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we never made fun of mrjkpedo take it back

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ban pedos

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threadly Dubu

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nice teeth

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me and my waifu

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our guy
when is he coming back we need him to save kpop

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Mijoo is on Happy Together right now!

we need a task force to bring him and choabro back, whos with me?

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>be a member of broadcasting club at school
>school festival next week
>gonna play ITZY's DALLA DALLA as background music during school festival

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fucking shoulderlet

she's so sweet

loona charting on youtube/their distributors/mnet after being fucked over by youtube/their distributors/mnet is such a power move


gidle bros

Her teeth are so fucking cute


everybody in the world wants yuna

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dubu dubu
dubu dubu

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15 year olds don't wear that much makeup, of course it's going to get confused

Track list for TXT

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I don't have any hope for the new g-idle

yes user, it is

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now thats cringe

bunny teeth > dubu teeth

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part of me is tired of latin shit but i still trust basedeon to not fuck things up for now

gay purepop was a mistake

no, but this is

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really soft arms

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lol no

is jyp gonna continue with teen crush or he is going to make yet another twice and move twice back to teen crush?

who is this?

bunny has the cutest teeth

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I bet dubu has really large and puffy n*pples

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a white girl

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eeeeewwww nvm then

he’s gonna make ball crush

izone wonyoung

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>shuhua legs
good teaser

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>not playing what is love

I'm so angry. It seems the kpop industry doesnt like loona at all so they are trying to sabotage them??

What the fuck. kakao m, itunes, spotify, google play and now mcountdown???

give us a BREAK

based poor mans diajap poster

>4k teaser

not as puffy as iu probably

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ohh ahh 2.0 never

based trans poster

I liked this girl on P48, she is cute



you can't leave wony

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itzy will become what twice was suppose to be

based gayboi

based yejichad

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what will itzy's fandom name be?

fair enough but dubu's is still more pink then IU's

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when you create an mv as a lounge video for a race of people that isnt into it and instead you promote it OUTSIDE of korea you insist on promoting it inside thats what you get..

only preggobu

post the one with yeojin's feet

>did itzy kill them yet?

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this may be a copypasta but i'll reply seriously anyway

though loona's had a lot of misfortunes happen to them lately regarding their comeback, they will still do fine because they're gaining a lot of interest

even kpg can't stop talking about them

Where do I find a sharkgf
I can't do this anymore

Sharkbros and friends

ain't nobody readin that shit nigga

does mijoo give lapdance like laysha

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that actually makes sense

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lia was super cute as a fatty. now not so much

her name is yeseo

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just the word "dubu" is so funny
I'll never get tired of posting it
dubu dubu dubu dubu dubu

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I'm going to wait for subtitles, but just saw twitter posts of the episode going on right now

1st part of the episode with Mijoo is subbed already if you haven't watched it

if your waifu is shorter than 170cm you are not a man

can you fuck off you multicultural trannynig

loona isn't the next bts though. they'll have good popularity outside korea but not that level.

itzy only won because of mnet kakao, itunes, spotify, and google sabotage loona

that's a fact

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how tall is Wonho?

>ryujin was scouted at a got7 fan meeting

hul wtf

Itzy won because they have Yeji

la la la labia roast

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cub is so funny

gubu bubu

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E'dawn looking healthy!

yeji feet when

>tfw your mom looks better than you
i blame the blonde hair

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>google conspired against loona
>apple conspired against loona
>spotify conspired against loona

you do realise those three companies have enough money to buy out the entire south korean media industry individually right?

wrong, itzy cheated

based and DOOBpilled

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the cutest girl in korean popular music

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I bet she's already BamBam'd

Why didn't Loona cheat then


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Give me a rundown on Loona getting sabotaged. Whos doing what?

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bambam does it again!

straight white chads are sabotaging the mentally ill trannyniggers


how tall is she?

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who else has been bam bam'd?

>falling for youtube comment bait

Oh no.. I bet she was "scouted" by got7 if you know what I mean

i duno user i swear

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she looks so fucking stupid

EWW keep BTS name from your dirty mouth

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pretty flower~

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i hope he likes loona and dreamcatcher

all these idols u worship probably have worse housing conditions than u do

the twice apartment is shit, can u imagine IZONE's

dubu dubu
dubu dubu
dubu dubu
dubu dubu

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Us straight white chads support Monsta X. We support chad music not pedobait.

i cant believe korea wont accept our lgbt bait

nobody is doing anything, since nobody has any proof
but there are a lot of "accidents" happening to them, problems with itunes, kakao m fucking up their spotify, mnet uploading their video 3 hours later... i've never seem something like that before

what's this?

missed the show did dc get a w?

this will be the end of me if it happens

I'd gladly live in the shittiest appartment in the world if I also earn millions a year

177 according to online data



IZONE have two Korean dorms and you can go see them in their reality shows

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fuck wony

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I'd suck their dicks nohomo.

