Square-Enix is ran by monkeys

>SE goes all in on PS5 console exclusivity and $70 games
>they even make an absolutely retarded statement like "FF will only be on Playstation this gen"
>Meanwhile, Sony themselves aren't going all in on PS5 exclusivity due to mediocre exclusivity sales. Games like Demon's Souls and Returnal are on the Nvidia leak. Their games get released on PS4/PC and have been investing in studios who can make PC ports.
>Square-Enix will only port games to EGS where people will pirate their games out of spite
>Meanwhile, Elden Ring gets released on every platform and hits 10 million faster than any FF in history
>Announces their NFT plans and is met with backlash
>DOUBLES DOWN ON NFT PLANS [spoilers]probably because their overbudgeted games plateu at around 5-7 million sales. They would sell better if they stopped with this Sony/EGS exclusivity[/spoiler]
>Since then, NFT markets have been "hacked" and a lot of money has been stolen
>NFT sales have been going down with no signs of stopping
>Crypto is crashing hard right now. Was $3k last month and is now $1.7k. Will continue to go down this weekend.
>Yet SE decided to sell of Deus Ex and Tomb Raider to focus on NFTs
>They turned fucking Chocobo Racing into a "Games as a Service" title instead of a competitor to Mario Kart
You are witnessing the end of Square-Enix. Their incompetence is amazing. Is this company ran by DSP? They keep getting worse and worse, yet they somehow manage to scrape by.

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FF is a big brand. FF14 brings in tons of money. FF16 will save the PS5.

XIV is the only subscription i pay for (not all the time though)
XVI along with KH4 will most likely push me to buy a PS5

SE is too retarded to even save themselves. Sony will save the PS5 if they ever shift focus from Western AAA to their PS1/PS2 roots.

>FF16 will save the PS5.
I remember waiting at night to get FF13 at GameStop, with a long line of both guys and girls. Will this ever happen again? That's the last time I even heard of things like this (except with Apple/iPhone releases).

It's more like SE is getting fleeced and scammed by American companies. They get scammed with licensing capeshit that ends up flopping, and now NFTs.

>they even make an absolutely retarded statement like "FF will only be on Playstation this gen"
Stranger of Paradise was on Series X.
they never said this.

With how much of a dud KH3 was, I'm surprised that some people would buy a console just for it.

Next time it will be FF16.

Square are trying hard to be the next Sega, even hired the Sonic hack to make the game for them

No, realistically the only upcoming game people would line up and camp outside of game stores for is BOTW2.

OP = idiot who doesnt even look at financial reports of the game companies he obsesses over. All the crap the OP made up is literally the opposite of what their financial report says.

1. "SE doesnt care about anything but Sony" meanwhile Final Fantasy 14 is SE's cash cow. Nothing comes close.
2. Their Japanese-developed games produce a 15-20% return on investment. Again this is in their financial reports.
3. Their Western-developed games produce negative to 0% return on investment. This is the ONLY reason why all their Western devs were sold. Again this in their financial reports.
4. SE is a company with loads of valuable nostalgia-bait, NFT's make perfect sense for them in terms of monetization. Selling NFTs based on their old & unused IPs is literally like free $$$ that will have no impact on any future game development.

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And as a reminder, people lined up for Animal Crossing during the advent of the covid lockdowns. FFVIIR didn't have ebough influence to make people form long lines or camp outside of stores just to buy it.

>>Meanwhile, Elden Ring gets released on every platform and hits 10 million faster than any FF in history
This will never not make me laugh. FF7 Remake could have easily hit 10 million if they released it on Xbox and Steam the same day as the PS4 version. Too bad they love gurgling Sony and Epic cock.

Financials are meant to turn bad news into lip service. The writing is on the wall. SE will continue going downhill.

They're probably ok.

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>FF7 Remake could have easily hit 10 million if they released it on Xbox and Steam the same day as the PS4 version
the original took a decade to reach 10 million sales

Im just gonna buy some crypto because if v tells me its going down it has to pump

>will never actually get XIV because Square keeps gargling Sony's nuts
God I hate them

And the industry today is orders of magnitude larger than it was in 1997. 10 million for FF7R should have been a shoo in, but leave it to SE to fuck things up.

*XIV on Xbox

When do you think FF9R will get announced?

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>And the industry today is orders of magnitude larger than it was in 1997.
Doesn't guarantee everyone will buy it day 1.
>10 million for FF7R should have been a shoo in
day 1? or even year 1? You're actually delusional. FF is not as popular as you think it is.

After FF16, FF7R-2, and probably after KH4

Option 1.

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Pretty sure they're kept alive by mmo addicts and gacha subhumans, 2 things which wont die out any time soon. Theres a bigger chance SE will get tired of pissing money down the drain

I'd rather see a FF1 remake/reimagining, now that Stranger is kind of a prequel.

