5% chance to do 15% damage extra against dark type enemies

>5% chance to do 15% damage extra against dark type enemies
>Increases fire-rate 3.5% after killing an enemy
>1.5% increased crit rate

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>1.5%+ crit rate
>3.5%+ fire rate
thats good though

these gifs are animal abuse

shut up hippy

>builds up stacks of EPIC MEME, which decay after not shooting any enemy for 5 seconds
>stacks of EPIC meme grant +0.1% reload rate

thats good

>it stacks

>at max level, EPIC MEME stacks cap at 50

theyre all good

>You gain an extra attack
>But your base damage is lowered

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>a whole 0.15% dps increase to a single enemy type
no it sucks

>Minus 6% damage taken from damage over time effects when out of combat

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>increase resistance by 20% when you're 30% health or below
>chance to instantly kill enemies when hit at 10% health or lower

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actually no its a 0.33% increase

>only 8.7 hours farming shades of naggarz instead of 10
>literally a $30 irl value

>you have 100 hp
>when at 30 hp you take 20% less damage
>aka a 7.5% effective hp increase

>chance to delete effective hp of an enemy by 10%

lmao fucking retard, 0.15% is 0.0015

0.15% not 15% dumbfuck
that would be 9.985 hours, not 7.8 or whatever calculation you did

>chance to delete effective hp of an enemy by 10%
Stop outing yourself as an MMOnigger who thinks it's normal to take 20+ hits to kill an enemy

>>Increases fire-rate 3.5% after killing an enemy
If there's no cap, this will break the game.

actually i misread its chance to instantly kill enemies when taking damage when you have 10% hp or less so it does suck
calculations exist in both single and multiplayer games btw

And in actual games that aren't just skinner boxes, deleting an enemy when he has 10% HP left is the norm
kys MMOnigger

so is anything on worldstar

>i only play games with baby numbers

>enemy has special animation that triggers when you're below 40% hp and instantly kills you

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>game has obtuse mechanics
>go on datamine wiki and just copy the “build”

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What are your favorite games where instakilling any enemy at 10% on hit would be useful

>melee hits increase next gun damage
>gun damage increases next melee damage
>you can only effectively build for one in late game

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risk of rain 2 has that exact thing and its one of the strongest items
it would be strong in any game that doesnt have two digit baby numbers

>+10% chance to do 20% increased ice type damage when company twitter is followed and company videos are viewed, commented on, shared and channel is subscribed to

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I rest my case

>Gain 2.5% damage increase when you kill an enemy until your next reload
>Enemies take 29 bullets to kill
>Your weapon carries 30 bullets

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Jesus you could have tried to use a decent game to back your argument at least

>5% chance for attacks to bypass poison resistance when user is under 10% HP and it's Wednesday and it's also raining
Ah yes. Thanks

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>Increases fire-rate 3.5% after killing an enemy
>It stacks
Best buff in the game

>attacks have random damage variance between 90% to 100%
>critical does not give extra damage, it just ensures 100% damage

>increase agility from 34 to 38 for 25 seconds
>8% fire resist for 15 seconds
TES games pull this shit all the time, I've never got the point of these buffs when you can just chug HP potions forever.

Percentage increases are boring as fuck

>5% chance for hidden animations to play :D

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still the best example of that
enemies take a lot of hits, and the effect can stack with multiple instances of that item
you can just imagine how strong it is to just make every enemy you encounter have 10% less hp, no matter what game it is

>5% movement speed bonus
>This means that every 20 movement rounds you get a free space vs a normal 100 movespeed enemy
Fucking Roguelikes.

its not a problem with the stat your weapon just sucks

>still the best example of that
Exactly, shows that it's a completely useless ability in actual good games

name a single game where a "enemies have -10% effective hp" stat would be bad

Still a good deal, so long as the damage reduction doesn't drop your overall DPS below what it was before. More attacks also means more chances to get critical hits or proc special effects.

Incorrect premise. It's an effective -0% health because in any good game, an enemy with 10% health left would die in one hit either way
You already lost, MMOnigger. No need to keep bringing it up

>Increases fire-rate 3.5% after killing an enemy
Depending on the context this could e extremely overpowered.
>1.5% increased crit rate
pick related

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thats a really bad bait i hope you know that

Right but the necessity behind that is that the enemies are all bullet sponges so its still fucking bad man.

it unironically isnt, to the cat it probably feels very similar to how a child feels when their parents pinch its cheeks, mildly annoyed at best

>-X to Y resistance
>-X% to Y resistance
>X% reduced Y resistance
All three are in one game and work differently.

