Holy Kino

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coin flip

mid game for midwits

nice visuals, especially since it's not a muh graphics game

but why did catherine lie to simon

people that like this game are brainlets

Sounds like you were too stupid to understand it

translators note: kino means shit

Because she's genuinely a manipulative psychopath incapable of feeling basic empathy despite the game not making a big deal of it. The preservation of humanity is genuinely just an art project for her.

I just played the game for the walking sim horror and atmosphere. They did a nice job in designing the environments.

Why is it that autists think the entire game is about whether or not you believed in le meme coinflip?

seriously if you think this game is smart you are intellectually disabled.

the monsters all look too same-y.
I like the setting but Amnesia was unironically scarier

It's a great game. Only issue is that it could be a bit more spooky.


you must have trouble breathing

So what does that make the people who somehow failed to understand the game?

some asperger youtuber kept saying that it's peak storytelling in vidya. i'll never listen to an autist again.

It is peak storytelling in gaming. It's up there with Planescape Torment

t. autist


It's more like Simon literally could not understand what she said since he is just a snapshot of the real Simon and can't form new ideas.
At least that's the only good explanation I've seen in these threads but honestly I don't think that's what the devs had in mind.

No, user. Simon was simply stupid.

For years after Soma we had threads where people had to be constantly had to be told how copying a file works. And how the original never actually moves. For years.

Simon was one of those stupid people, user. Just like you are since you're too stupid to recognize stupidity.

so ma dick lmao gettem

The "simon was too inferior a brainscan to learn/understand" is a terrible explanation both in-universe and out. It's lame as hell, the much better explanation is that he's in an insane and extremely high-stress situation and he has no time to process philosophical questions while running and hiding from monsters, so he shoves the question aside and quietly accepts the comforting explanation that he's just body hopping.

This game was good and people shit talking it are pic related

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>It's more like Simon literally could not understand what she said since he is just a snapshot of the real Simon and can't form new ideas.
I think that goes against the whole premise that your entire mind is equivalent to software running on a complex machine.

its more a case of if you do understand it and still think its brilliant you have dunning-kruger

He literally and factually had brain damage from the accident though.

Aside from that, there's the stressful situation and the fact that people generally tend to be optimistic. They cling on to life even when things are bleak or even impossible to overcome.

>watch video about soma
>come post a thread calling it kino virtually identical to OP
>see OP's thread just as I'm writing the thread
what the fucking fuck? anyways, good thread. Soma is patrician horror kino. I'm almost itching for a replay even though it's the sort of game that probably doesn't lend well to them as the mystery and desire to find out what's going on is the main driving force.

It's just like this user said Catherine was manipulative bitch
"Catherine, but why..."
"We don't have time, Simon. I will answer you question after you do current objective"
"Ok, but..."
"Simon, we'll talk later, I swear. There's no time for this right now".

it's gorgeous on basically every level. it's a cheap indie title that provides production value and length that rivals games with budgets in the tens of millions.

though the gameplay is admittedly bare. it would be interesting to see how the game would work with Amnesia-style resource management.

wtf? that's literally me

last time we had a good soma thread it took something like 400 posts to get people to accept that the transfer absolutely happens and you can continue living that way.

Why? It's an interesting story told in a creative and immersive way. It's not like the story isn't 90% of the game. Sure you can try and prove to me that YOU aren't impressed with what basically amounts to babby's first class on existentialism but who cares? It's a nice, bleak story told through interesting characters and setpieces that provokes some form of thought, I'd call that intellectual honesty and even if it's quite basic it's still a game, not an essay.
fuck you, if you want to impress people with your intellectual capacities and philosophical knowledge do it on reddit and get some updoots

Simon is explicitly old software though, its explained thoroughly that his scans aren't on the same level as everyone else there since he was just a prototype.
The exact word used to describe it is "2D", is right, and the game I felt was very clear about it.
Whether the brain bleed he had also caused issues is also up for debate but regardless, Simon was not in a position to understand what he actually "is" versus what he "was".

