How did you trigger the liberals today...

How did you trigger the liberals today? My co-workers are all a bunch of feminists and soi bois who constantly just say to eachother "orange man bad" and then they'll all nod and agreement. So today my feminist boss brought in sandwiches for everyone. while they were all talking about "le reddit says orange man bad" I snuck off and ate all the sandiwches. Every last one. Fucking retards got so triggered, my boss is thinking about firing me LMAO. I just looked her straight in the eye and smirked as I said "guess straight white men aren't included in "everyone". The look on this libtards face as she tried so hard to block out the logic. maybe that will teach the retards about socialism.

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You're definitely retarded

you got any actual facts or logic, shill. or do you always just resort to insults?

This! Based fact!

well, heres an alternative fact, I'm not. I'm actually way smarter than you or him with a very high iq. my genes are from the same stock as trump's.

Smells like autsim in here.

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the only sautism is the reddit left who get triggered by facts and logic.

>fAcTs AnD lOgIc

The GOP on this site have always been the most retarded I’ve ever met

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name one thing wrong with my logic? if the left is so tolerant, why can't they tolerate a straight white male eating all their sandwiches?

Sure thing bud

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Teaches people about socialism by being the only white guy and taking all the food that was mean to be shared with everyone...

You are definitely a moron.

You should have given them all away you fat fuck. Then make some socialism quip.

You're a fat asshole. This had nothing to do with triggering liberals.

Because you're a big fat bastard. What if someone else wanted a sandwich??? And what was on the sandwiches anyway?

are you retarded? that would be socialist.

they were all different subs from the deli. And theres nothing wrong with my weight. it's called being high test, soi boi.

Well fuck, maybe you were right. I just really want a sub now

You guys know he was fucking around, right?

>How did you trigger the conservatives today?

By posting facts:

For all of US history, conservatives have been on the wrong side.

Conservatives in 1776 were on the side of the Crown.

They were the Confederacy.

They were the KKK.

They were on the side of the Robber Barons.

They were anti-suffragists.

They were anti-civil rights.

They were anti-LGBTQ rights.

They're anti-healthcare, anti-education, anti-environment right now.

With their failure to address Russia's attacks on our elections and their refusal to hold Trump
accountable for his crimes, they're also now anti-democracy.

They have always been the bad guys in US history. Every single generation we've had has had to fight them tooth and nail to make progress. We win, and we leap forwards with policies like the abolition of slavery, or the vote for women, or child labor laws, or civil rights, or abortion, or gay marriage, but their wealthy owners sit back and regroup and launch another attack on civilization after a few years.

And it works. Specifically because conservatives are tribalist cavemen who will do whatever their Big Chief tells them to do. They're authoritarians by nature who believe that right and wrong don't come from structured moral philosophies, but from whatever their chieftain tells them is right or wrong. What's true or false.

They're weak-minded children at heart, who yearn for an all-powerful father figure to provide easy structure to their world. Because they cannot handle the complexities of real life. Because the burden of free thought is too much for them to handle. And because they are fundamentally terrified of change. Change, above all, is beyond their understanding. Unfortunately for the rest of us, they don't know it. That's what makes them so insidious.

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tl;dr triggered liberal post

alternative facts say otherwise

How was siding with the crown wrong? You guys should never have become independent. Also, Lincoln literally led the republican party, and the slave states were Democrats. There's too much retardation in your post for me to even bother going into it all, you're a fool. I'd eat your fucking sandwiches I swear to God I would.

Nope that's just facts at this point.

How's highschool going?

Epic for the win!

>democrats were slave states
>republicans founded by a nigger lover
are you off your meds, shill? dems literally can't stop thinking about sucking nigger dicks. it's right wing alphas who hate niggers.

>" I snuck off and ate all the sandiwches
Lol. Holy shit fatso

I feel like this is pasta. Or I'm having deja Vu
Either way, kill yourself op

You're right: alternative facts DO say otherwise.

Precisely why they're "alternative"- because they're not ACTUAL facts.

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Don't conflate your laziness/inability to comprehend simple words and (as stated earlier) actual facts with me being "triggered".

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>>Things that never happened, but OP fantasizes about.

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This did not happen.

>I care. I'm desperate for interaction with other human beings because I'm depressed and lonesome. leaving my house seems like an insurmountable challenge. All my friends are in happy relationships, some are getting married, most have kids, and I just get drunk and high all the time by myself.

Wow...The GOP started with Lincoln..Who did away with slavery. KKK? That would be the Dems.

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the only thing that triggers me about your post is that you put so much effort into it. you could have been feeding a homeless man or donating to a transgender surgery, or helping a young woman have an abortion, instead you were here trolling

get out and make a difference!

If you're referring to the parties having different objectives 160 years ago from what they have today, might wanna do some reading

wikipedia dot org /wiki /Southern_strategy

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But I didn't put any effort into that: it was copypasta.

Joke's on you, faggot.

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Man, you're a stupid fucking leftist.

So Al Gore Sr, (yes, THAT Al Gore, his daddy), was one of the leaders of the filibuster against the civil rights bill in 1964. There was no "southern strategy", if there was, Mr peanut farmer would've never won the south and thus would've never been president. You're so fucking stupid.

You mean beating a homeless person, and killing the mentally ill?

Trips of truth. OP is undoubtedly a retard.

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I told one I'm a proud cis white male with a black gf. They get real pissy about that and call my gf a race traitor.

totally with you here, but all i imagine when i think of this situation is you being the soyboy

So how's it feel knowing your party just traded one type of racism for another?

you are the race traitor, cuck

Nah man, love is love, but only straight love counts for anything. Remember, it's all pink in the middle.

There is substantial Bernie-bro salt in the air today. Massive butthurt in every thread. You'd think they'd be used to losing.

OP is my best friend

ohh boy youve triggered all the libtard neckbeards on Yea Forums lmaoo.. its amazing a dark site like Yea Forums has so many sheep who follow fake news.. am i saying trump is perfect no.. but why do cunts open their mouths now about politics but none on clinton or obama ? sheep