What went wrong?

What went wrong?

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they tried to appeal to nostalgiafags

People are way more autistic than they were in 2005.

Old guard devs replaced by retards and everything gets ruined by data mining

failed cause they didnt copy the vanilla private server formula
>patch progression with items buffs/nerfs and world (Lupos should deal shadow damage until AQ)
>raids were true to vanilla after nerfs which was too easy. Pservers made fights harder than it was in vanilla
>despite smaller servers than private servers, still lagging more (??)
>too many servers, which led to:
>faction imbalance
>hunter FD+TRAP not working 100% of the time, which it did on vanilla and pservers
I could go on. Private servers were objectively better than what blizzard made

Content phases and metagaming.

FD+trap didn't work because of Blizzard's shitty "spell batching" system which put everyone at like 200ms.

It's such a dogshit company, I'm glad its going under.

They shut down Nostalrius

Classic was great. Granted I didn’t participate in aoe dungeon grind leveling.
Me and the boys quested and pvp’d like it’s 2004.

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Based, pvp first day at hillsbrad foothills on Whitemane was a blast.

Nostalrius got too big for its own good and the players had no concept of secrecy so they even talked about it openly on chat on Blizzard's official WoW Twitch stream.
Besides, Nostalrius was start of the modern spreadsheet culture by attracting these autistic nerds to begin with.


The community ruined it day 3 by spending 200hrs in SM/ZF/BRD doing ravager and mage cleaves. Blizzard ruined it by allowing bots to run rampant. All around disaster

Well you cant blame current devs only. They just follow a plan which higher ups say. And they want to please shareholders, which means even if there are still passionate and good devs their voice will never be heard.
These idiots will remove lfd which people asked for back then and even in tbc people use addons. Wotlk classic will be an even bigger shitshow than tbc.

Cause the dumb bitch running Classics the one who fucked up Everquest. The cycle continues

All mage teams in dungeons. Should have just banned those faggots because nothing about that resembled vanilla groups.

well, wasnt spell batching in vanilla? But i agree it shouldnt be in modern classic wow
What I know for sure is that in vanilla, you could jump, feign death and combat would drop so you could place trap before you hit the ground. Multiple videos to prove it.

I agree with you, if a bunch of neckbeards can run a private server FOR FREE better than a billion dollar company asking for 100 dollar subscription or whatever it is, then that company is worse than garbage

Still though, amazingly bad PR move from Blizzard, still remember even Jontron made a rant video about it

You would need to reset the whole internet to make it magical again. Now everyone just makes WoW with another skin as devs are afraid their project will tank since players in general agree on mmorpgs should be WoW and itll be always compared to it. Funnily enough Wow is now a single player instance hopping, which happens to have other people too. The servers shit themselves if there are too many people too. No Rpg either.

The community and faction imbalance. Blizzard knew players would take advantage of certain things, like dominating one faction over another, but refused to do anything under their oath of "no changes", which was a lie because classic operates on phases of content that were not 1:1 with the patch release cycle. Blizzard hid a smug grin while they put out this old flawed game knowing it would inevitably be abused.

They tried to emulate the spell batching that was in vanilla, and they did a poor job of it.

we thought we did but we didn't

nothing really, the first 1 2 months of a fresh were great, BUT it would have been even better if HKs were in

otherwise I definitely had fun with it

no changes


It it wasn't good in 2004, it certainly won't be 15 years later

Wow was never good.

Sunwell this week and then I am done completely with this shit game and shit company.

It's been fun actually playing through all of BC again, but I'm done. People need to move on from this game it's fucking like 18 years old.

>"we totally want classic just like the good old days dude we're going home lmao"
>blizzard makes classic
>nostalgiatards play it
>immediately realize it's shit and that it was rose colored glasses all along
>servers empty within a week

How do i cope bros

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Unironically you thought you wanted it, but you didn't

Yea i know

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Blizzard should go full based and ban usage of addons. Just that alone would make classic infinitely more hard.

Nothing really it was fun until they released tbc


Huh, I guess Blizzard was right about knowing what players want.

unironically yes. and not just blizzard.
players are only good for giving balance feedback.
no other dev decision should ever be made based on retarded shit that players ask for.

