>bg1+bg2 still unsurpassed
bioware-sama... i-i kneel

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Holy shit that cacodemon gonna eat dr. doom!


Why isn't 3 made by BW again? Probably better that way but why?

dao>>piss>poo>>bald ur's gayte

If i liked Pathfinder how does it compare?

I imagine the DnD license would have expired a long time ago.

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Bioware only made good games when they teamed up with Black Isle.

>If i liked Pathfinder how does it compare?
its better

Beholders are problematic

Didn't that eye monster get removed from D&D because it's racist or something?

Yes the suits just didn't renew the license because they have no idea who or what Baldur and his Gate are and never played a single video game ever

>Entire party is not in wheelchairs for the crazy buffs
Boo I say

No, they are going to change their lore, originally each beholder thinks it is the apex of its race and everything else is inferior.


Technically they're racial supremacists, but they all each view themselves as the perfect ideal Beholder specimen and all other Beholders are lesser. So they hate each other just as much as they hate the "lesser races".

>playing a Kickstarter nostalgia cash grab before the genuine article
I don't understand you people.

Is it true that no other franchise other than D&D Is allowed to call these things Beholders?

God forbid this fictional monster have questionable politics.
Imagine a whole monster manual full of milquetoast Democrats, or whatever would satisfy these people.

BG3 is already better lol

Okay. So they're "evil". Aren't they meant to be? Where' the problem? Nobody is actually supposed to think they're the good guys, are they?

this, now they are allies and march for OLM (orcs are the stand in for blacks for some reason)

something something evolving cultural norms something something trigger warning

pathfinder wrath of the righteous was so weird
>apparently made by russians
>first companion you meet is a black female paladin
why the flying fuck would russians do that? something doesn't add up

Pathfinder might be shit but it's still better than 5e what are you talking about?
Or do you mean the Pathfinder games? Pathfinder is relatively new as pen and paper
Or bying BG1+2 now before BG3? But what has that to do with kickstarter?
You are retarded

because racism is bad, not even a monster would be so vile.

I think it is the combo of the name and design so you get stuff like Evil Eye instead.

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Yeah and every single american, especially the ones with a degree in computer science, is a racist hillbilly

because ToB was the end of the bhaalspawn saga.
try playing the games.
there was no reason to make 3.

The Pathfinder games exist solely due to nostalgia for the classic Infinity Engine games.

Yes. Beholders are one of the few things actually copyrighted under the D&D brand. Off the top of my head, Mindflayers, Carrion Crawlers, and Owlbears are also copyrighted.

reddit is down the hall and on the left

Baldur's Gate 3 WILL continue the bhaalspawn saga
Baldur's Gate 3 WILL win multiple GOTY awards
Baldur's Gate 3 WILL go down as the greatest crpg of the modern era

Eat shit boomer bitch

I don't care about any of that lol. It's not canon and not related to BG1-2, so who cares.

Nice arguement redditor

>called Baldur's Gate 3
>doesn't feature Baldur's Gate

Because Bioware is a husk of it's former self.

What is there to continue? Did you not play Throne of Bhaal?

None of these old studios are what they were even 10 years ago

>by russians
By muscovite faggots. Practically a different species.

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>Entire plot for BG3 revolves around Jergal and The Dead 3
>Not related

>I know you are but am I!

u wot

It’s based off a module made by Paizo which is pozzed as fuck

But.. it does?

what does that have to do with baldur's gate 1 and 2?


Umm.. Bhaal is a member of the dead 3?

Maybe you understand it in a few years but the retard bringing reddit up outs himself as redditor, since people like me don't actually ever go there or think about it unless one of you fucking faggots brings it up to act like you belong here.

Do you even know who the Dead Three are?

yes? are you confusing forgotten realms for baldurs gate or something?
BG1-2 has literaly nothing to do with Jergal OR the dead three. It has to do with Bhaal, one of the dead three.

that story ended after throne of bhaal, there is nowhere else it can go. they also restarted the player at level 1 which is double retarded if they are calling it baldur's gate 3

wow you are trying so hard right now it's sad. you are clearly flustered, why don't you calm down and go upvote a picture of a golden retriever or something and then you can come back and continue being a nigger loving faggot who tries to fit in.

>well you see yes I was wrong but no, I was never wrong because the thing that it's about is also not about the thing it was about

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>No U

Jesus christ, do you bitch about diablo 4 being a diablo game because Lilith is featured in the trailer and diablo has to share the spotlight?

shoo fly

im not bitching about bg3, im saying it's not related to the bhaalspawn saga so i dont care about it. you're the one kvetching because nobody cares about bg3 lol

>mask of the betrayer is about jeral and the dead three even though it only features one of them
>baldurs gate is about the dead three even though it's only about bhaal's offspring

Make me faggot


Diablo 4 is not a diablo game.