There are 2 kinds of people, those who understand the basic concept of how copy/cut and paste works and saw the ending coming the moment the fkn machine tells you "I AINT NO ROBOT" and the idiots that loved this Game.
It's baby's first Philosophie lesson and since the concept of that is foreign to most people, they love this.

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you can see that it's babby-tier writing and still somewhat enjoy it

I think you didn't understand the game

Still more subtle than any of the philosphical aspects of Kojima games though. Games can involve concepts on a surface level. The target audience for indie products is average people, not deep thinkers.

I also don't understand why this particular reaction "it's not deep bro everyone's thought of these ideas before" is so exclusive to certain topics. Existentialism is maybe the most obvious one. But, like, you don't see games come out about medieval kingdoms fighting and have armies of critics come out and go
"huff huff, this is just babby's first medieval warfare lesson, I mean I guess people who have never studied it can find it interesting, but you me, an intellectual, I found it quite banal and mundane, yes".
You fucking donkey, the game is about the characters and how they face their imminent death. It's not about giving you a basic introduction to existentialism, that's just your insecure pseudo intellectual bitch ass feeling threatened by the game.

She recognized Simon as as an average individual that wouldn't be able to handle the bleak reality of his situation so she led him on with a white lie.

Because how else can a retard assert authority over the one topic they've read a wiki article on?
Seriously its just dick waving for false superiority, you're best off ignoring this kind of argument, its (you) baiting at its worst.

its just not very clever. Its made worse because when it was released it had a horde of shills giving it good reviews and anyone that posted a critical review the shills would chimp out at them.
The developers were incredibly full of themselves and only allowed positive comments on the forum, so it became a circle jerk of self praise.

too add the issue with this is it suckered a lot of people into playing it because of this shilly echo chamber phenomenon.
Probably the first time i really began to question user review systems. Since they can so obviously be exploited by pretentious walking simulator makers.
Since they can just play the "if you don't like this you aren't smort card" boom instant gaggle of reddit fuckwits giving it positive reviews.

> ""Game""

you aren't smart guy, you have dunning-kruger and are in fact the reddit faggot here.
Go shill your pretentious walking simulator with brain dead easy puzzles somewhere else you moron

the point is denial, people aren't able to cope with existentialism even when the answer is right in front of their faces. This gets hashed out every soma thread.

please please please share your opinion on what you believe are 3 games with best storytelling.

I guess as a reaction to people claiming the opposite it's understandable.
It pisses me off because I thought the game was fucking phenomenal because of the characters, and specifically because you know there's a massive conflict coming between catherine and simon eventually you just don't know how or when it's going to explode.
But every time the game is brought up on here it's just "hurr durr ur dumb hurr durr no u"

I can't grasp how people brush over the game's production value (visuals, sound, environment interaction) that is basically perfection. It's an indie title from 2015 and it would pass as a 2019 AAA title (if it had more varied gameplay I guess) in my opinion. I guess I can only feel sorry for the intellectuals whose frustration over the simple story ruined the experience for them.

Yes you can, but its not a great Game
I did understand it 1 hour into its 7 hour runtime.
I won't deny that, Kojima/Jap shit in general is so on the nose its hilarious.
You answered your own question, there are things we all encounter in life, like looking into a mirror or being unable to sleep one night and thinking "why am i me" and getting an existential crisis.
Meanwhile, most people won't look at some random building and think something like "Yeah I am sure a catapult could probably hit this from half a mile away".
It was denial when he at first didn't to realize he is a robot and not a machine, after that it was just ignorance and stupidity.

The wau especially shows they just threw a bunch of shit together.
Like you have 2 cases of assisted suicide, one is direct in gameplay naturally woven into it, by having it be a point you can regain health if you kill the person who wants to die.
The other is a lazy forced story point where you have to press the "yes I want to kill this chick" button.
If the Game was more example 1 instead of 2 it could be considered good, but it isn't so it aint.

