Daily american hate thread

daily american hate thread
>Dont worry americans
>Covid19 will wipe you nicely

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that's cute your jealous

Always some British wanker too.

trump said it's going to be okay

Who would be jealous of an aging decrepit empire that can no longer care for or protect is own population? You sound like Soviet circa 1980. "HAHA! you are just jealous of glorious motherland. We are the great superpower yes!"


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Covid19 is a great example. Imagine if the primary outbreak had happened in America instead of in China. Does anybody really honestly think that America would've gotten its shit together fast enough to have any sort of control over the spread with our healthcare system? Globally we are quite lucky that it happened where it did.

Don't like us No problem.

At the end of the day, you are all American people. The Facebook you use American. Google American. Apple American. Microsoft American. Every other thing on the planet except for putting milk into tea American. You follow our elections. You watch our movies and television shows. You wear our clothes. You copy our vernacular. You access American websites. You copy our Constitution and our laws. You read our books, ponder our art, use our weapons, drive our cars. The global economy is based on the US Dollar. Our military maintains bases on your soil. When our President speaks, you listen.

You are ALL American people.

lol unlike the Soviet Union, we're the largest economy in the world, and our cities are cultural centers of the world. New York and LA determine the world's fashion culture and music. the only one clinging to lost relevance is all the europoors stroking their dicks to a memory of when they weren't being raped by muslim dick. have fun with all that.


You know bullets will kill a virus in a petri dish right? We're good to go.

Trump is probably going to die of covid-19.

this guy gets it, seethe europoors

Uhhh not really apart from the websites... Maybe that's what you're told over there. Nobody I know follows your politics, few people watch your tv shows but they're quite braindead, nobody wears your clothes, nobody copies your vernacular, nobody copies your laws, I dunno what it's like in America but everywhere else in the world books and art come from all over, nobody respects your president outside of America. Your country is generally a laughing stock everywhere else it's just that you're relentlessly told it's the best place ever

Thats what your government tells you but in reality, the US relies on other nations to keep it steady.

Your GDP is the result of foreign trade with foreign businesses on American soil. The US requires a large amount of steel and aluminium to keep factories running because it cannot produce enough of either, even when using pig iron.

Without those your economy would show its true form and that is not so good.

Your treasury is not overflowing, its straining, the US requires to constantly borrow from banks to pay for things and to allocate funds to sectors. Which is why your national debt incurs interest on a daily basis. 3.6% APR is the current rate your treasury has to pay on a $22 trillion debt. Works out to be around almost 500bn a year in interest alone, which the US struggles to pay off, which is why every year your national debt increases each time.

Then you lost your respect as an intelligent person when you brought out the fantasy world you think happens in Europe with Muslims.

Here is the nightmare scenario...

With Japan being the new Silicon Valley, a gamble Trump thought would be in Taiwan so broke the TPP deal for an exclusive there which came to nothing.
Several nations stop supplying the US with raw materials like iron, aluminium etc.
Germany stopping their trade with technical goods and medical goods would cease.
Losing 40% of foreign investors and customers.

This is likely to happen if Trump gets re-elected and continues his current strategy.

It happened once before to the US, and that was back in the 1920s when the 30s hit the US was in a massive recession, there was famine (actual famine in the US) and loss of jobs, the share market collapsed in the US (Black Friday).

Yet you and a good chunk of Americans like you are ignorant to what goes on in the world, you sit there with your overweight frame (80%+ of Americans are overweight and unfit) thinking you are masters of the world.

But you aren't.

And you will reply with anger.

Also another 10 cases of COVID-19 in the US so far today.

By end of Friday I wouldn't be surprised if that hits 1000 and a Week on Friday it spikes at 4-6K.

Not a good time to be in the states right now.

every modern economy is a part of the global economy. you aren't getting one over on anyone by saying the US relies on foreign economies, because it's a platitude. funny how in the same breath you can mention the massive foreign debt and think that foreign businesses will stop trade with the US. foreign economies ride on the coattails of the leviathan US economy, and if they ever tried to get by without the american dole they would be much worse off than the US would be without them. the world economy needs the US economy more than the other way around, as in fact demonstrated by the global depression AFTER the US economy took a dip. if you were really so independently powerful surely such a thing wouldnt happen. i won't contest that our president is a clown and that most of us are fat fucks, but i think the rest of the world has largely the same problem, the US just does it bigger and better like they do everything else. in short i'm not concerned with your "nightmare scenario" and i think that europeans will do anything it takes to cope with their fall from grace with regards to global power and status.

why so much european cope over covid? do you think it won't reach your country too? have fun laughing at the US while you can, but it rings hollow to anyone in the know.

>uhh not really
>except for these things
>and we're laughing at you too!
europeans will never be able to stop coping

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You hate us cuz you ain't us. Bitch.

Amerifag here...

I'm OK with a cleansing of the population. But can we spread this to the rest of the world as well? Basically just need weak humans to die off.