Option 2.

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>metal slime NFT, buy it befor- ITS ALREADY GONE

This isn't the 90s mate. FF as a brand isnt that big anymore

FFXIV keeps bailing them out

Being the single biggest MMO on the market and having top launch weekends is being a big brand.

>FF16 will save the PS5.

>single biggest MMO on the market
being the world's tallest midget isn't a big of a deal as you think it is

seethe + cope + dilate

No one at SE has the soul to make an ff9 remake good. It would be an utter disaster.

Like you are?

consoles are dead

>SE goes all in on PS5 console exclusivity and $70 games
You lie on first point, why should I go on?
All "exclusives" are timed exclusives, most likely from contracts.

>meanwhile Final Fantasy 14 is SE's cash cow
I'm trying to find this in their IR reports, where did you find this?
>SE is a company with loads of valuable nostalgia-bait, NFT's make perfect sense for them in terms of monetization
You really haven't been following the collapse of NFTs recently

NFTs make sense on paper, except their customer base that they'd be nostalgia baiting to loathe them. NFTs have been nothing but a PR nightmare for game publishers and will continue to be such for the foreseeable future. Literally hurting SE's reputation and you know what a bad reputation can do to a publisher.

This isnt the 2000s user. No one gives a shit about MMOs

>the highest possible sales been wasted on a console that has a pathetic software attachment rate

FF7 is way more popular than a souls game though.

So? They could have made a contract for a timed exclusive N-Gage, it's still a timed exclusive, not an "all in".

It isn't. DS3 sold 10 million in 4 years.

I sense a WoWfag

Are they in the room with us right now?

Maybe to 40 year old millennials.

I haven't touched wow since 2012 user

You honestly don't need a financial report to know XIV makes an absolute fuckton of money if you're familiar with it's monetization. They basically print millions out of thin air selling shit like additional inventory space and their tranny potions.

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>Ran by monkeys
It's ran by Japanese boomers.
The most jaded fucking out of touch faggots on the planet.
They will ruin every fucking remaster.
They will fucking butcher every soundtrack.
They will ignore all constructive feedback.
And they will go home and think in their dumb fuck minds that they're doing a good job and that it's other people's fault their projects keep failing.
Fucking boomers.
Hang them all.

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Remember when gacha/lootboxes were bad for publishers?

Can’t tell if people/fans are legitimately concerned or if it’s just switchlets secretly saying “Square should put all games on my h*cking Swiiiiiitch”

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Square Enix has survived being absolutely retarded for longer than any other company I know of. Barely any legitimately good games since 2002

SQ already puts games on the switch user. TS and bravery

Xiv is also their cash cow
And all cash cows run dry eventually
Especially if almost none of the profits go into the actual game

>ff14 brings in a ton of money
Which has turned into a curse, because they are thinking it will bail them out of all their retarded fucking decisions
I feel like the only confident people in this entire fucking company reside in BD3.

>XIV is carrying SE
>they refuse to reinvest in it
I hate this

Well this is actually finally getting changed supposedly with their server expansions and incoming graphics overhaul. I mean it only took a fucking decade but things are actually looking up for once.

I feel like EW has shown they are willing to do so. At some point it might be the only thing they can actually turn into a profit before the current president is for ed to commit sudoku and YoshiP is forced into the president88h2a seat.

I still can't wrap around how the fuck did XV sold that well. For all the smack open world games get, I it really appealed to normies. Digital tourism man. Damn. Even ER sold what 3x faster than DS3? It raked in DS3 lifetime sale in what, 2 month? Fucking hell man.

Cope. They got rid of the shitty western games that nobody likes anymore

It had the legacy of a 13 year development behind it, plus normalfags jumping on as their first FF because it looks visually beautiful for the time, plus those ad canpeigns which were FUCKING LIES

Also despite what I feel about XV, they did continue to support it until Tabata was forced to quit.

They are upgrading the graphics after, 10 years or so? They're probably afraid to tweak the coding too much so that it won't break the game. I wonder what engine tweaks were they doing that broke housing a few weeks ago.

Gacha/lootboxes had gambling addicts to prey on, as well as offering rewards that FELT tangible to players. In-game rewards that gave advantages, or cosmetics. Things that still require effort and dev time to implement into a game.

The appeal of NFTs to video game publishers is muh free money. But without attaching that to game mechanics, it won't pick up like gacha and lootboxes did. And if you're gonna go to the trouble to link NFTs to a game, then there's no point in adopting them anyways. Especially since the idea of trading them(something NFT shills try to claim is realistic in this industry) runs contrary to what game publishers want out of game monetization. They don't want you trading your digital goods. They want you to buy them again because they make more money that way.

So no, that free money only works on paper because even most whales won't pay up for a JPEG that doesn't even have a function in a game.

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Snoy fags are going to be very annoying when snoy aquires them

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