Female doctor

Young Asian police woman

Asian police chief

Young black protagonist

Mixed race couple

Use of terrible millennial patter

I’m 9 minutes In to this shit. Life long Whovian.

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Yeah. And now it's being spun as the doctor was originally a woman and they're planning on making the doctor a black woman in either next season or the one after.

The problem with Doctor Who's female protagonist is that she's nice. But if you look at the Doctor, the Doctor has always been an asshole to different degrees. There's always been a darkness in the character.

Female Doctor would be closer to Missy, capable of great ruthlessness.

>"You take other people and you fashion THEM Into weapons." - Davros on The Doctor

Ruth's definitely got ruthlessness in her. I already like her.

your fault for watching this garbage in the first place

And when I say the Doctor has always been an asshole, this is what I mean and why Ruth will be a good Doctor. She's got a cruel streak.


The doctor died on Trenzalor. Capaldi and Whittaker are non Canon.

I kinda gave up with Capaldi.
That man was the perfect candidate to be the doctor, he has all the cynical snark and self-assured confidence and potential for outright viciousness and they failed. They had the perfect actor for the role and the writers failed.

That's been my impression. It's not the fault of the actors, it's the damn writers.

The Doctor is NOT nice. He's good, but not nice. They need to study their history. The Doctor is capable of extreme cruelty.


Wasn't that the series when they started to apply "muh diversity" rules for the writers, as well as the cast?
Surprise surprise, the scripts turned to dogshit after that.

I can't help but wonder how the Missy actress would have done as the Doctor, with proper writers. She looks alien enough.

You've hit the nail on the head user, wtf is the new female writer thinking?
You can travel the Universe but spend most of your time in and around Sheffield.
It's a science fiction series that now appears to be more about the characters and their feelz than the story.
SJW storylines and race-apology is the order of the day, the Rosa Parks episode made me angry when they said that Rosa had "changed the Universe", I live in Britain and it didn't and remains meaning fuck all to me, do you really think that every species in the Whovian Universe knows what racism is?
It's fucking retarded fucking bollocks, I can't watch it any more.

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The problem there is that writers only make the characters diverse by their outward traits. They pussy out on writing the actual personalities. It's why we get so many Mary and Gary Sues.

You can't coast on writing the characters, or else it's just Tokenism.

they made the dr a woman. I stopped watching when they pulled that shit.

The master is the best character. So fucking based holy shit
> repeatedly escapes death
> constantly outsmarting the doc
>fucking wrecked gallifrey
> seamlessly integrates himself into any society, be they Nazis or apocalypse survivors.
> calls himself the master
> the doc will be black eventually
> master will probably be white
Great keks will be had lads

Seriously, if a writer tried to write a character based on me (a legally disabled guy), they'd very likely botch the execution utterly. I didn't know I was legally disabled for most of my life because my parents didn't tell me until much later. It was kept a secret from me.

I wouldn't have minded if they'd just gone with a woman much closer to Missy in mindset. Ruthless.

They lost me with Capaldi. I think I got 3 or 4 episodes into his first season and I completely lost my desire to keep watching the show because of the terrible writing and production. I haven't even considered watching the newest doctor's seasons.

Capaldi was shit. That doc literally started by guilting his companion to stay with him when she wanted out

How the fuck did they keep your own disability a secret from you?

The doctor was blind for a bit as capaldi but he had sonic sunglasses kek

He's probably retarded

He's retarded.

you ain't seen nothing yet!

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The problem with Capaldi for me is I couldn't understand him half the time. And when they paired him with Bill, who was just as bad, I didn't have a clue what they were squabbling about.