This is a great game

This is a great game

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Looks like the type of game that doesn't involve using a huge arsenal of guns to shoot people therefore it's a bad game and I'm not interested.

this is better.

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>t. 8 year old

this is better.

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Fucking loved inside. It's like a perfect little experience tied up in a bow

Agreed on both counts, but inside is pretty cool too. These stylistic 2d puzzle games get overhyped and they don’t have much replay value, but they are definitely high quality games. Braid is probably the best of these types of games because of the excellent plot. I actually thought braid looked horrible and had zero interest in playing it. I don’t remember how I ended up deciding to give it a shot, but I’m glad I did. Truly excellent

It's an okay game to play once

Love the ambience and sound direction of the game

>t. 2 year old

Limbo had some replayability due to egghunting, Braid also due to the secret ending.
I played Inside once, and that was it, it was a left to right simulator, nothing buch in between, but an enjoyable 20 minutes nonetheless.

You should try going outside user, that's a much better game


They're not really comparable at all. Plus The Witness is a much better puzzle game compared to Braid imo.

The story makes no sense. Why do people randomly either fear or help the monster?

Because people are nonsensical

Did you forget they trapped it at the end? They were helping it because they wanted to capture it, and they were fearful of it because it's a giant, unpredictable monster.

The Witness, really?
It bored the life out of me to be honest, the puzzles were OK to begin with, but quickly just became tedious.
Braid on the other hand, had an amazing story desu, a mans obsession with a woman, played off as a fairytale, only to realize that the obsession was actually mans obsession with splitting the atom, both spiralling into self destruction, pure kino when you figure it's not just a timefuck puzzle game.
Each to their own, i guess, but I just didn't enjoy The Witness anywhere near as much as Braid, but then again, i'm a whore for nuclear shit.

i wish there were more games like this, i played limbo too and little nightmares, they were all a lot of fun

this is unironically in my top 10 games, I replayed it a month ago which would be my ~4th time playing it
every time I play it I enjoy it more

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You should emulate Flashback and Out Of This World, they're both kino

They fear it because it's a big scary monster.
They help it so they can move it to a much larger enclosure - where it thinks it's free, and hopefully won't try escaping again.

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>no replay value
I've played it 4 or 5 times over the years, short and sweet games have more replay value to me than lengthy games like Witcher 3
if a game is good I'll replay it, simple as

Flashback is peak, but don't go near the piss awful remake.
Another World takes ~20 mins to complete
Abe is /comfy/, me and the Gf ran through them all on Retroarch recently.
Only one i've not played is Brothers; Tale of Two Sons.

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>no u

I guess the different themes of The Witness just connected with me more strongly, I didn't even catch on to the nuclear themes of Braid that you're talking about.
The Witness' themes of truth and the different forms it takes, the simple yet infinite complexities of reality, spiritual awareness, seeing beauty in unusual places, and what it means to be a 'witness', it all connected with me very strongly.
I also just loved the simplicity of the panels as a puzzle device. Walking up to a panel and just sitting with it for a while was pleasant in a simple way.

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Length has nothing to do with replay value in fact most of the time short games are the best ones to replay because they have no filler
Basically what a game actually needs to have replay value is a healthy amount of variance and decision making and Inside doesn't fit the bill

>t. 3 months old

I remember the devs teasing a new game a few years ago, has there been literally any news on that since then?

I quite enjoyed the Flashback remake. Nothing on the original of course. Another World might take 20 minutes when you know what to do or with a guide. Playing blind it can take weeks.
>no u again

It's going to be 3D. That's as much as anyone knows.

