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any recs would be very appreciated
julien baker - sprained ankle
20 years old, got into music somewhat recently. not super depressed or anything but has a lot of unresolved tension and angst in their life

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+Pheonix, Skrillex
Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga - A Star is Born Soundtrack
HMLTD - Hate Music Last Time Delete EP
Here's an Aphex Twin flowchart i.imgur.com/IOS3qYW.png

fucked up last post, flowchart pic related

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++Brand New
+Team Fortress 2
The Vines - Highly Evolved
Weezer - White Album
The White Stripes - Elephant

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very based
+Pink Floyd, The Doors, Exmilitary
Listen to more Led Zeppelin
Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
+Nick Drake
Not much I can help with mate
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

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+American Football
Vasudeva, Yvette Young/Covet, TTNG, Strawberry Girls

check out unwound
freddie gibbs and madlib - pinata
listen to modest mouse
check out playboi carti

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based dadrock
++++++The Wall
++++The Doors
If you liked Exmilitary, listen to Jenny Death
++Dath Grups
Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP
The Microphone - Mount Eerie

James Chance & the Contortions
Boston - Boston

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i need some soothingleftfield hypnoloops please

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i can't recc anything cus all your charts are rock and stuff i dont listen to anymore

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Not Bad

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one of the fucking worst i've seen in a while

i'm broke AF student so no.


what's your chart then

this one's too eclectic, I don't know what to rec.
Shinsei Kamattechan - Tsumanne?
check out Coin Locker Kid - Traumnovelle

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nice taste user

Supremely based

Based chart
The Presidents of the United States of America - s/t
+++Tool, PF
++Seventeen Seconds
+Radiohead, Melvins, The Doors
--Dream Theater
Great chart where it's good
Steve Vai
Eric Johnson
+Mars Volta, A7X

++ MGMT and Temples

++ The The

TF2 and Like Clockwork ,marry me

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EMA - Past Life Martyred Saints

Cigarettes After Sex

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incredibly based & redpilled

ging nang boyz - Kimi to Boku No Dai Sanji Sekai Taisen Teki Ren-Ai

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Tangerine Dream's stuff might be up your alley

Great to see some love for Benjamin Booker, I never see him discussed on this board. I don't know most of the rest of your albums though
Good taste. I think you'd love Ovlov

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Lot of strange charts ITT

This one is kind of ok, I rec Polvo - Exploded Drawing and Sam Rivers - Crystals

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Listen to boredom and melt-banana.

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+Govt. Plates
Sweet chart
++Death Grips, AFX, The Bends
+Swans, Weezer, NIN
How to Destroy Angels - Welcome oblivion
Ho99o9 - United States of Horror
Rammstein - Liebe ist für alle da
I like your chart
+++The Doors
++King Crimson
+Radiohead, Pink Floyd
Rush - Moving Pictures
Pink Floyd - Meddle
Full of Hell - Full of Hell & Merzbow
Napalm Death - Scum

>Death grips
>Actually listening to acdc
>Death grips
Good one you finally someone who likes sports.
>Radiohead and zepp ew
Ultra based
>Death grips
Let's go snort ketamine
>Death grips
>The only nujabes that's good
Yummy hosono change

Y'all fucker need naked eyes

Radiohead >eew ok i understand that but Zepp >eew ? really nigga ?

Zepps just boring man

not it's not. I enjoy every bit of it. Radiohead isn't boring so why did you >eeew'd then ?

check out Dälek if you haven't already

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your chart makes my iron become the big iron

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I put this in the last rounds of chart threads, looking for some recs

oops im a dumbass

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Pere Ubu - Dub Housing
Banned Books - Mission Creep

Niiiiice taste m8, try these on for size:
mc5 - kick out the jams
barkmarket - vegas throat
vangelis - heaven and hell
lisa germano - slide
shackleton - three eps
franz koglmann - cantos i-iv
rudresh mahanthappa - gamak

I'll drop you some as well since you seem like a cool dude.
sunny day real estate - how it feels to be something on
american music club - california
band of susans - love agenda
bleach - killing time
black dice - beaches and canyons

Children of the Reptile- The End
Run the Jewels- Run the Jewels 2
pussy metal pics. Try Bathory- s/t
Bongripper- Terminal
Black Flag- Slip it In
Based Melvins pick.
Eyehategod- Confederacy of Ruined Lives
Ween- Quebec
super based
Pig Destroyer- Phantom Limb
Cattle Decapitation- Human Jerky
Algiers- The Underside of Power
The Locust- New Erections
Top tier rap chart.

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Smashing Pumpkins- Siamese Dream
Smiths - Queen is Dead
Aphex Twin - ... I Care Because You Do
Death Grips - Powers That B
Both are Based, try Only A Lad or Nothing To Fear by Oingo Boingo

Recs please desu

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Japan - Tin Drum

Alex G - Rocket

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Always in search of recs. P.S. if there's a blank spot, that's Vektroid's "Starcalc". Not sure why it ain't showing up.

+++Men at Work
++Huey Lewis and the News
+Tears for Fears
Absolutely loving this chart. Check out The Ocean Blue if you haven't already.

