Peggy is cancelled y'all

Peggy is cancelled y'all.

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who cares about this woman where is the danny brown peggy collab?

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so like, he's kind of a dick to his significant others? im not saying what he supposedly did is good but its not like he abused anyone. hes a moderately famous artist, im pretty sure most of them sleep around pretty often

was hoping he beat her

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>acts like he's a woke smart hero in music
>is actually just a typical dickhead
Damn... i loved death grips, not anymore

someone send this to pitchfork, vice and all the other sjw sites

it will be funny watching an sjw get rekt for misogyny

I just assumed he raped, molested, or beat her. Nope. He's just an asshole.

She's ugly lol


I hate how it's okay to just blast people's personal matters on the internet in the sjw world

pretty hypocritical from a guy whos always talking about misogyny and social justice

this is standard asshole shit, nothing criminal or heinous so who cares? ffs just not talk to him anymore, dummy. dumb zoomers have no idea how to deal with people

Was expecting a #metoo but ended up getting an overdramatized tumblr story. Oh well.

when you’ve been outspokenly anti misogyny since the beginning of your career this is an issue. its toxic rape culture and hes a legitimate ass hole

wtf i love jpegmafia now

moral of this story is stay away from art hoes

yes even clairo

Did he rape anyone?

black heihachi is so based.

Way for her to be a fucking dick and put his shit out like that instead of letting him and her sort that out privately.
Why does the world need to know about this? It's not like he raped or sexually assaulted her. It just seemed like she wanted to be a dick and to get attention.

why couldn't this bitch just say they fucked at the beginning of the post

Everyone in the music biz cheats on their SO. This is literally nothing of importance. If he had beaten or raped her it would be a completely different story.

that's it?

I have absolute 0 empathy for women but fuck Peggy. I hope this shit end his career.

people need to quit throwing this word around before it loses all meaning (probably too late for that). dude is just as asshole. what evidence is there he is doing this because he hates women in particular? wouldn't surprise me if he treats his male friends like shit too

I'm bumping I Cannot Fucking Wait Until Morrissey dies

So...wait... side gf is mad that .JPeg Mafia didn't break up with his main gf to be with her and is now attempting to publicly humiliate him because "she hates that he is accumulating more social influence." wow
wtf this is just cringe

God white girls are embarrassing.

agree. peggy who constantly talks about misogyny is one example off the top of my head

Damn these rappers get low tier women

dude there was a huge thread on here last month about whether or not the concept of "clout chasing" is misogynist.

>Nigger rapper does not respect women
No shit, dumb cunt

This shit is from PMC (Patrician Music Chartposting). A Facebook group that s basically Yea Forums but way shittier, way more SJW and with way more zoomers. Basic shit taste all over it. If you thought that Reddit was bad, take a look at that group.

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Damn I guess I need to start listening to him now

Was about to say this, like wtf keep that shit to yourself, why do you have to go and make a post about it on a social media?? I'm not defending jpeg for being an asshole but the girl who posted that is a serious attention whore

>breaking news
>rapper has sex with multiple women, lies to all

>One Retarded Black Person represents the entire black race.
Why do you guys need to turn everything into a race thing, Shut the fuck up.

Go sleep with a black rapper. I really don't care. Just don't go crying on the internet when you find out he's fucking other people and/or has a girlfriend.

>ypipo with celebrity and power would never che-

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Milo got hit with a similar story last year when he was cheating on his wife with groupies on tour and nothing happened, given that he didn't rape/assault anyone this story will probably go away too

Cheating is a dick movie but most musicians are probably cheating on the low, you just don't hear about it unless it's attached to a bigger story (like what happened with Sonic Youth)

she's @grassbutt on IG

these hoes are a dime a dozen in LA lmao. her fault for idolizing a contrived balding manlet


In what fucking way?

mom didn't bring home thai food as explicitly promised so i'm gonna have my 127 followers drag her on twitter asdjasdjakjlsd

"Patriarchy teaches women they need men so naturally women run after rich and famous men and you're a misogynist for criticizing them for that."

I'm not fucking kidding.

I thought you meant Milo Yiannopoulos lole


dumb side couldn't stay in her lane, white girl outsider so of course she got burned. hahahaha how embarassing

>the mad sidechick

okay lady...

Toll pending.

does she really think an ascendant (i think he's trash but he's obviously popular and getting bigger) rap star is gonna be stuck with one girl lmao. dumb ass naive side chick.

"i told him i would have been okay if he was honest and told me there were other girls"

ya sure

>it would have been cool of we just fucked and then moved on with our lives
No sympathy for whores. Why would she think a rapper would treat her like anything besides a groupie? His girlfriend was probably with him in hard times. She just came along for free shit and to be associated with a famous rapper.

Lol this is a great meme

Joke's on the OP, Curry is one of the least misogynistic guys in hip hop.

this is like odd future all over again

not even close.