Oddysee is the peak of the more gamey cinematic platformers for me, it's my favorite game of all time
the only issues I have with it are:
>control tutorial signs break the fourth wall
>firefly hints are a tad better, but still break the fourth wall
>no explanation for Abe being able to chant and possess Sligs
>throwing objects into off-screen rooms is unintuitive and silly

>what a game actually needs to have replay value is a healthy amount of variance and decision making
says who? people replay games like RE4 100 times over and that's not an RPG or anything
people say Ghost Trick has zero replay value but I replay it every 2-3 years, just like Inside
you can force replay value by certain means, but at the end of the day if a game is good I'll replay it forever even if it's entirely linear

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we've seen a fair bit of concept art and stuff, pic related
we know for a fact it's a 3D open-world game with a space theme, that's about it for now
very curious as to how they'll deal with being an open-world, feel like they're going to shoehorn in some HUD somewhere which would be a great shame

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There are also some 3d assets posted by one of the artists, looks great

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I like all three of these games. Can you recommend me more of the same?

A game like RE4 and pretty much all RE games for that matter are the perfect examples of games that do have the right amount of variance and decision making
It's very obvious that they were literally designed to be replayed
And that's really what separates replayable games from non-replayable ones, it's the core of their design that determines it
Sure you can replay any game as many times as you want but it's pretty clear when it wasn't designed for it
Being an RPG or not also has nothing to do with it in fact plenty of non-RPGs have more variance and decision making than some RPGs do
I think you're probably just thinking of these things in an overly simplistic way

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nice, looking forward to this, they have a great sense of style and some clearly talented devs, love it when a game strips back the bullshit and focuses on a clear vision
if they can make an open-world work and not have any HUD it could easily be the GOAT for me

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>no explanation for Abe being able to chant and possess Sligs
What do you mean by this?
Like why he can do it, but none of the others can?
>throwing objects into off-screen rooms is unintuitive and silly
Strange complaint. Never really thought of it as bad.
Do you ever need to do this?

Like I said, each to their own, I can't shit on your perception of the game, if you enjoyed it, so be it.
We all find our own reasons for playing.
Agreed, the first time I'd played through it took a very long time, but that was when I was maybe 13 playing with my dad.
When I retried a few years ago, it went very fast, still a good game though.
Oddysee is always fun to go back to, I don't mind the fourth wall breaking, especially in older games.
Rainworld is fantastic, Have you played Ori?
LISA: The Painful could be good, it's not exactly the same as these, but it's an adventure.
I think he means why the Mudokens have that power/ability, but theyre the slaves, lore-wise it's not really touched on.

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I would ejaculate on the spot

Far: Lone Sails is another one, pretty good game.

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they said this at the end of 2021, regarding the 6 year wait between games and how Game 3 is more ambitious, I assume we'll be waiting another year or two
they're still hiring for 12 full-time job positions, so

he can possess Sligs and there's seemingly no explanation in the story or game, it's just a thing he can do for some reason, it's a pretty big deal in terms of how powerful it is but it's never mentioned which is weird
if every other Mudokon could do it too then there's no way in hell they'd ever be enslaved
it's just one of those things that feels like it works fantastically for gameplay, but they ran out of time to introduce it to the story, whether it was due to being a late addition or otherwise
>throwing objects into other rooms
not entirely sure if it's necessary, it certainly felt like it at times but I might be wrong. I think the fact that it works makes the player feel as if it's intentional, but if the game never did anything when you threw stuff off-screen it might've stopped people trying it

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I fucked up, wrong pic

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>I think he means why the Mudokens have that power/ability, but theyre the slaves, lore-wise it's not really touched on.
Isn't that specifically why they have their mouths sewn shut? To prevent the chanting? Or am I thinking of something else, it's been a while since I played Oddworld.

I'm afraid it is no masterpiece

>next game will be Epic exclusive forever
Big sad.

