The girl I liked rejected me hard as fuck so I told her I was gonna kill myself and it was gonna be all her fault as a...

The girl I liked rejected me hard as fuck so I told her I was gonna kill myself and it was gonna be all her fault as a joke and she told my mom and now she is trying to force me to see a therapist. I don’t know what to do. I really don’t want to see a therapist how do I get out of this

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA u deserve that shit though

good you fucking autist. get fucked

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You already know the way out. You said it yourself you fucking mong

How the fuck do I deserve this? I’m not an autist it was a joke. I didn’t mean it. It just kinda came out. I wasn’t really gonna do it

It was a fucking joke

I’ve been rejected before, it’s not a huge deal. As long as you just shrug it off and move on, nobody will care.

What you did was extremely retarded. Who the fuck says that shit after rejection. Get some help, op

You cant control the words that come out of your mouth or your emotions..
>protip-you're an autist

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>I told her I was gonna kill myself and it was gonna be all her fault as a joke

Keep your head up champ. Jr high is a tough time for everyone.

Livestream it... faggot

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Just go to the therapist. It's not dangerous you know... Even if you are completely healthy you are probably gonna get some good advice and techniques that make your life easier. I did, and a lot of what I picked up from a couple of sessions I use almost every day. I owe my promotion to it.


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You don't get out of it.
>told her I was gonna kill myself and it would all be her fault as a joke
>as a joke
Fuck you. You get what you deserve.

Lel...bitch ass faggot part 2

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kek you are the joke congrats fag you played yourself

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whats up with that bitches hand on the right tho lol

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Wow, OP. You’re a fucking faggot. Reap what you sow, pussyboi.

No it's not a joke. You're retarded. Your options are do the therapy because you're fucked in the head and need help. Bless that girl for actually giving a shit about your worthless life. Or go through with your fucking threat and an hero yourself.

Also this. Then maybe for once in your pathetic existence you can be of some small use. Providing entertainment.

The only way out of this is to go thru with it. Make sure you Livestream it so you can actually contribute something worth something with your pathetic life.

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Again I was just joking. She made me feel like shit

you dumb piece of shit

>asked her out
first mistake, should have just slapped her. I don't even talk to women anymore. it's pointless. I've never had consensual sex in my life. When you think about it, if a woman consents she is cucking you.

Stop saying it's a joke. It's not a joke. This is exactly why you need help

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Well OP that sucks, first rejection is the worst one, is all uphill from now on atleast. Also you might have to put a litle more thought on that joke dude, like unless you have legit autism, that joke has something to say about your inner self. I would say to atleast give therapy a try first session but if you don't want to can we know why?

>Threatens suicide and tries to tell some poor girl that the death will be her fault
>"Haha it's just a joke guys! Wasn't that so funny?"

If you don't see the problem with this, then you really do need help

You fucked yourself with these decisions. Face up to them and quit your bitching.

Try not being a childish fuckwad and man up to your rejections, not everyone likes you, just facts of life kid.


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Lol I did this once when I was 15 over an online gf. This back in 2003 in the aol days. My parents just disowned me for a few days then things kinda went back to normal. Once we could drive we met up and fucked like 2nd date lol, only lived 45 minutes apart, just met randomly in a chatroom

That's what you get, retard. Die miserable

>I don’t know what to do
Suck it up, you manipulative faggot.

I’m not manipulative