Why does my mum post shit like this on Instagram?

Why does my mum post shit like this on Instagram?

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Respect your mother. She gave you life

Also her insta is private...before you try and cuck me haha

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Mum is a top grade whore, I always sniff her dirty panties and socks when I’m home

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Because your mom is DTF AF dude

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Please don’t jerk off to my mum

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Because she feels confident about her body and wants to post pics that make her feel beautiful and powerful

Too late

She definitly wants to get fucked

Your mom's a whore

Nigga she be posting some lewd pics aw come on man...
She’s so old though like what the fuck mum please stop

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Why TF would I do that

You're not very bright, are you? Your whore mom posts to Instagram for the same reason her idiot son posts on Yea Forums.

She's a whore and her son is an idiot.

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No u

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She wants teenage dick

Post that vagoo so I can do it again

I don’t want my friends to think about fucking her though. It’s so embarrassing.

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Why do you post old women and pretend they're your mother? Are you mentally ill?

I’m not showing you mums vagina user

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>sniff her panties
You sound like a class a fuckwit. No wonder you have no friends.


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Her socks smell heavenly after she’s been walking

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I would think an old man who gets aroused by posting social media of random old women and pretending they're his mother to be the one either severely on the spectrum or mentally damaged.

This isn't sexy. What is wrong with you?

You guys are retarded that’s not OP’s actual mom

We know. Smelling dirty socks and shit isn't sexy regardless of who the fuck it is

I mean it is,you have to be an alpha not some beta cuck like you

I'm so ashamed of being a beta. Please oh please, teach me your alpha ways user! I'm begging you. The way you belittle me makes me oh so horny

No I’m a submissive, you bully me faggot

Then shut your whore mouth and put on your best short dress, heels and thong. Gonna take you to the bars. Parade you around, make you play some pool and show everyone that slutty ass while taking a cross table shot. Then fuck you in the alley until you can't sit on the barstool comfortably when we go back in.

That's what I thought bitch