I'll try them out

Abe's the only one with his mouth sewn shut, which is why he's often referred to as stich lips, and the only one referred to as such (as well as the only one seen with stitches)
the explanation given by OWI was:
>Abe's lips were stitched up to keep him from chanting. It didn't work, and Abe could have removed his stitches a long time ago, but he keeps them as a reminder of what he once was, and what awaits us all if he fails.
although this is kind of bullshit anyway since it's never addressed in the games, much like a ton of stuff in Oddworld lore, and there's been multiple explanations for it over the years

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haven't watched this but knowing the hamster this is going to be him not understanding something and stumbling over himself for far too long, making a 'point' that could be more succinctly conveyed by someone like Matt in 5 minutes or less

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Funnily enough, no, only Abe has his mouth sewn shut (done by his mother) to stop him crying, so the glukkons wouldnt kill him.
Bigface refers to Abe as Stich-lips because of this.
Also, all Mudokens can chant to some degree, but only old as fuck shamans could possess living things for a few seconds at a time, in the OWI weekly Q&A shit called Dear Alf, they go into all this

On Chanting:

On Stitched Lips (Interview with Lorne Lanning) (Pic Related:)

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yeah see, this kinda stuff is outside of the game itself, you'd never know anyone of this just by playing Oddysee
it might seem nitpicky but it feels like fair game considering the game places such a large emphasis on attention to detail, worldbuilding and story


I mean, if rocks just vanished when you threw them off-screen, the game would feel less immersive. Like the only thing that existed in the world was what you could see on-screen at that very moment.
Regarding possession, I just figured the Mudokons were very spiritual people who "thought they had a good job" at the meat factory, as it provided food. They're fine letting others kill animals for food, but wouldn't want to do it themselves.
Apparently, Abe is the only one with the power to possess, but I used to think they all had it - but a gun is faster than a spirit leaving the body - and most Mudokons are adamant with the way things are... well, until they find out they're about to be turned into lunch.

Hey, i'm on board with that, having all the lore in the game would be fantastic, but for most people, leaving these details out gives you, the user, the chance to fill in the gaps yourself somewhat.

There's been plenty of games, books, movies that I wish i'd have more of the world to explore, take Bioshock for example, i'm the person who will run around, reading all the logs, checking every room, taking in the atmosphere and the story, but still wished i'd get more, then I read the books, finding out about what happened before Rapture, Finding out that Frank Gorland stole the identity of Frank Fontaine, etc.. I like having the extra lore, somewhere at least, I did the same for Riddick, same for Dead Space, I'm a lore junkie, and as long as it's somewhere out there, i'm happy, but I agree, having it all in the game would be good, but for simplicities sake, sometimes you can choke a game experience trying to bundle it all in there.

Bit more specificity on the chanting/possession aspect,
Pic related is from the Dear Alf OWI Q&A sessions

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Why is this such a civil and great thread? That's not supposed to be legal on Yea Forums.

It's a neat experience to run through once, but it fails the litmus test of whether it would still be engaging if you stripped it down to the bear gameplay so I think you'd be hard pressed to say it's a fun game.

I'm usually not into artsy-fartsy games but this one is truly incredible.
these don't come even close to the brilliance of Inside.

>it's a 3D open-world game

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Oddworld and cinematic platformer Chads are a cut above the rest
you can usually find quality discussion in games where there's not a lot to shitpost about
atmosphere threads, adventuran threads, those are usually hits, games as art threads are okay too

also guys keep an eye on this, it has the former Playdead CEO (Dino Patti) on board. as far as I know he saw it a while back and wanted to help produce it, seems neat

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and here's one from Section 9 Interactive, the dev team worked on both Little Nightmares games

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The Swapper is a cool puzzle platformer with great atmosphere

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Move over chuds, the king is here.

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eh, I enjoyed the first one but this didn't feel like it had much reason to exist, just felt like DLC more than anything
I think they unfortunately fell for Bandai's trickery and got roped into making a trilogy, they tend to like doing that, same thing happened with Dark Souls

That looks cool as hell.

don't know what to think about this one yet
but holy shit, that one looks good.

do we have release dates for both, something, anything?


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Somerville is 2022, no date for Section 9

>roped into making a trilogy
The studio that created LN literally left Bandai Namco, along with Little Nightmares, soon after LN2 was released. They planned on leaving long before LN2 came out. Did you not hear about this?