Yakuza Veteran Here

ask me anything about yakuza and i will be greatly here to help you + want to start with yakuza? I'm Here for you.

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Thank You.


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Should I stop after fourth or fifth game and why?

Maybe after the fifth game, because it's the last game that was good, after that yakuza 6 with the earliest version of dragon engine was kinda of set back, especially with combat.

Do I start with 0 or Kiwami?

Combat was ass in Y6, is Judgment the same?

no, it got really great

It's slower because of Yagami's flourishes and Crane is unusable outside of EX Burst triangle spam. They added more movement abilities like leapfrogging, wall running, and sliding. But Dragon Engine combat wasn't really fixed until Lost Judgment where they finally got rid of bounce blocks outside of fat enemies which are uncommon at best. LJ also made all styles viable even if Crane and Snake sort of fall off later on in the game in terms of damage.

Starting With kiwami :


chill Introduction to the series

Polished Combat

disadvantages :


Starting with 0 :


very good game

disadvantages :

will set a unrealistic expectations for kiwami 1 and 2, k1,k2 can't fill these expectations

Why would you ever play the 6th game in a series first? Did you play MGS3 first?

kiwami i a remake of the first game, Yakuza 1.

No shit dumbass, 0 is the 6th game.

Yakuza Veteran, I need guidance. I finished Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza Kiwami 2. I like the series but I am having a hard time getting through Y3 Remastered. I watched a recap of Y3, Y4 & Y5 on YouTube because I was gonna skip them. But now I want to play through all of them. I don't have a specific question, but what do in my situation?

Go back in time and start with the PS2 games. Yakuza 3 will be incredible as it's your first introduction to a proper seamless 3d kamurocho.

>Why would you ever play the 6th game in a series first?
Because its the best, and one of the only 3 worth playing next to 4 and 2?

from my understanding, you watched a recap of Yakuza 3,4,5...so you know what happened and that's make you lose interest in continuing the story, i say you need to finish 3,4,5 don't worry you will feel more different when go through the experience than hearing about it.

They're all worth playing. This is one of the most consistently good series in videogames.

Thanks user. I will continue with the series

>No shit dumbass
teen attitude at it's finest.

but user, please link up the video and stay with me so i can know if the video really spolis the whole story or not, maybe i will good news for you

is 100%ing y5 aids?

Here's the answer to most questions: Play 0, it's the best one. Play the rest if you're not burned out.

yeah, especially when you go against jo amon and his brothers


Im pretty sure it spoils all of it user

so i never played any of the games and im curious about the series, do I start with 0 then?

Depends on how you can handle repetition.
You replay the same minigames for Haruka's jobs over and over, you replay the same songs multiple times, and then if you want to hit 25 on Haruka without stockpiling a bunch of substories for the final chapter it takes hours of dance battles of the same song.
You have to do 100 man and get each character to the top rank of the coliseum four times each with each character having their own separate rankings. Akiyama's is the hardest and you have to more or less play flawlessly for about 40-50 men with Shinada being the second hardest but you can heal when you get to critical HP.
You have to craft everything.
You can't take keys as Haruka and then open the locker because it doesn't count the locker and the item gets stuck on her until PA.
Haruka gets permanently locked once you finish her chapter in the final chapter.
Premium Adventure can't make clear saves so it's not worth touching at all, you do your 100% in the main story unless you want your 100% completion save to be stuck on PA unable to ever NG+ with it.
Fish are time dependent if I remember right and you can only change the time of day one full cycle at the end of the game if you didn't collect them earlier in the game. You also have Pronto morning and night menus.
The minigames are honestly the easiest part.

Amon is easy outside of Kiryu's second phase so I don't know how you think the other three are hard. Shinada's is a lot of fun and Saejima's is basically a freebie.

is the hostess stuff better than in 4 or just the same shit? because I hated it.

