I was just released last week from a 9 1/2 year bid in the CDCR. Last time I was on Yea Forums was 2011. AMA

I was just released last week from a 9 1/2 year bid in the CDCR. Last time I was on Yea Forums was 2011. AMA

Disclosure: my charge was attempted murder with GBI (great bodily harm) with a deadly weapon. I was looking at 20-25 years. I took a deal for 8 years with 75%. Basically means I must serve 75 % of that 8 before release. I got into some trouble which extended my stay by 2 years.

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Age, Net Worth, Current Income?

Yikes. Currently 28. No clue what my net is, I own 2 cars so that’s really it. My current income is 2k a month I’m getting in owed money from someone. 1 week out of prison for a violent crime, I’m gonna need some more time to find a job

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/b is trash now. Bunch of schoolboy sissy’s now. Can’t post shit anymore oldfag

sorry op reddit summer fags only here.
>did you ever get fucked or get to fuck anyone in prison


how much black cock did you suck in there?

Yeah lots of gay shit on here now. Kinda surprising. Yea Forums was a ton of fun pre 2010.

In California and most of the west anything gay is strictly off limits. If you are a fag you need to keep that super closeted or go to a protective custody unit. I saw someone get outted for being a homo on the streets. All his Mexican amigos stabbed him the second we hit yard. It’s pretty much only niggers that may be down with the ass taking and gay shit in California prison. And never on other races. Just their own

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What race are you? I know cdc is strictly based off race

Ive been to jail a few times, but never prison. The worst part was how uncomfortable everything was. Plastic chairs and rubber mattresses. Hows prison?

How do little white guys stop those massive nigs from rape? We know mexicans are violent herd animals and have tons locked up but what about the lil white bois?

Like he said homosexuality is frowned upon. And there no need to take when people will fuck for free in there

None. And I can speak on behalf of everyone on GP general population yards. NONE. If you wanna do gay shit like that, they have whole units of faggots to run wild. My yard, you wouldn’t last a minute being a open or closeted faggot.

I’m white and yes this is true. I only sat and talked and dealt with the woods (white boys) we have a partnership with the south side Mexicans and paisas. We can kick it around them too and sometimes we have each other’s back

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Why did you try to kill someone?


What were the circumstances surrounding the incident? Did you feel justified doing what you did?

So kinda like county in Socal? trade, talk,shoot the shit with everyone except Blacks? None of that prison gang shit in gp?

Prison can be better or worse. Jail really sucks, if you have a violent crime and long court dates you will never see the sun in jail. I lost 25 lbs and became a pale ghost for a year and half fighting me case. Shit sucked, prison was a relief.

You quickly realize size doesn’t matter. It’s all about who is the quickest to violence. I’ve seen 5’2 Mexicans or 5’4 white boys cut dudes so bad they bled out before they reached the door. Dudes photo attached is only 5’6 170 lbs little white boy but has killed 3+ people in prison.

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Same as it is in Texas lock up

Would blacks kill you if you spoke to them?

It matters less with knives, yes, but a solid punch from a massive motherfucker just does a lot more damage.

obviously no but if you're a wood, homie,paisa it raises flags to hang or talk to blacks

I am a intense individual. This person disrespected me in front my friends and family. I originally put a gun in their face but decided to stab them instead. I’d still be in there if it wasn’t for my decision to stab him up instead of shooting him in the face.

Read above. And yes. I did the right thing, this Person is now paralyzed from the chest down and deserves that miserable life I put them in.

I’m from NorCal but it all runs the same. White boys don’t talk to niggers or north side Mexicans. I know the north and south just called a truce but north side Mexicans still don’t fuck with woods and we don’t fuck with them either. Had lots of issues with those soldiers.

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why are they so hated?

>wood, homie,paisa
what r these?


how, and was it worth it

Bet you are a nigger

woods is what these lil whities call peckerwoods because of they lil peckers

lol you're trash

>I’m an intense individual

Aka a huge fag that can’t control themselves. Your as should still be inside

So, you're 28 and did a 9.5 year big. Those were the most sexually active years of my life. There's no way you went almost 10 years without getting your nut off. How did you get off? Surprise buttsecks? Sneaking a rub off late at night? Details needed.

he kept it real punk as nigga dont make me step fool

My unit was a no hands policy. If you fight with hands your own people will kill you. Stab or shut the fuck up.
Homie is a south side Mexicans. Paisa is a dude from Mexico and wood is a white boy. We are all one on the inside. For the most part.