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the things that annoyed me about the game was the removal of gameplay features from their previous games. Then the rather petty jab at combat in video games with the weapon you briefly pick up. Finally the insanely easy puzzles, I didn't even need to think to complete them.
And the themes and stories just didn't impress me but i guess that subjective.

it was atmospheric and pretty. any more nautical spooky games would be great

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>You answered your own question, there are things we all encounter in life, like looking into a mirror or being unable to sleep one night and thinking "why am i me" and getting an existential crisis.
>Meanwhile, most people won't look at some random building and think something like "Yeah I am sure a catapult could probably hit this from half a mile away".
oh you're just autistic. Well user let me let you in on a secret that you may not know, being autistic. For normal people, the point of stories isn't to constantly introduce new concepts that people have never thought of or experienced, the point of stories is to create compelling characters that face familiar conflicts and have to resolve them in exciting and interesting ways. Nobody gives a shit about whether the soldier did the math right setting up the catapult. Nobody except autists.

>petty jab at combat in video games
What did they say?

>Yeah I am sure a catapult could probably hit this from half a mile away
if their existence depended on it many people would come up with a rationalization.

theres a point in the game where you get a shock prod. Instead of letting you keep it the game just sort of breaks the 4th wall and says "pfft fighting lol? we don't need this"
It breaks immersion because a tool like that weapon would be something someone would want to hold onto.
But they arbitrarily have to make a point aboit combat in video games not being high brow

If I am autistic then you are a brainlet that only watches crap like Friends, how I met your mother or fkn Seinfeld.
Putting aside that you didn't get the point at all that I made.

That is definitely true but it's irrelevant to daily live and even most people's escapism so nobody does.

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game is TOO EASY for my BIG BRAIN
your retort is literally "you arent as smart as you think" and you're trying to bait me into a discussion, yeah no
Ask me how I know you're a misunderstood NEET that would be able to change the world if society just let him but instead cries in his mom's basement because nobody recognizes your talent and brilliance :^)

game was literally too for me kiddo. It kinda felt insulting.
I respect your right to think its big brain, i just think you are retarded:)

this game really is dunning-kruger core

>being this autistic and retarded
genuinely feel bad for you lad


Not that user but given you dropping some random comedies then claiming that dictates their personality, then using "fkn" instead of "fucking" marks you as a autist and a retard.
Literally nothing you say matters if this is the level of intellect you're operating on.

t. Likes easy soma puzzles and walking simulators, gives him existential num num feels.

They're just genuine midwits who think understanding a basic game means they're smart and the game is therefore bad
Genuine retards
Weird how soma threads started attracting these people the second elden ring got released
Its almost like they came from somewhere else....

They're just genuine midwits who think understanding a basic game means they're smart and the game is therefore good
Genuine retards

(also without failure a person who uses midwit is a drooling mong lol)

Nah SOMA has had these same arguments for years, fuck all to do with any other game and entirely to do with Yea Forums in general.

I'd say the coinflip is the idea that the Simon that was told about it had to transfer his data into a new body rather than if everything played out better that particular copy could have been on the Ark instead. Overall it's just some random saying she says to be like some people are fucked and some people not so much. It's like losing the coinflip of being born in a first or third world country. Two African tribesmen fuck and you're popped out there's no real coinflip but you still may consider what life could have been in a different circumstance.

>It's like losing the coinflip of being born in a first or third world country.
jfc this is level of retard that likes this shit

So many pseuds in this thread incapable of enjoying a good story.

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Essentially yeah, to the Simon that gets created he would feel like he won the coin toss because he'd remember the conversation but in reality he just got created at that moment.

>good story
you are the pseud

>n-no you
I accept your concession midwit

You are the reddit

>that one autist still seething because he got btfo'd
cry more about getting filtered

>game made me feel SMORT because i understood it teeheee
It was also easy for your brain too, just press W.
Dunning kruger.

He's just replying to everyone with low effort bait, look at the post times.
Never seen an autist so desperate for (you's)

>big brain walking sim fans here
>um what if we die
>and a copied onto a computer lol
>what is human?
>dude deeep.

Soma deez nuts