>balance feedback
not even that actually

>start new character with friends
>I roll undead, they're troll/orc/tauren so I'm separated by a continent
>walk to barrens, by the time I get there they've outlevelled me and are doing WC
>keep questing to try and catch up, by the time I'm high level enough for WC, they're spamming SFK
>give up trying to keep pace with them, keep doing quests
>all dungeons are aoe mage stacks, wind up with dungeon quests sitting in the log until they turn grey
>Friends are doing MC and BRS while I'm sitting in tanaris trying to find the last two people on the server who didn't reroll mage when they heard it was OP
>give up, play something else

The game community transitioned.

I did that with my mates and had a great time. The LFG filled with people looking for aoe cleave dungeon runs soured the experience however. Metagaming is cancer with people absolutely having to play the most optimal way there is and looking up guides for even the most tedious shit to not fall behind the rest of tryhard playerbase.

They moved on from vanilla

>by the time I get to barrens I got outlevelled
didnt even bother reading the rest of this shitter-fiction

Nothing went wrong.
Everything was fun. Minmaxing is fun and the community was cool.

>spreadsheets autism
>snowballing megaservers

sorry to hear how shitty friends you have

one of mine used to rock a hunter and had like 10 level advantage when we were doing lvl 20 dungeons, he rolled with us quite often until we caught up

good thing about classic is the fact that some gear can last you for ages when you're leveling, I remember rocking the sabre from WC (i think) that you can get at level 20ish all the way up to level 50 or so, purely because I couldn't find a better offhand as I was questing

you were rocking that sabre because its bis according to like every single levelling guide, you shit eating fuckmong

on defias brotherhood, every friday evening, we had a large assembly of guilds in the SW cathedral where we had a sermon and some speeches. We then mounted up and hundreds rode their horses to hillsbrad, which we would then patroll to look for horde activity.

The horde would do the same ofc, so it always turned into a huge battle between southshore and tarren mill, dressed up with some RP.

I even remember some guild named the "dark sphere" of which the SW council (a collection of guilds) suspected they leaked info to the horde... which in turn led to some actual drama because we kept weekly scores on those old phpbb forums.

Good times.

a better wow clone finally exists

and riot mmo will be another wow clone to kill off the last wow players who hate weeb shit

>a better wow clone finally exists

>play horde
>do wc or whatever the dungeon was as some quests require you to do it
>get said weapon
>proceed to use it until you find a replacement i.e. something that has bigger numbers

it's really not that hard to figure out on your own, you may now proceed to fuck off you moron

FF14, you malding blizzdrone LOL

Wow clone

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>wow clone

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>faggit who tries hiding the fact the he followed a levelling guide, immediately shits out a copepost
you think anyone gives a shit? shove your copium up your own ass faggit

Nothing, but WoW Classic and WoW release are two different games for two different times.

At release, the primary experience was the leveling system. Being Max level was like waiting for christmas to unwrap some gifts. It was the long term goal. So you'd basically wander around doing some quest meeting people for one quest then separating and going on your merry way. You had to walk everywhere and there were no world chat.

Starting with BC, the focus became the ''Endgame'' and the main experience became Raiding. You'd basically spend most of your time in a city chatting and waiting for a dungeon queue.

TL:DR The palyers expectation for a MMORPG changed quite a lot since release and you will never get the same experience again since the current WoW crowd wants to play a very different game from what it was a release.

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Boom boom boom boom mighty fine dollar

>pay to grind 8 hours a day again
why are they like this?

Nothing, it was great. Expecting a rerelease of a game that gets no new developed content to last forever is retarded. The launch was an amazing experience, the levelling was more fun than levelling in nu-WoW/FFXIV. Mage metagamers overwhelmed the game by phase 3 with people just wanting level as many alts as possible but you could easily just avoid playing with them and still have a good time. I got bored of raidlogging by the time I finished naxx so i and most of my guild didn't touch TBC but we'll try out WOTLK

the playerbase went wrong. majority of the mmo community nowadays are raidlogging parsetrannies that speedlevel past 99% of the content so they can get on a gear treadmill and then complain how boring the game is.
There should be an mmo without raids or hard content, just easy 5 man dungeons and world bosses (without mob tagging) with a heavy emphasis on community gameplay (guild quests or community events where everyone can contribute to some communal pool of resources) and cosmetics. it would filter out all the e peen retards and just leave you with a comfy community

>guild quests or community events where everyone can contribute to some communal pool of resources
Member AQ gates?
I member how people sold every mount for $ and forbid any PvP