No. Blacks always tried talking to Mexicans and tweaker woods because they wanted to push dope. If you interact, you may get jumped or warned. Continually doing this will lead to you getting stabbed. Probably killed

It’s a little different. If you run with a gang that has black on the outside in Cali, you throw that shit away. You are now a wood. If you try and run your dumb nigger blood stuff and your white, one of us will be paying you a visit to your cell

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Just how they run their politics. when I was in two childhood friends who both were half black half Mexican decided they didn't want to run homie before going to prison and wanted to run full black. They both got beat the fuck up. one was unrecognizable .
woods=white boys
homie= Mexican American /chicano
paisa= full Mexican
brothers and others= niggers,asian,indian

>I am a intense individual

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Welcome back OP.
Prob the best thread on Yea Forums in 9 1/2 years.

They sometimes allow rapist and child abusers. No one trusts them.

Like the dude who tagged you said. I’m honest. And I’d do it again. My people took care of me when I went in because I did something everyone was to afraid to do.

May be. But when someone sexually abuses a child, someone’s gotta handle the business. Probably won’t be you

It was hard. Jacked off may be twice a week. Lots of rules regarding that too if your white. You quickly forget about sexually urges when you are trying to survive amongst animals. I promise.

Fortunately not.

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Yeah, I’m sure you handled business, fag. I don’t associate with loser fuckheads, so luckily I’ll never need to make that decision.

But keep acting hard on the internet, felon.

did you go pc? you seem like pussy who would lock it up

OP was called a fag IRL and almost killed someone for it. OP is 100% a fag, what a bitch.

HEY faggot, how does it feel to have wasted so much time?

I’m in the skin head tweaker filled streets of Redding ca. You either are intense or on dope around here. I chose to stay sober and rob dope fiends.

Thanks brother. More of just wanted to chat and see how shit is on here now.

Not trying to act hard. More just tell my story friend. I have not threatened anyone here or tried to act tough. I just stand behind my choices. I met a lot of guys that were in the wrong place at the wrong time when locked up. Don’t ever say it won’t be you. Met a doctor and RN even in there

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best friend got locked up 2 yrs ago for vehicular manslaughter and last I checked he's in Folsom. Few cellmates once told me its pretty shit . How bad it is?

do you know wes watson?

You are trash. Hope you will be back in soon with your woodie friends. Haha.

awesome LARP

No. Gp through my stay. Most dudes who roll it up are dope fiends.

No, like mentioned up there someone touched a child I am related to. So I took care of it for them.

Sucks but again, it could be worse. Went in on solid charges and didn’t end up killing the man. You should ask the the dude rolling around in a electric wheel chair drinking soup through a straw at 30 years old how is quality of life is.

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describe daily routine?

They’re not soldiers. They’re pussy ass gangbangers who would piss and shit all over themselves if they found themselves in combat against actual soldiers.

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What would you charge to take care of someone a couple of states away?

Never heard that name.

Trying my best to stay straight and narrow.

Old Folsom isn’t bad. I was there for 6 months. New Folsom fucking sucks man. No hobby’s, cameras everywhere. No fun in new Folsom. Old Folsom was bad if you are a weak person. Lots of blind corners and blind spots.

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Are you going to change your life around for the better? Or you gonna keep living the white trash lifestyle, and head back to the klink?
If your going to commit crimes, make sure they are white collar and under the guise of a business or organization.

I dont mean to sound like a dick, but does it hurt losing your 20s? Like those are some good years.

Do you feel different after prison? Do you think it helped or hurt you?

I dont want to change I love being a nigger

Yea Forumsro you made a real lurker post today glad you're out of prison homie hope you adjust easily

Daily program was different at every prison I went to. Basically went like; coffee, work out, food, work out, day room, work out, food, read/write, shower every other day when they let us. Then snack/workout and sleep. Rise time was 5am latest for whites. 3 am some places.

You’d be surprised. These guys would take one razor blade and fight 5 dudes by themselves. They were warriors at the least

Never been in that business. I only did what I did because it happened to people close to me.

Yeah I have been on the straight edge life for the past 6 days. I’m doing the best I can do. Starting some logging work next week. So that will be a nice 4K a month of some honest hard work. And yes it sucks I lost my 20s. But being tatted, in great shape, militant with my diet and working out, I have already been catching up on all the pussy I missed out on on the outside.

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