We've hit peak dad-core on this one, but I dig most of those records, so it gets a pass. Check out Wolfbrigade if you haven't already.

Neat. Check out Magic Sword or Perturbator if you haven't already.

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Giles Corey-Giles Corey
I'm guessing you have listened to Mount Eerie already

Steve McQueen-Prefab Sprout
A gift from a flower to a garden-Donovan

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You might enjoy California

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mellon collie
close to the edge
saw vol. 2
four tet
charles hayward / gigi masin
lil b
james blake
the brave little abacus
have a nice life
lil ugly mane
porter ricks
jan jelinek
seventeen seconds
kid a
dream theater
hail to the thief
bonito generation
time 'n' place
mars volta
avenged sevenfold
crystal castles
to be kind
animal collective
mf doom
modest mouse
the jesus lizard
sun kil moon
to be kind
kid a
aphex twin
king gizzard
king crimson
tom waits

Reckon you'd like XTC - Drums and Wires. Try Wire - Chairs Missing too.

Recommendations appreciated

++++Thee Oh Sees
Good chart user

most based chart on thread

+++Channel Orange
Check out Planning for Burial if you haven't yet.

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been a while since i posted
could use some mathcore, mathgrind, blackened math or fuckin whatever
gore - mean mans dreams
anything by Rav
villain accelerate - maid of gold
rozwell kid - precious art
chakra - chakra
ave sangria - s/t
limbs - exquisit corpse
anything by Lonesummer or Trist
carbomb - meta
morphine - good
geotic - abysma
dean blunt - the redeemer
diarrhea planet - aloha
caribou - swim
nicole 12 - substitute

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bowery electric - beat

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Is that your overall favorite xiu xiu album?

the only one i liked

Eh fair enough
Twin peaks or forget or knife play didn’t do anything for ya?

but i thought them playing tp was pretty interesting

What is the album with the guys in the water?

The Eraser by Thom Yorke

ONLY post your chart if you are a teen pseud
ONLY give snark comments/remarks to plebs
ONLY give recommendations to fellow teen pseuds
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women with dicks and teen pseuds with vaginas

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dm me for recs no plebs allowed



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glad to see you back jonas

yikies af cringelets
based and redpilled

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t. insecure gay 50% body fat virgin, some faggot dependent on his parents

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look mommy i'm shitposting!

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women with dicks and teen pseuds with vaginas

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you're older than me but I think we'd get along. David Gilmour - s/t
+jan jelinek
+oh sees, tribe, mgmt
you might like king krule's debut
Edan - Beauty and the Beat
ceres and calypso
elliot smith - either/or
of montreal - satanic panic

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Check out Steve Lacy's demo
also The Unnatural world by HANL, if you havent

Patife band - Corredor Polones
Pere Ubu - The Modern dance

Woods of Desolation - Torn Beyond Reason
Lutomysl - De Profundis
Amp - Sirenes

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You know, I've really been trying to get deep to the bottom of a lot of things lately. I've felt alienated from most people in my life because of their attitudes towards living. I don't think they realize the value of what they've been given.

How do people just go through their lives not questioning? They never want to progress, there's no desire to reach a little higher.....finding us something not on Soulseek. Something wonderful. Show us the depth of your conviction for the arts. Growing up as a 6'1 135lb teenager at my christian highschool in Canada, I was surrounded by people who were totally mindless. They lacked sensitivity. They listened to Sonic Youth (who hasn't progressed past their Sonic Youth phase in this day and age?) and wore camo. Lifted trucks were the name of the game.

I hated them.

Besides that, I don't really find a lot of appeal in existing. It's why I spend a lot of my time on Erowid looking at weird shit and getting high off my rocker. This world is only interesting up to a certain point. Despite what people say, there's no beauty left anywhere. The closest I've found is in the recordings put out by The Mahoor Institute of Culture and Arts. Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, New York, Quebec, Mexico City? Nothing to be found there that can't be found in my bedroom, mostly because I lack the human element. I can't find answers in people's faces anymore than I can find them in myself.

I honestly hope you all get beaten and raped. You a deserve it. You know what they did to ME?

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little ho little bitch
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admit that you just got pounded
i'd say take the L if you could pronounce it
no one gave you permission to post retard faggot pseud
imagine flunking out of art school, literally the easiest "major" ever
imagine actually being in an asylum for being a fat ugly gay virgin
imagine unironically droning the blogging shrek lookalike
end your shitty existence immediately
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i didn't even flunk out of art school, nor was i sent to an asylum, and i never even droned that guy

What an ebic little libtard slayer, the likes of which makes even ben shapiro thank the goat gods for creating

