FB fap restart

FB fap restart...

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OP I'm here. Last pic I received

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Anyone still want karina? Wwyd

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Let's get some love for Shir

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Nice a nice lips/eyes combo

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She lays me on the bed... Takes off her leggings revealing sexy panties. She throws her shirt off and crawls between my legs smiling at me wickedly with the phone still to her ear

More of 3 and 1?

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More more more

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I'm in love

nice tits

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That face is super fuckable

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Fuck moar ass

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so cute

definitely both, especially 1

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Here bro

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Love to leave her passed out in an empty room, mouth and face covered in my load


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She’s ready

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ok im hard keep going

Thicc af

Eh, I'd rather she wasn't ready for it. Wanna catch her off guard ;]

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She begins blowing me again with purpose. She's getting me as hard as possible. She looks up and sees I can't take anymore and climbs on top of me. Slides her panties to the side and lines up my dick with her opening

More of this chick OP if you are still here

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Anyone interested?

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Fuck off

My dick likes her

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Emily is adorable

Want more?

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Like this thick leggy pawg?

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How’s Valeria?

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Wow so hott

oh yes fuck yes please keep posting

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Last one Captcha is doing my head in

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Turn her around


gonna fap

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Do you know Emily?

need more way more

Knock her out of that chair and mount her face like I paid for her

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love redheads


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I feel you user. Discord? Or at least your favorite pic to cum to?

VICKY is fucking hot

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You like her?

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School teacher Nicole

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what's she like?



now turning 30, pics are from couple of years ago

You had me at teacher.

fuuuck got discord? If not keep posting here

She better get used to it. She's the one who decided to drunkenly who herself out for some quick money

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Nope. At least not yet

nice ass
great tits

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Got a discord? Really digging this chick.

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Yeah. Any bikini. Wanna see more of those tattoos

Cute AND easy, my kind of girl

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Loud mentally ill “leftist”

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more then

Shoe off this fucking slut


Fuck she is hot.

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sounds like she needs some cock

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She thought it was gonna turn into a cute little adventure as a happy hooker like Pretty Woman. Then realising she's just daddy's princess about to be dicked for free drinks and pizza

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Closest I got to bikini

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nice legs

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Were you in on that?

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so tight

that tongue

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All I've got from her is a great bj for walking her home one time

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so cute

Fuck more



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And both

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Just for walking her home??

wish she was my teacher

Ooos, see

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Love those small tits



Ugh, 1 is amazing too

Love her leg

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bikini pics?

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Nice lips

thats a pic of mike bloomberg

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More revealing?

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What grade does she teach?

Can I interest you in my stepmom

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She had a few and she was all luvey duvey. Drunk or not, she gave the best head

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post more


Can I interest your stepmom in swallow my load?

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Lmao wtf

Another group photo
Wait for next post

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Where'd you finish? And whos idea was all this?

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Go on

Fuck yes! Got a disc?

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more 1

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Little bit less clothes

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tight ass blonde

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made for teenage cock

Cute more


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Show cock


Nice. Got a discord?

Hot af

She would

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1 is so hot



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oh wow she's so thick


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She offered it. How could I not refuse. Finish in her mouth and let the last spurt go over those dsl. Sobered up she might think yeah I went a bit too slutty last night

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Holy shit

More revealing?

Im finding myself jealous of you

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I'd love to rip off all her clothes and take her right there

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A nice throatfuck

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And even less

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dont stop

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Friends, neighbors, loved ones, brothers and sisters, I declare this ass to be of the absolute finest quality

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Face down ass up. Slow and deep into her tight little ass and she whimpered. Loving every moment of the pain like a good slut.

And she doesn't show her ass off that much

More of her coming up for next thread

I need an age to know whether to fap to her.

Img limit


How old is she?

new thread

More here

Wtf thats my cousin

19 at the time of the pics

Post more in new thread