shes a chink. try not to get too attached

Word except I love both daddy Shownu and my daughterwife Yuna

oh god more fuel for the bambam shippers

as if we didnt got enough with that fake mina shit

i dont even know how twice dorm look like or do they even live together


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temporal L but spiritual W

i would fuck her all night long and then again in the morning

what did you do to her mommy

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want to be yves' shoes

RM doing a cover of Thotiana...


also whatever mixup happened with kakao understocking the physical album leading to the delay in releasing it

twice dorm is fucking nice

you wanna see a real shit? check were secret group was sleeping

I'd love to

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Never ever


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>fake mina shit


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>bangs your waifu

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They probably all have their own appartments now to meet with their boyfriends

watch twice's elegant private life, it was filmed a while ago so it may have changed at this point

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twice discord is in utter chaos right now holy shit

why is she so ugly

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>Mnet avoids uploading any of LOONA's videos for hours after everyone else, even Nature's videos popped up earlier
>Kakao Music massively under-prints LOONA's album causing the physical release to be pushed back 2 weeks (after they sold 50k in 2 months with their first album)
>Itunes randomly pulls the entire album
>Spotify dubiously uploads [X X] to a different spotify artist than the official LOONA artist account
>Google Play Music also uploads [X X] to some random LOONA artist instead of the official one making it inaccessible

Too much wrong has gone wrong to just call it coincidence, it feels like the powers that be are trying to stop them for... some reason


get in line

>uhhh... user... why are you stalking me?

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just don't read the comments

i'm just glad we are all straight and love little kgirls here

>there are only boomers browsing kpg

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holy fucking shit, that yellow dress

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>this is where the magic happens

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>some reason

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i'm only a few years older than wony it's not weird at all

All the more reason to support Loona

dubu: *is done shitting*


me, under the toilet:

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she's lost user

start the gaypop posting to cleanse this thread

any loonalore bros in? can you explain why the obungus kicks a brick wall?

is this the first post-p48 group?

I want to see Sana molest Yuna

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new gg

how many times do the girls forget about the cameras and walk around naked?

fagposting is canceled. get lost buttboy

I thought it was supposed to look like she was finna bust through it

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Hwasa = brick wall

must feel terrible having a waifu that's not yeonwoo because she mogs everyone all the time

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It's only a matter of time before Yiren fucks off back to China

I feel it

this but yeji molesting dubu

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what are those names

eunbi's face

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im still getting mad that their company basicly killed them in all ways possible

their dorm was literally a basement smaller than my current home..

taehyung loves loona idiot

This but Jeongyeon molesting Yeji

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I had girlfriends in the past, yet I love Dubu more than I every did any of them

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Attached: output-4.webm (1080x1920, 2.91M)

>noses falling off onstage
>niggers and roasties get more screentime than actual members
wtf is going on with loona

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bangtan bros run this thread pedo

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Cherry Bullet was

based niggerbro!

no, there is a group called Aqua, and sub group fanatics and cherry bullet

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Attached: Dyx2yYuXQAEejla.jpg (879x935, 73K)

imagine all that junk in your lap

They're never coming back...

Who the X? I'm a X

twice jr. is just ok

Same but Sana


Attached: IMG_20190221_155233.jpg (1536x2048, 408K)

>molesting sharky
jeongers would lose her hand

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Attached: IMG_20181205_190113.jpg (1080x1350, 203K)

is there any recent twice dorm pic, the latest i can find is 3 years ago. why is it so private

cherry bullet mentioned

Attached: Dz3DDXUUYAA8TDg.jpg (430x645, 34K)

Which one of them piped her that day

Attached: 1550733145933.jpg (724x1024, 87K)

what the fuck is that thing

You know Yuehua has the Cline of WSJN right? Of course she is going to China.

>start the gaypop posting to cleanse this thread

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she will betray everglow before izone disband

rkive is so kino
the entire vlive i felt like i was just chillin with my bro joon

I dont like Chaeryoung's new hair

they dont want any creeps getting in

Attached: 1538556584727.jpg (652x675, 55K)

sharky will probably enjoy a hand of a legend playing with her nipples

Cause they no longer live in their dorms

Attached: 1545225537145.gif (480x370, 2.53M)

nobody here could handle that

Attached: DhfaYM3UcAAlcPR.jpg (1333x2000, 400K)
wizshits btfo

she actually looks 14
what the fuck is wrong with you all

yes they do live in the dorm

we like tight pussy. you don't?

that's my smilefu

Attached: Dzy5AJyW0AAO-l7.jpg (555x515, 19K)

i like eunbi though

They are rich enough not to squeeze into 9 people into a single dorm anymore.

i present to you all

Attached: 1528224622240.png (741x1200, 207K)

bargain basement nana

nana is old and busted

does this girl look funny?

Attached: DzDzkDHWoAA8kQG.jpg (1333x2000, 579K)

true but we have no evidence that suggests that any of them moved out

maybe they wanna keep the underdog/nugu image?


kpg has gone downhill

thats not the point idols live on a dorm you fool LOL

this is unironically the best kpg has been in years

They are from JYP. They were never underdog or nugu.