Tyler never went through any shit like this.

name 5 tracks where he does this

tyler literally got banned from 2 countries

is she retarded? she set up her own expectation even though peggy was dropping hints all over the place that he wasnt serious, but she still got buttblasted. the absolute state of femoid groupies lmao

>be Frank Zappa in the 60s
>have a wife and kids
>still sleeping around
>get the clap
>give it wife
>tell her to stop complaining and just get it cured
>explain all of this to some European documentarians
>openly have a fuck buddy live with you and your wife and kids
>no one cares ever
>immortalized in music forever

Men have done worse than peggy and not as bad and everything in between and it comes down to them taking responsibility for it or if they don't

Some indie guy was recently accused of rape, admitted to it, and "got away with it" cus his victim actually forgave him. For those that aren't familiar with this, in the liberal community, at least part of it, victims of rape are the ones that decide if the rapist should be punished or not. I'm a liberal guy and I think they belong in prison. It's a weird fucking place that liberalism has gone to.


isn't he gay now?


holy trips, thanks God, bless these dubs for me mayne


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based as fuck

Is Peggy secretly thog?

This Olivia bitch is a CLOUT CHASING HOE.

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Name 37 tracks where he doesn't

To be fair, if I'm a proletarian woman I'm going to want to fuck a rich/famous guy. Clout is a valuable resource under capitalism.

Dumb thot

As if being married to someone on the party wouldn't be beneficial to women in more authoritarian economic systems. Same shit different day lmao.

women can never be held accountable for their actions

Wasted my fuckin time readin this bullshit ong

Denzel fucked and is fucking Billie Eilish who is underage.

Non-sequitur but okay.

>I'm a liberal guy

it's an odd present, that's for sure

this did the impossible: made me like jpegmafia

this but even more ironically

>i won't go into much detail for the sake of making this post concise
i tried to read all this bullshit but my eyes glazed over. did he just hook up with multiple girls who found out he was cheating? because if that's the story then big deal

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No evidence.

>expect something serious
>he's just a prick

the first part of that is true though, that and capitalism and biology obv
but if we want that to change shouldn't we be criticizing the behavior? wtf

Third-wave "feminists" think women deserve credit for everything they do, right or wrong.

I don't even mind ppl being called out for this kinda bullshit and yall know damn well if it was just some douche bag you knew getting his shit on facebook you'd say he deserved it. People should expect being called out on their bullshit just as much as girls should expect guys like these to be full of shit. Either way the girl is still a loser and an attention whore. He probs has a diff girlfriend in every big city desu, but how the fuck is any girl surprised by that? Idk

damn peggy

Most "woke" rappers ARE crytpic misogynists. The same insecurities which cause a black dude to become a "woke ghetto poet" are the same insecurities which cause him to see women as little devils who need a man to dominate and chain them.

wait until it happens to you or someone that you love (it 100% will) and I bet you'll change your tune quick.

The biggest male feminists usually tend to be pieces of shit towards women. It's all a front to cover up what they're really like.

Peggy, if you hate White people so much, then why don't you get a Black girlfriend? Why are you chasing the White woman?

This is the guy who threw a tantrum because someone said he looks like MC Ride and claimed "das raycis", right?

>pretty hypocritical from a guy whos always talking about misogyny and social justice
How so? He just practice sexual promiscuity. I think anyone who listen to his songs should be aware of this. You can be against misogyny and still be someone who can't be honest with one girl. That's just infidelity, which doesn't contradict misogyny or social justice.

fuck off Olivia, you never loved him, you loved the idea of him and being a rising rapper's number 1. sorry to break it to you Olivia but it was never going to happen, you got played and you should have known better but the enticing whiff of clout and material wealth distracted you from your instincts. I have no sympathy for you for the way things turned out, you willfully ignored all of the signs and got burned. Maybe you should stick to normal guys on your level instead of clout chasing degenerate rappers but I am glad you made your post public, hopefully any man worth a damn will avoid you like the plauge little ho.

No dude. Just because I love someone doesn't mean they're always right or don't deserve what's coming to them some of the time. My mom got called out in front of a ton of family for an affair with my bros friend and I simultaneously felt embarassed for her(and myself) and felt some justice too. Not that I wanted her to get hurt exactly, but I wanted some justice for my stepdad too desu. I'd feel the same way just less strong even if they were strangers desu.

wasn't ironic ya dumb söy

I'm sure.

This is literally what happens when you fuck niggers. What is she fucking expecting?

didn't read any of this after "Olivia"

what if YOU don't think they deserve it but the person calling them out does?
would you just let them take it or would you get mad and try to defend them?

it's not exactly women's arsenal of talents to think or expect things

whatever you say kiddo

>women are held responsible for their actions in any capacity

ok Olivia, keep playing coy
everyone knows it's you and you were trying to make your post go viral. No one cares that you were an idiot and got strung along Olivia, I can assure you.

fuck Olivia and fuck whoever Peggy is.
I just clicked on the thread cuz I was hoping for more call-out culture to fuel my anger.