>giving recs to the teen pseud spammer

++++Pink Floyd
Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy EP
Swans - Filth
I really like your chart user
++++Death Grips, The Doors
++Madvillain, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Daughters
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality
Yes - Close to the Edge
Ministry - The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
++++King Crimson
++Dath Grups
Beach House - Depression Cherry
Aphrodite's Child - 666
++++The Doors
++Mellon Collie
+Nick Drake
Pink Floyd - Piper at the Gates of Dawn
I like this chart
+++++++++The Wall
++NIN, Metallica, Megadeth, Dath Grups
KMFDM - Angst
The Faceless - In Becoming a Ghost
++Hospice, Brand New, Mellon Collie
+Giles Corey
Queensryche - Empire
Say Anything - I Don't Think It Is
++Dath Grups
+Giles Corey
Holy shit, unique
Boards of Canada - Geogaddi

i wanna be gay
cuz you're fucked and i wanna savour it
but it's cool after smashing you
i'll paypal you 2k
oh no you getting mad?
gonna knock the chart right outta my hand?
that shit was fucking absurd
you're a virgin who can't resolve shit with words?

go to bed jonas

talk like you eating some paste, ayy
is that your iq or your age? ayy
say to your audience face, ayy
how anthony fantano tastes

this guy is really fkn based

~ my gf's prettier than your gf ~
~ im a gay nurse in training ~ i can make eggs when im not that sad ~ my soul is a 15 y/o girl ~ ~if you bring all your disposable money to me i promise i will find a good home for it ~

whenever i go to the music store the dude at the counter tries to talk to me about music and he's like
"excellent taste"

and then i tell him I'm just buying CD's to hang up on my wall as part of my aesthetic

I'm 23 years old and go to shows just to condescend to people

I go up to people wearing Sonic Youth shirts and tell them I'm way above that

Honestly why do people like trap porn it's disgusting you guys are literally gay

If you see me out in my Canadian christian school please @ me

Reminder to report this low IQ scumbag for spamming
never engage with him

get beaten and raped retard faggot pseud

nice stuff
The Angelic Process
Boredoms - Super Ae

Swell Maps - ...In "Jane From Occupied Europe"
early Xinlisupreme
Heilung - Lifa

(I'm (You))

>waa waa mommy h-he called me c-cringe DD;
is there anything more cringe than this?
get shoved into a washing machine faggot

I have a gift for you, this is the teenpseudcore chart
it will be your legacy

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ayy you look afraid, must have seen a patrician
well too bad little bitch, but you're just a gay cringelet

man this thread blows

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is this what meth does to you?

what type of music does jonas like? does anyone have his chart?


that's not him though


I thought this was emonationalism

To be honest, a big part of the intention of this chart was to be obnoxious. The emonationalist poster likes a lot of good stuff, so he honestly probably deserves better than this chart. If people are for this being the emonationalist chart then I'm happy for it to be that, but I honestly think the emonationalist poster should make his own chart for that concept, since it's the best way to elucidate his idea, despite his own lack of confidence in his knowledge of emo.

Curious to know what you think of Tame Impala

i love you


Why the fuck do you like Nickelback

fuck you I like it

[spoiler]too lazy/drunk to make a proper chart[/spoiler]

>Scarlxrd [DXXM, Chaxs Thexry]
>ExileLord [Various]
>Ghostemane [Various[
>Have A Nice Life [Deathconsciousness]
>Lil Pump [Self-Titled Album, Harverd Drop-Out]

[spoiler]fuck me up senpai[/spoiler]

TIL, spoilers don't work on Yea Forums

shit chart cunt

normie status? if so, not surprised. my Yea Forums tastes are shit anyways

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Neon Indian - Era Extraña

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I'm validating your taste based on that Mezmerize, Close to the Edge, 10 000 days, Aenima, Meliora records (+)
you are in your late 20s
Im validating your taste in music based on Alice in Chains, Aenima, Undertow and Joe Satriani records (+)
That Pinkly Smooth record is main reason i'm sad for Rev's death, guy was really fucking creative and talented.

Feel free to rec me anything regardless of genre. I especially appreciate concept stuff.

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the brave little abacus- just got back from the discomfort
dj screw- all screwed up vol. ii
uchu conbini- somaru oto wo kakunin shitara
king gizzard and the lizard wizard- i'm in your mind fuzz
yotsuhaka- ひとでなしつき
women- public strain
the newfound interest in connecticut- tell me about the long dark path home
discordance axis- the inalienable dreamless

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Have A Nice Life is a great band, but Lil Pump is one of the worst recording artists in the history of modern music.

Lovingly crafted in MS Paint

The Birthday Party

The Baboons

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

Very nice. Ever listen to Anal Cunt?

I hope I'm doing this right. I'm not familiar with much of the music here.

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>Lovingly crafted in MS Paint
It's way easier if you do it here neverendingchartrendering.org/
Although you did a nice job :)

What's 1st row and 2nd row third?

>Ventolin without the ear rape
what's even the point?

Help me expand my taste

You have a ton of albums I love, check out Trick Dice by Nickelus F, produced all by Lil Ugly Mane.

Pretty diverse I guess listen to maybe 2 8 1 4 for ambient, Lantlos is similar to deafheaven, maybe some xiu xiu

good picks listen to more Lil Ugly Mane and Arca

you like being sad listen to Benji by Sun Kil Moon if you haven't already

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Do you mean columns? 1st column, third row is Bright Eyes, I'm Wide Awake It's Morning and 2nd column, third row is Naked City, Grand Guignol