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teach me something Yea Forums

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Good ones

Inb4 hydrogen bomb

Is this a bomb?

A bomb!?

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Holy shit he's got a bomb everyone get the fuck down!

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No just googled. Maybe have tried out and then explodes this shit

when you're innawoods and can't find clean water or anything to boil it in, you can use your clothing and coarsely ground charcoal to filter it. not as safe as boiling, but certainly safer than drinking straight out of a pond.
Also, if you ARE going to boil water, make it at least 10 minutes as it takes longer to kill viruses than bacteria.

>Also, if you ARE going to boil water, make it at least 10 minutes as it takes longer to kill viruses than bacteria.

you can not kill viruses because they do not live

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okay smartass get a virus then see if I give a fuck faggot

Factually unfactual, viruses can be destroyed just like any physical being, killing it doesnt neccesarily mean death, just assured destruction. Boiling a virus in water will in fact, destroy/kill it.

amerifags detected

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When ist red then stop, when its green then go. But you should also be careful!

Sind wir also eine deutsche Schwuchtel. Sehr basiert.

This is terrible, unless you have atleast some knowledge of knots half of these are just renditions of their parent knot, not the base knot itself.

So youre just angry that europe is going to be riddled with coronavirus while we boil the bitch to death?

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Sehr gut aufgepasst mein Freund. Bissien was aus unserer Kultur gleich beibringen.

the real electoral map 2016, because let's face it, Hillary won by 4,000,000 votes and your kind wouldn't know the truth if it went through you like a .50cal

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My favourite knot is noose

all of those TINY red areas, are places people don't live. Flyover areas. places that don't matter.
the big blue places are the places that produce and earn money, American Industry, Corporate Centers. America.

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theres still more red than blue thou

Keep telling yourself that

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How to smoke crack

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which one means 'shoot that dog'?

red states have all failed economically (except Texas)

Blue states are massively wealthy, and the wealthiest state in the US: California with a GDP of 3.5 Trillion per annum.

So while your kind rape kids, do meth, and steal blue state's wealth in the form of farm subsidies and welfare, we have estateS (multiple) and high-paying jobs, whereas you don't even have healthcare.

Trump's tax cuts all benefitted us. Not your kind :)

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i feel like my life has been a lie

Check out to see if they've listed all of yours.

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Yeah how’s Detroit looking, asshole?

BINGO. We're dealing with retards who've have their skulls caved in by meth.

How can you honestly make any claims about the previous election. I dont know what really happened. You sure as shit dont know what really happened. Anyone who says they know what happened is a fucking liar. This map and every other map is fake news.

And the people doing most of the money earning are openly republican or secretly pro, since the business policies help them. The homeless and those on welfare make the areas blue. Cities tend to have a LOT of voters in poverty.

Damn I have a lot of googling to do

>thinks Detroit's a state

>put 1 round in your .45
>chamber it
>blow your brains out.

go hang out with jeebus in heaven!!!!!

It's almost as if loser voters are attracted to big cities because of their pro-homeless programs and extra benefits.

you know who wants to get rid of the electoral college, son?


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No... I'm from the west coast and moved to rural mid west... at first I thought like you. It didnt take very long at all for me to see the only people out of touch are the ones living on the coasts.

Any citations for any of this?

Okay. So that's your rebuttal?

>150 million shanty cottages throughout the Midwest and south, all on meth with diabeetus, this retard thinks they're all wealthy KEKEKEK

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this is what trumpflakes actually believe

That's meth you retard

This does not make harmless smoke. This makes chlorine gas.

>Okay. So that's your rebuttal?

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keep whining, gender neutral faggot

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I sure do cleeter


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think i found a new dnd setting. whole group will be paladins sent to cleanse the realm of sin

yyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhh who do you think runs all those businesses? manuel and tyrone? no, they are a bunch of rich jews and white guys who are all pro republican because they want lower taxes and more business friendly tax plans

Ich erkannte das an der autokorrektur ihres mobilen Fernsprechgerätes.

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>more blue than red

>"omg ur an ess jay dub"

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Did He died ?

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Educated Liberals.

Because republicans are anti-education and anti-science. Do you think a meth-smoking retard knows how do send a rocket into space you literal shit-eating fuckmonkey?

Who're the people at Harvard? Republicans LOL? No. Liberals. Eat a .45 and fuck off with your non-facts spunk junkie.

What kind of a retard told you a republican "runs" anything LOL Was it oxycontin Limbaugh? Pedo Trump? Tucker the Tranny?

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This is exactly the type of out of touch coastal fag I'm talking about. A big eye opener for me was learning what coastal cities thought about DAPL. Just no idea wtf is going on at all.

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thats mitch hedburg and yes he later died

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Oh, no this is it! Ouch right in my feels. You make a strong argument user.



Mj was deep af. Always with the gang. What a real one

Oil is bad. Orange bad. Obama would never drill.

wow ive actually met the blue one

Having 15 dollars an hour in boston is much different than 15 dollars an hour in west virginia

Thanks for the information user

People in WV or other red states don't matter.

Poorest in this statement means in literal monitary worth. Theres a reason why gas is 1.99 in some places in iowa vs 3.50 in downtown LA.