Realistically, what is the power difference between a 2022 smartphone and the Nintendo Switch by now...

Realistically, what is the power difference between a 2022 smartphone and the Nintendo Switch by now? I heard the Switch got more performance out of the Tegra X1 because it was a dedicated gaming console, but it must be outstripped by now.

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The difference is one plays Switch games and the other doesn't.

haha no, the x1 in the switch is severely underclocked

we'll see about that, underpowered-sama

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>Needs a $600 phone
>Hardware locked
>(((Closed source)))

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wow, so its worse than i thought

cry zoomer. your precious shitch is no better than a 3ds to me

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Switch has games you want to play, and the other doesn't.

You can get a Switch and play those games without jumping through 1000 hoops, or you can get a "superpowered smartphone" and play Candy Crush on it

Enjoy playing smash bros singleplayer in offline mode on 10 fps

ah i see, the nintentoddler resorts to "muh exclusives" when he has lost the argument, neglecting the fact that the entire gamecube, n64, wii library is fully playable on via Dolphin, to say nothing of nds and gba
that's right. back in your hole, stockholm syndrome-sama
fagtendo will keep getting away with it becuase of slime like you
cry zoomer. i have actual friends in real life, and you can emulate network connectivity with the real smash melee.


won't run well, switch emu has been half a decade of lies about how well it works

>emulating multiplayer games
Someone help me understand what circumstances need to occur in someone's life when this is even considered as an option.

>Closed source software is... LE BAD

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they aren't selling wii, nds and gba anymore
and of course sonyfags are going to start crying that exclusives don't matter

>requires a specific controller

It's locked so you'll buy their shitty $80 bluetooth controller


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What controller? Also, what's the best phone controller for emulators in general?

it's a new project, they're working on the emulator and not on supporting every single peripheral

switch fags BTFO

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there's only 2 sorts of controller input types user

>He believes the lies of Discord bugmen
Fucking kek

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the one in the pic is gamesir, it has the best buttons, better than the kishi, and is USB. i have it.


its borderline impressive that there's no good games exclusively on phones

>Realistically, what is the power difference between a 2022 smartphone and the Nintendo Switch by now?
Realistically the difference is that still no phone could be able to run BotW for 8 hours at 900p.
Smartphones aren't designed to play console games.

Controller scheme and the dock gimmick. But yeah OP, chipset-wise, it's not very powerful and a lot of smartphones straight dab on it. I fully expect to see an emulator (proper one too, with all the belts and whistles) of the Switch for smartphones within... Shit, probably within the next five years, max.

The highest-end flagship smartphones still struggle with the better half of the PS2 and Wii's library and you think they'll magically leapfrog across three generations to being able to run Switch games flawlessly? Are you delusional?

>a lot of smartphones straight dab on it.
For a minute, right before they throttle to shit and the battery dies.

>three generations
switch is on par with x360/ps3 generation and is already a modern mobile chipset, so yes

Yes. No.

Android fucking sucks, basically

Running the same instruction set is easier than translating different instructions. Switch can play some Vita games already, because they're both ARM.

speaking of this, imagine the ps2 era games ported to switch that will run on a switch emulator but not a ps2 emulator

The biggest problem with smartphones is heat. Even if on paper your phone is more powerful and can run an heavy game at 4K 60FPS, how long will it last at that resolution and framerate before overheating? You could play like 30 minutes before it downgrades to 1080p 30FPS, or 720p. And what about the battery?
The other factor, smartphones aren't fully dedicated to games, it has to be able to run a heavy OS and other apps to still act like a phone.

The Switch is a 330 pesetas tablet from 2017, so the hardware is very old by now. It wouldn't be surprising to see an high end phone emulate it in a couple years, but I don't know about the results.

while youre right, tablets dont have nearly as many cooling issues and there is software dedicated to giving games priority. but the sheer power difference should compensate which is why we need new switch hardware.

The 3DS and the Switch are both ARM-based consoles and the 3DS's GPU is incredibly underpowered, yet Citra for the Switch can't run anything at even half speed.

The Switch's hardware is like 7 years old, it costs significantly less than a smartphone.
In the same way that the difference between an xbox series x or ps5 to a PC is that they're weaker because the hardware is much older.

The controller is called the game sir
>It forces you to create an account in order to play
>You have to be connected to the internet and the game sir has to be connected to your phone
>You need a 8xx series Snapdragon processor, basically a 700$ or more phone
>No multiplayer support, of course
>Still no full speed emulation
Nice emulation you got there bro

>poorfags again
cry about it pussy we got Oak on much superior hardware and a good OLED panel while you worry about playing online with your discord tranny buddies. make some friends in real life zoomer

No, not because it's a dedicated game console, just the sheer fact that most phone GPUs are basic as best compared to NVidia's feature set. Mali, Adreno and PowerVR are barely competitive if compared to Tegra but are decent on their own.

Citra is fucking trash though, even on PC

>haha no, the x1 in the switch is severely underclocked

Not by much.

Not him, but I agree with him and have a Snapdragon 888 phone

>thinks 3DS was a bad

There's more documentation for NVidia's Maxwell than dMp's literally who GPU.

that's OK. many people start identifying with their captors. its called nintenholm syndrome
>show us on the mario doll where he hits you

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>paying more for a worse experience

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Any phone with snapdragon made in the past 2 years can already emulate Switch games at ~30 fps.

>actshually my telecommunicationshh device can play gamessh too

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The point is that even with all that amazing power you think they have, they still can't beat the Switch lol
Nintendo never gave a shit about the trends people want them to care about and they've done just fine.

