems to forget that.

Same reason why any type of music is unpopular: major labels don't shill them.