Hostess Maker's only in 3 and 4. It's just the usual hostess dating stuff from the other games except each guy only has one. I think Kiryu had two women but he might have just had one.

who is the faggot who hooked you up to watch the recap? it would've awesome to know the story but looks like 0 faggots got you with this shit.

read moose answer.

thx guys, do i have to properly learn koi koi this time? i always kinda brute forced my way through before..

so amon wasn't really fun, especially with shinada combat

It's the same as usual but yes, you should learn it at some point since there's only a couple hands that are important and most of them start with the moon. Just remember that fancy = better and placing a card without taking something makes the AI instantly assume you're setting up for a special grab so they'll nearly always grab what you placed down.

I liked dodging the umbrellas a lot personally.

what do you think moose? the weirdos in yakuza subreddit hooked him and made him believe that Yakuza 3,4,5 is shit so he watched the cutscenes of all of them

how´s the batting center stuff this time? i'm playing on pc with a controller like a real yakuza but my left stick is worn out and shitty.

need some training and it's kinda of challenging

Cutscenes don't mean you experienced the game so I don't see why that would stop you from playing it. I was spoiled fully on basically every game up to this point and I still enjoyed them.

>how´s the batting center stuff this time?
If I remember right Dead Souls and 4 were harder while 3 was easier but it's been a while. It's definitely one of the more irritating ones because it deals with the panels and overlaps that you have to hit so you sort of need to be good at hitting at least two panels most of the time. If you're fine with that I don't think it'll be too bad.
>but my left stick is worn out and shitty.
Keep in mind even with a controller plugged in you can just use the mouse as long as your left stick isn't drifting. I do it on 0 sometimes but I hate left clicking to hit, it feels worse somehow.

>Cutscenes don't mean you experienced the game

no, FUCK you!

why is your advice so bad?


I'm still going to play through the rest of the series. Thanks user and moose

thanks for the replies again

your welcome kyodai.

You start with Yakuza 1 on the PlayStation 2.

where do i start

Is it worth doing the sidestories in the ps2 version of 1? The fucking loading screen for the fights is killing my soul.

play Kiwamis if you want something fast.

I have been playing this game and I enjoy it greatly

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I tried Yakuza 0 when it released on PC and got bored 4 hours in.
I was expecting a fucking mafia game, not some homoerotic melodrama with cutscenes out the ass and jank gameplay.

your opinion.

Amon's fight is different in K1 so if you don't do it here you miss a unique fight, and the few that do have cutscenes are pretty good. Keep in mind that if you leave any hostess substories to the last chapter Haruka prevents you from being able to beat them at all and if you missed any substories like the trading sequence in chapter 4 or the sick kid in chapter 5 you can't get Amon anyway. If you failed to unlock the casino via the drunk substory you're also permanently locked out of Amon. Also, if you made a mistake in any substory in general Amon is locked.
>The fucking loading screen for the fights is killing my soul.
If you're emulating it then they should be faster than on console so if you're on console you really should just emulate it. PS3 and I think Wii U let you install the data but that's Japanese only.

from the beginning.

ps2 games? ok right on

its a JRPG with brawler combat.

Approaching it as if its japanese GTA or Mafia is a mistake.

So it's a shitty snoy moviegame wiht cringe jap acting.

never said it wasnt but now its clear you just dont like japanese things. go back to your nigger mafia 3.

>All substories are required for Amon

I never heard this before. I'm going to shit.

>he doesn't like cringe weebshit
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You're a drooling retard. Yakuza 0 is intended for people to play first, then get into Kiwami 1 and 2 since they reference a lot of shit that was implemented in 0 between Kiryu, Majima and others. The game is a prequel, you ape. Similar to MGS 3, as you mentioned, it'd be fine for people to start there since it is the initial intent. I swear, you fucking fags are so stupid and insufferable with your gatekeeping of your niche franchise. Pathetic.

I was pretty surprised that it was less of a spin off and a full blown yakuza game, down to the night club patrons and girls having the same motions as in yakuza 0

No, you start with Yakuza on the PS2 and move on to Yakuza 2 on the PS2.