Olivia deserved it for being a nigger fucking whore. I hope the post backfires and she loses all of her friends.
happy now?

>I was being serious

>be me
>be on tour
>have sex with a groupie because every artist ever does it
>get called out

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His fault for being an SJW and associating with that whole crowd.

this to be more than honest and instead dangerously logical

Name me five "woke" rappers who use misogynistic lyrics or tropes in their music.

i thought this thread was about that korean dj/producer oh well


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Danny Brown's always looking good with his big dumb smile. Gotta love that nigga.

yes, thank you

imagine being such a brainwashed white bimbo that you now see that face as attractive.
truly a mystery, and people say brainwashing doesn't exist L O L
KaRdAshIAnS have secks with rappers
I loooOoooove the KaRdAsHiaNssssssss
*jew-botting intensifies*

she looks like she fucks black guys

jesus christ dude for your own mental well being stop reading /pol/

she looks like she fucks black guys

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DAMN PEGGY U fuckin bastard loooool this is epic

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dont we all ;)

hmmmmmm yea tbqh

>was hoping he got metoo'd
>just some bitch crying that he's a big meanie head

oh fuck off. got me excited for literally nothing.

how does he get pussy with a hairline like that?

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peggy based and redpilled

find it ironic that this fella keeps yelling about how much he hates whitey but fucks whitey and as you can see in everyone who goes to his shows is white too

SOME white ppl are cool and good. not talking about all of them dipshit

He made a song about his dad wanting black grandkids and being asshurt that Peggy just pumps and dumps white women all the time.

2bh the girl in OP should have known of that song.

literally no pity for her in a situation like this desu lol

It started with people calling out illegal shit that was happening which was better even if it wasn't always exactly proven beyond reasonable doubt, now people will frame any personal story as being metoo related if it has a chance of getting them attention

people get cheated on every fucking second of every minute, imagine thinking you have the privilege to get somebody in trouble just by making a facebook post about it. bitches annoy the fuck out of me

What song? Please link it.

lmao, sauce?

Wtf, I like JPEG now.
Imagine being this Based.

Normally I wouldn't agree on this being career-cancelling material, but when you built all of it on the premise of how "woke" you are and constantly seeked for the approval of those that are now wanting to take you down, you deserve it

And it's funny to see how "male allies" are often the ones to go down

>I'm a liberal guy

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But JPEGMAFIA never acted like he was pro-feminist or something, and he never said that he wouldn't cheat on a woman or said something about cheating being negative.

This just makes him more based

I'm a bit on the fence about this. yea of course he's an asshole but like, if he's done nothing illegal or endangering I don't feel it's anyone's place to just call him out on facebook. then again you could argue that it's necessary because it will prevent him from using his power to lead other girls on, but i mean, i dont know really

>there are people on this board who want to fuck her

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Zappa didn't make nigger music for soundcloud.

L O L he literally looks like a regular person, he isn't even ugly


Not the same poster, but i watched an interview with peggy and fantano, the melon asked him "who is more annoying, the alt right, or people calling you mc ride", Peggy answered something like "yo fuck those bitch ass crackas, they racist, they can't tell two black men appart, just because we make experimental hip hop and we black don't mean we the same, racist ass White boys"

ok barry

kek thanks user

>he'll leave her for me
Women are a meme.

What does Peggle have to do with Yea Forums?????????????????/ Isn't that a video game?


Reminds me of Ameer from Brockhampton. He was basically doing the same fuckboi shit, but Ameer got kicked out because of the image Brockhampton wanted to keep up. Jpegmafia could get away with this pretty easily.

It's funny how SJWs claim to be on the moral high ground and pretend to be more cultured, but in reality they'll backstab anyone at the slightest misconduct. I thought Peggy was a domestic abuser or something for how that bitch built it up to be, but no, he's just a womanizer.

Tell him he's an asshole and walk away, don't complain to the world about what a gullible dumbass you are. #walkaway

Unca hoink

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lol thats what she gets for being a coalburner race traitor

>nigger fucks with dumb white whore
lol who gives a shit?

Nah, thats pretty different, peggy might be a cunt and unsincere, but ameer actually abused women

was expecting him to get me too'd, this is nothing



Yeaa... try B for this kind of post. Read the rules if youre new to the site.

calm down famalam, we're allowed to have opinions that differ from yours.


send this to some publications if you want to see something being done about it

No one was really hurt here. To sum it up, side bitch is MAD she won't be main bitch.


>hurr me reply to lot of posts so people will see unfunny joke i make

hahhahah holy fuck surely this is sarcastic, dude was an asshole to his sidegirl nothing more nothing less. acting like breaking a girl or dudes heart is a fucking crime anyone who thinks he should get in any sort of trouble for that is a far too fragile and delicate human to ever take seriously

oh look another episode of instagram thot mistreated by oogabooga rapman