>apply eternal bleeding to enemies around you, which drains 0.3% of their health every 5 seconds and in exchange removes your ability to heal from any source other than sucking on the developers dick. when you die this way your character is deleted

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It wouldn't, the problem comes with balancing your game around said ability.
In order for that to not be overpowered you then need to buff the enemy health, at which point you end up risking enemies feeling like bullet sponges or just a slog to fight through.
Its a bad fucking item if it ends up being a crutch for your fucked game design.

>>-X to Y resistance
Flat value
>>-X% to Y resistance
Percent value, multiple abilities stack additively
>>X% reduced Y resistance
Percent value, multiple abilities stack multiplicatively

i got pissed off reading that wtf

>Healing spells and items don't damage undead
One fucking job

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Fuck off, unless its holy and undead are unholy this should never be the case.
Healing should heal wounds even on undead otherwise, prove me wrong.

I suppose this ability shimmies your jimmies.
You never know if you'll do good damage or the right damage to the correct target.

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>disregard metabuild
>play in a way lazier way pressing like one third of the optimal abilities for the rotation
>still have like 80% of the optimal megapserg meta-output
A lot of games just add pointless stats like this for build autism, none of it really matters that much but people take great pride in their ebin meta reddit/forum builds and 'best' build youtube guides.

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>fires as fast as you can pull the trigger
>ammo capacity: 1

why the hate? some people just enjoy playing optimally, some are satisfied with doing the minimum to win


>+50% Defenses when HP is below 20%

Undead are undead specifically because they are "alive" without the aid of actually living. So no, something that heals living things should not work on Undead.

I miss No Land Beyond from Destiny 1. What a piece of shit gun.

>Greatsword of the Serpent
>Damage: 150-175
>Swings per second: 1
>15% chance to poison enemy on hit
>Poison does 100 damage over 60 seconds

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>landing a shot gives 2% damage bonus
>missing a shot or one second passing reduces the total damage bonus by 1%
Why yes I do abuse automatic shotguns, how could you tell?
God bless Division 1

I like optimizing my build in singleplayer RPGs. Getting that last 20% damage is fun
I certainly don't post on forums about it and I haven't made a video in my life

>original warcraft canon
>undead holy priest
>lore wise, everytime they heal someone or use a holy spell, part of their senses return
>feel maggots move in your body
>taste the rot in your mouth
>smell the decay expunging from your body
>ridiculous pain, both because you're undead and your nerves are supposedly dead and resuscitated every time

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>WELL it would bad IF the game had this specific problem
not an argument, it would be less effective on smaller enemies but it would be good on tougher enemies in a "good balanced" game still
>700 hp enemy
>17 damage per shot
>takes 42 shots to kill enemy
>with the stat, it now takes 5 shots less to kill it
>aka a 13% damage increase
the result gets stronger the beefier the enemy is, thats just logical
it would only be bad if youre playing paper mario or another game with baby two digit numbers

>"original" WC canon
ok zoomie

Depending on how high you can get your HP while technically still at 20% of its cap, that's a good deal. It's like Radahn's Great Rune, which at first glance is garbage UNLESS you already hit the Vigor soft cap.

>big number good
You know what, the other user was right, you are an MMO nigger

>>takes 42 shots to kill enemy
This is the "good balanced" game MMOniggers want
It can't be balanced unless enemies take 20 minutes to kill!

The book that mentions that tidbit is pre-wc3.
I don't know what that makes it count as, boomer.

>original warcraft canon
Warcraft has been stuck in limbo since 2003 when Arthas sat on the Frozen Throne.

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The damned stand ready

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Can save your ass against an early game grab attack or an arrow that would have killed you. But yeah considering ds1 has two ring slots max the Blue Tearstone is trash past the Parish

Nioh 2 felt like this to me, i read all the small randomly generated numbers on the weapons and equipment and thought it was pure autism so i just stuck with high level stuff and stats that i could consider good at a simple glance.