>worse xperience
>720p fisher price toy
>wants to get in a coolness debate over the switch
>phone can be put away and appear like a normal functioning adult
youre not gonna wanna start this fight juan

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No games lol

>This is what a functioning adult's phone looks like according to ESL-sama

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it needs a specific controller
why are people defending this?

It's literally one contrarian retard seething about not being able to afford $150

>besides the point arguments when he's lost
nintendodrone syndrome. you are in an abusive relationship with a corporation.

Android literally doesn't have anything besides Genshit and emulation

>mommy! mommy! i can play games!
cry nintend rones. demand better from your corporations. pushover battered housewife syndrome.

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>calls it "besides the point arguments" when he's lost

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all of the indie games you jerk off to on the eshop are available in better fidelity on the android store
sky. lineage2m.
old games are getting ported over all the time.
it can emulate the entire gamecube to wii library. so it has backwards compatibility the switch doesnt.
soon every switch game will be fully playable.
demand nintendo to release industry standard mobile chipsets and stop getting beaten up by reggie. im on your side.

They're much faster than a PS4 pro so definitely faster than a switch.

Are you dumb? You're defending a closed source proprietary device made by corporations.
You retard lol

The CPU was old when it first released, but the GPU and RAM were ahead of phones that weren’t Apple until 2020. Qualcomm didn’t have a better GPU than the X1 until 2020. Apple had a better GPU in 2018 but the fanless throttling of phones kept overall lower. Fortnite, which was on iOS back then, had a 60fps patch. The fidelity was lower though. After a half hour it would drop to 30fps due to throttling.

Switch being a dedicated gaming device gave it a smaller overhead too to get more out of it. But people in 2017 claiming phones were better than it (because they did that) were always full of shit. CPU, yes, but the X1 was competitive for gaming for most of its life and thats why Shield TV was one of the best Android devices around too. It’s old now though

give the jaw a rest

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Look at how games like XBC2 or SMTV perform on the switch, especially handheld mode. I like the switch's library, but the hardware is a complete joke. This has always been a problem for Nintendo.

>Realistically, what is the power difference between a 2022 smartphone and the Nintendo Switch by now?

The Switch is almost 6 years old and uses a 2015 SoC. The cheapest Switch is $200. Comptetive phones and tablets cost $1,000.

The problem is not a single phone or tablet game offers higher fidelity visuals than a Switch game. Or sustainably higher framerate. Fortnite, 60fps mode runs on the top phones made in the past couple years. The resolution is a little higher than Switch but the fidelity is lower. After 30 minutes of play, the framerate drops to 30 frames per seconds due to throttling because phones are fabless and it’s too fucking hot.

Phones and tablets.don’t have the cooling solution to allow for their objectively better hardware to surpass the 2017 Switch. On average, smartphone games only have a slight resolution advantage and most games still don’t render in native resolutions anyways. They’re fanless and get too hot needing to throttle which kills performance. They have an Android and phone overhead that gimps performance. They have small batteries that drain to nothing under load. And they have shittier graphics drivers than what nvidia offers. They do offer way better CPU performance but it throttles too under load. Nvidia’s GPU in the switch and the 4GB of RAM which matches most expensive phones, are two reasons why the Switch is more than competitive 5+ years later. But that phone hardware made into a gaming console would make a better gaming console. It just wouldn’t be a generation better. High end tablets do beat the Switch in this regard because they overcome most of these issues.

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my corporation doesnt force me to use outdated decade old hardware, but actually competes in the market rather htan
>muh exclusives
because im not a cuck like you. android is open source retard. i can go to another corpo when they fail to live up to standard
you are in some fucked up marraige commitment to nintendo that has been ongoing since the 90s. if you are not a preteen.

Why are you using Fornite to benchmark kek

You certainly sound like a cuck and a shill.

>Goes from seething about being unable to run any Switch games on his chink phone to seething about a $200 device using $200-tier hardware
Fucking kek

I don't own Switch but does it have an overheating problem?

Why are nintenbros so fragile?

Modern phones are unironically goated for playing videogames.
t. boomer

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No, what kind of retard are you?

Why are snoys seething so hard?

Power difference is massive, towards the smartphone side. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 can run rings around the Switch's Tegra at this point. The tangible difference comes in things like price and battery life, but just for power exclusively, the modern Snapdragon outpaces the Tegra in all relevant areas.

>android is open source
Well no, Android is referred to as open source but it's not really open source when you have a look things in any real depth.

>Why are you using Fornite to benchmark

Quick example of a popular game on both platforms. I don't really know what else mobile shitters play. But thats what you took from my post? lol

>10 fps
Meanwhile it's 60 fps on 888

Yes, I like new things too, fellow kids.

>i-i-it runs one game at full speed on a $1000 phone!!
Wow, you sure showed us.

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Imagine paying 400$ for shitty console on top of 1000$ phone.

Imagine not being able to afford it.
Oh wait, you don't need to imagine.

>Switch has games you want to play, and the other doesn't.
Factually incorrect, I can't play the OG 1-6 FFs nor can I play DQ4, 5, 6, or 8.

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t. doesn't know what pedophilia is

Cool, you can 40 year old games together with your friends on mobile.
Just add touchpad triggers to macro 2 controllers and play with your friends, they will surely love you for not just getting a switch to play with them

Funny, it just so happens that it doesn't cost $400 at all.

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>you can't afford scam

It's being attracted to little kids, like you are, pedo.

Look how mad the bitch is getting

I know nothing about about programming or the community. So what's the point of having a program be closed source unless you're making money off of it? I know that devs make money off a patreon, but I thought that was more of a tip jar rather than charging money for an emulator.

You're the only one trying to scam people by saying it's $400 when it's not


>paying 400$ for shitty console
But I didn't buy Gabe's latest turd