Elden Ring PVP thread

Discuss anything about invasions and pvp.

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I don't feel like it

>invade someone
>bleed build
>watch someone play the game
>bleed build

WHAT THE FUCK WENT WRONG. The balance in this game is horseshit.

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>devs spend time throwing in a bunch of emotes
>fag teabag instead
I don't remember this happening in any other game

Why is model spasming so much? Network issue?

>I don't remember this happening in any other game
well gee, I wonder why nobody was teabagging

>the ending

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What place in the game would inconvenience players the most for dying? if there is any.

Invading is so fucking bad at 130-150. Everyone is a faggot INT Stars of ruin spammer with a Bleed nigger to complement him or two. Not fun in the slightest unless you run the cheesiest builds possible.

invade catacombs at the mountaintop with the fire trap with mogh spear easy 1v3


despite it being unbalanced its still souls combat and still pretty fun
ive had some really cool moments with it

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Here's your ER PvP.

What's the most cancerous place to go AFK?

If you invade anywhere near a fog wall you will get this constantly because the geniuses at From decided not to block hosts from entering fog doors when invaded

I invaded someone and then another invader showed up so we teamed up to constantly kill blues trying to protect the host. But it was at Liunria and I couldn't find the faggot host because he was somehow on one of the highway pillar things.

only fags point down

This is what the jar cannon is for.

Jar cannon?

Yes. It's FromSoft's jank netcode

Yes, use the Jar Cannon, Snake!

>only 4 players in a single session (seriously?)
>by far the most unbalanced Souls game yet
>killing a random boss in a area can deactive invasions and co-op entirely for most of the land
>still hasn't fixed the garbage netcode
>no arenas at all
>hasn't implemented a Ranked PvP mode for competitive play
What a shit game.

Honestly emotes are now quite harder to reach

you forgot
>still no matchmaking, just japan and disgusting gaijin

bloodhound step has 40 iframes and 6 recovery frames at 60fps
make it 23/23 or fuck off, from. the nearly neverending potential for stalling isn't fun

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Saw my first proper invasion today on a new character after a break.
>Be me, summoned to a Limgrave catacomb
>Invaded soon after loading in
>Invader ambushes us at a corner in one of those flamethrower corridors
>Me, host and the invader get caught and die in the flames immediately after
Got a good laugh out of that

It's obscenely overtuned.

It's even worse than this because of latency. You're functionally invincible because you're ALWAYS in i-frames on at least one player's client.

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Here's your ER pvp bros.

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>No Carian retaliation
>Circlestrafting instead of running away even though there's no where to run there

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how is this any different from dark souls pvp?

Magic was virtually worthless in Dark Souls (1) PVP, it always needed another player or enemies to ensure it hit anything

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based and 100% true
bestial sling to honed bolt/lightning strike is the best thing to happen to magic in these games

Some spells have absolute bonkers tracking ability. Imagine Three people spamming that scythe weapon art. You pretty much need that 15 second of magic to health conversion flask if you invade a group of mages at point blank.

I'm literally invading in open world and I still get this shit constantly.

This might be the first time seeing someone non afk get backstabbed in ER.

100%, game's too fast for anyone to ever get one off unless someone's asleep

>Open world invasion
You sorry fool
The connection errors have improved since 1.03, but they're still awful. You basically couldn't invade specific places in 1.03 - like Castle Morne and Raya Lucaria crystal tunnel - because the connection errors were so bad

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God I love invading there. That + crystal tunnels or whatever it's called.

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I'm convinced that the removal of the backstab "snap" was a mistake, backstabs are effectively worthless. Whenever I get the animation, I just want to kill myself, and my wish is swiftly granted as I'm blendered when it misses.

(The host wasn't AFK, believe it or not)

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I've literally not lost a single match in PVP to a magic user in ER. All the windup and build up for 1-shot magic like Azur's Comet doesn't matter for shit when you can easily poise-break these guys.

Depends on the level and the player. Obviously if you're fighting lower level mages they don't have much in their bag of tricks along with lower hp/poise. High level PVP is basically everyone is bull goats magic slinging shit show.

Fun fact. You typically get way faster world invasions at level 250 than you do at 150. Everyone seems to just be continuing on in NG+ instead of staying lower.

ranged projectile spam/passive poise/no true combo system kills the pvp and everyone will instantly go back to ds3 when its back up

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The threat of magic in Elden Ring isn't in 1v1s, it's when a player (or two players) can freely pressure you while their friend prevents you from punishing them.
That and stuff like Carian slicer that is genuinely a top tier weapon by itself.

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>Invading frozen lake
You have only yourself to blame

3 was doodoo, 2 was the only good one including the ultra based passive poise system where you only get poise back after it's been fully drained by attacks, thereby encouraging less armor and optimizing for breakpoints

yeah everywhere else is so much better

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Thats so fucking wrong.

Fucking dark bead?

Keep posting webms of open world invasions in flat spaces with no enemies

You're right, but dark bead and pursuers were so strong I honestly didn't consider them to be the same thing as "magic"

>fromsoft pvp

It was slow as shit despite having decent tracking. Even soulmass was slower than ER versions. Dark bead and great combustion/black flame were the kings of pvp for a reason.

Plus WOG spam dead angling you and ganks using TWOP. You could still easily roll through any of the spells though unlike in ER. Someone that knows how to roll catch with Carian slicer is fucking deadly.

3's online is dead

It's never coming back

>retards actually dedicate hundreds of hours to get good at one of the worst PvP experiences of all time
>runs like shit, plays like shit, and is an unbalanced joke
>netcode is shit, desynch is a skill mechanic

how do you get this pathetic? I get being smitten by a mediocre game due to your midwit brain and lack of agency, but playing that mediocre game's broken multiplayer for any amount of time is some smash bros-tier autism

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>japan gets to have perfect-latency pvp while the rest of the world gets this kind of shit
fuck fromsoft honestly

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>Turn on matchmaking
>Still get matched with
>The fucking Sandwich Islands
It's crazy

If this were better publicized, I feel like people would be up in arms about it

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Elden ring is shit and fuck from software for removing online from the previous games

>tfw you invade a """duelist"""" with bloodhound step and a katana
makes my blood boil thinking these retards think they are really good at the game

never been hit by someone using dark bead 1v1
pursuers is an overlapping hitbox/roll catch melee setup at best

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Only the dumbest of niggers got hit by pursuers. Dark bead did retard damage but could be easily rolled most of the time. Magic in 1 really was more suited to ganks or ambushes.

>bro just don't invade in 90% of the game and wait behind enemies and rationalize the host not approaching you as "you wasting their time more than them wasting yours"
>and then a disconnect error occurs because this is elden ring

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Stars of ruin is legitimately rage inducing. The person casting it always looks like such a faggot.

Why would I support a company that has such awful business practices as removing online from their old games?

Stars of ruin is great, because it reminds everyone of one crucial fact:
This game wasn't designed with PvP in mind

Don't you have a bloodhound's step user to bitch about, Jeenine?

I'm not even going to bother arguing with you because you clearly don't want to be anything but miserable.

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I assure you your autistic playstyle would make everyone far more miserable