Sure. That is why they no longer show their dorms anymore. Yeah, the most successful girl group currently are still 9 members squeezed into one dorm.

me hiding under the covers


Attached: DiHmsodVMAAIQW4.jpg (3000x2000, 900K)
wiztards everyone

Pretty sure SNSD at this point in their career, all stopped dorming. And even then they had at least 2 dorms for the entire groups because squeezing 9 people into a single apartment is kinda fucked up if you have the money not to.

Attached: 1540800311529.jpg (550x817, 451K)

twice never showed their dorms since 2017

but jihyo has said many times "we live together"
unless they all lie for no reason what so ever

Attached: shaking retard.webm (502x800, 2.89M)

making an army of snowmen with cubu and taking over the north pole

Attached: Dz76jN_XgAUIhy3.jpg (1472x2048, 959K)



Attached: IMG_20190221_164224.png (429x485, 88K)

>14 años
wtf that's like 2 human years

Attached: IMG_20190221_234514.jpg (1080x1920, 275K)

if i remember correctly they said most of them had left when the 7th year came and only 2 currently(at least i think they said that on "girls for rest") are living on the last dorm because of the sentimental value

They still live together because it's easier for their busy schedules since they do everything together

underrated qts

Attached: Dz6ZsbyUwAA4agD.jpg (540x906, 108K)

this is gonna be their last comeback isn't it?

Attached: DmDjTRrUwAUzdDa.jpg (1000x1500, 181K)

They live together just like IZ*ONE lives together. There is no reason to assume why they would still live in 1 dorm vs 2 dorms with a 4/5 split.

not cute qts


Attached: dubuwon.jpg (412x740, 61K)

Yeonwoo's facial features are more refined

Last 2 are living there because they don't have family who live in Seoul. SNSD moved to a better dorm the moment they could afford it.

lia a cute

Attached: lia dalla.webm (720x756, 2.76M)

momo mentioned the dorm in a recent vlive

Attached: Dz6Fuc-UwAAIj9x.jpg (800x1200, 110K)

But IZONE has two dorms

they all could afford even a decent house since the first year

but they didnt moved on

2 dorms next to each other.

Attached: Dt5UD9xVAAAzCCH.jpg (1334x2000, 291K)

so is everglow gonna have 4 members

>shitty armpit
>can't pull of facial expressions
>hairline receding
>man's bust and shoulder

based liabros

Attached: cold orphan and her big sister.jpg (682x1024, 87K)

They wouldn't openly admit to living separately in camera

Living together is a big part of the "my members are my family" image

Attached: 1542541467145.jpg (733x739, 82K)

No fucking shit. But there is no reason to squeeze 9 people in a single dorm when you could put 9 people in 2 apartments instead. Just like how IZ*ONE does it, just like how SNSD did it in the past. Why the fuck are you idiots so en glamoured with the concept of 9 of them living in a single apartment.

pig Lia can't even sing, embarrassing encore stage

on that crying twiceboy vlive she said that they all live together after jyp moved them to a bigger dorm

so either they were living in separate dorms before or whatever the hell she meant.

Attached: DyPbAACUcAAFcWT.jpg (750x750, 121K)

wouldn't be hard to check

there wasn’t nearly enough diversity in the newest loona mv

IZ*ONE also live together.
But we know it is 2 dorms within close proximity. Why the fuck would you squeeze 9 people into a single apartment when you just do what IZ*ONE or SNSD did. To save money? To pander to morons like you?

who's that big booty girl from cherry bullet

Attached: 1545143167102.webm (1044x1080, 2.7M)

Post her evil sneer one.

Jo Serim from Idol School

word there werent enough mexicans or pajeets

>why a company wants to cheap out on everything possible to save money

i wonder why especially when the needs are BIG like twice needs..

i don't have it

Attached: 1545143337509.webm (802x640, 2.85M)

those pits are flawless

Attached: DmaHPY6X0AEzgwb.jpg (559x490, 52K)

when's the next dorm vlive bros

Attached: DiGjNXUVAAANp4b.jpg (1024x576, 50K)

Yeah. JYP is known for cheapening out for his idols.

now that's a amazing pair
somi is something else



thats why they bought the building all of his idols currently live on


twice still dont get 4k uploads for their mvs
wouldn't surprise me if itzy got a better dorm than twice has

post the wony loves you streamable

Attached: DykxuvIU0AEVyxZ.jpg (1812x1000, 185K)

EXID dont live together and there's only 5 of them

Attached: IMG_20181116_101146.jpg (1077x794, 103K)

Yeah they bought the building so he could squeeze 9 members into a single apartment. Clearly he couldn't afford the spare rooms. Gotta rent out the rooms for the living next to Twice experience.


the funny thing is their teaser is on 4k

Attached: 1545240047090.webm (670x720, 395K)

but mixed agency

They have, or at least had two apartments since the start, FYI. Second one below them they had set up to get their makeup/hair done. Unsure if one or some of the managers sleep in the second one, of if it's set up as a studio or something, maybe where they did the cooking vlive. You see it in 'twice private life' or similar, where they're being interviewed down there.

They might have moved places after JYPE moved to the new building, but Momo did speak of 'the dorm' recently. And Sana did complain about the new building being 'kind of far'.