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why did they nerf the winger man ;_;

Congratulations, retard. You have brought Medics into the question, now the sniper has a Vaccinator up is rectum with explosive resist on, he is now 75% resistant to your explosions and immune to crits.

Aye lads, ya haf a point there! Just one problem laddies.
>blocks your path

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and because i know you are just gonna go "oh but vax sniper is still 75% resist to sticks" ok i use 8 stickies instead of 2, problem?

meanwhile pyro's jungle inferno changes were actually all worse for the class in general
heavy got the best lunchbox item in the entire fucking game

Vaccinator, Explosive resist.
>But melee is unaffected by the vax über
Try not getting headshot when rushing at an enemy with your melee in hand. If you charge you move in basically a straight line, so even easier. Also He still has a medic in his rectum, so he could outheal your damage.
And remember, melees can ahve up to a 30% chance to crit, so if youre going demoknight he may kill you instantly when you need to hit him 3-4 times.

Demoman is one of, if not, the most balanced classes in TF2.

Take the spypill.
>need 200 iq to play this class
>don't need someone up in your ass
>feel badass killing enemies in the back while escaping from near death experience

8 stickies takes what, 10 seconds to lay down? The sniper walked to spawn and back, switched to the smg and made tea in the time it took you to lay those down. He can just shoot them from a safe distance.

>caring about TF2 when Overwatch exists

>exploit hitboxes with extra life watch
sorry I'm not gay

>oneshot hitscan from any range
>2 player crutch with slow ass crockets
That said, Snipers are only an issue if the player is stupid good, that's when the game just breaks.
A shame every Spy has to crutch on deadringer against an even remotely sapient team.
It's fun when you know how to use the default cloak in combination with disguise switching, but it can only get you so far.

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You are an absolute fucking nigger
>>Vaccinator, Explosive Resist
>No Crits
>75% resist to explosive damage
2 stickies kills a sniper normally, without crits.
A demoman with a stock stickybomb launcher can place 8 stickies at once

Quick maths. Whats 75% of 8?

It's two isn't it?

Precisely the number that kills a sniper normally.

Because each sticky can do up to 80 damage if used correctly

This is how i know you dont actually play the game. Because you imply that the stickies are fired directly at the sniper, where the sniper can see, instead of placed as a trap for the unsuspecting sniper. And its more like 6 or 7 seconds. If it takes you 10 seconds to place a trap, you actually have downs syndrome


name one singular good thing in the entirety of Overwatch that is neither based on tf2 or porn.

it takes a 3000 hour sniper to be as oppressive as a 300 hour soldier with a medic
and even then, only in maps with egregious sightlines.

>TF2, released over a decade ago
>still has players, takes less than 10 seconds to find a match during peak hours
>Overwatch, released half a decade ago
>has no players, takes upwards of 10 minutes to find a match during peak hours
yeah, im totally going to play overwatch.

also my math was retarded, 75% of 8 is 6, but the point is taking 75% off of 8 is 2.

the cope is real lmao

must've been real hard to type that while masturbating to tracer's pre-patched ass
now help me capture this point

Is this the most underrated weapon?

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>2(TWO) flying projectiles that can't even explode right away and have to activate after a brief delay
>1 point and click hitscan headshot

That's what I'm saying, both parties have specific conditions they need to meet.

>using stickies as a grenade launcher
>instead of the grenade launcher
>not using stickies as a trap
you've never top scored in your life have you.

>2 stickies to kill a sniper normally
Vax up his ass, he's overhealed, takes more damage to kill.
>instead of placed as a trap for the unsuspecting sniper
the sniper still has ears, and there are many different pathways one can take. so an 8 sticky trap will just not work against a sniper taking a different pathway. finally, do you really expect all 8 stickies to deal max damage?

By virtue of every other spy revolver being nerfed into the dirt yes

must have been real hard to type that while fellating Gaben for not updating the game lmao

Charging critzkrieg takes you 30 seconds in best circumstances plus you have to be a retard to die to a crocket at medium-long range.
Charging headshot takes you 0,2-4 seconds.

>Sniper shoots one of the stickies/moves 3 feel/shoots you instead/does basically anything

Actually, more like 1000 hours, but it also requires regular training, the sniper to actually put effort into his diet and lifestyle, and also play like 3x as many hours in kovaks.

That said, i've seen snipers dominate through fucked sightlines.

L'etranger is still my personal favorite, though the revolver is a strong 3rd choice behind the diamondback.

L'etranger has only one use and it's equipping it and forgetting that you have a ranged weapon

Didn't know it takes 5k hours in Kovak's to set cl_interp to a good level.

Or you know, using it as a way to get back cloak, finish weakened enemies, do everything the revolver can in one or two shots more, help you stay invisible to be able to survive long enough to be able to use your gun.
What is a hidden trap?
125+50%, still enough to kill from an 8 sticky trap.
>the sniper still has ears
ok yeah, sure, somehow he hears you placing your trap from miles away amongst all the other sounds going off at once. Not impossible. Now he has to figure out precisely where your trap is.
And who's to say your trap is the only trap? Who's not to say there isnt other demomen on your team placing traps?
So yeah, you're fucking retarded and you've never placed a sticky trap in your life.

Also ultimate destroyer of your logic: have a scout on your team harass the sniper, force the medic to switch to bullet. Boom, bye bye 75% explosive resist, plus the distraction makes the sniper forget all about your little trap.

>Who's not to say there isnt other demomen
> have a scout on your team harass the sniper
Ok so let's start putting a whole team togeter, shall we? a single pyro is added to blast the trap away, look out for spies and kill the scout that's harrassing the medic.

*is the best class in your path*

nothing personnel, pardner.

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Manmconomy killed TF2.


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>Best class in your path
Scout just doesnt go near, harrasses you with a pistol and does something else.
Soldier equps direct hit
Pyro uses your LV3's rockets against you
Demo equips Loch'n'load
Heavy harrasses you at range
Engi can Wrangle at you, though a fight is unlikely at all
Medic Übers the nearest player
Sniper headshots you then destroys the sentry.

lootboxes.... bad
lootboxes, Valve...good

Ok lets put a team together.
2 scouts, 1 demo, 2 soldiers, 1 medic. That's all my team needs.
Oh, you're sniper is vax'd up? Ok cool, no problem, my medic is running uber, we'll sit back out of your sightline building uber on our scouts with the boston basher or its reskins, Once we hit 100, we start edging into your flank. Send one of our soldiers into a deep bomb behind your lines to distract your entire team thinking we're going for your medic on a sack.
As soon as our sack gets in and does anything at all, because we know you're using a shit medigun, we rush in and use uber, flash on demo so he can bomb in deep, uber scout to carry med to demo. Other scout comes in on flank and rushes your sniper, other soldier bombs to support flanking scout. Med and first scout support demo.

Assuming similar comp from your team, unless our sack didn't do shit, your team will need to back off because for 5 seconds my team may as well be invincible

This weapon is amazing.

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So just because it requires a lot of skill, it should be extremely overpowered? If there was a medigun that requires you to play the entirety of dark souls without getting hit, and if you did it you were rewarded with infinite uber until the match is over, would that also be balanced?

>Using team strategy makes you overpowered against people who aren't using it
Jeez is like the game was best be played when you are working together

yes because you'll get idle kicked before you finish dark souls.

We have created an actual normal fucking TF2 team, stop being a tranny and realize that classes counter others. Go play tf2 now or something.
And dont get me wrong were both fucking retards.

i'd play tf2 but i have covid and i can barely summon the strength to shitpost on Yea Forums.

tf2 mercs are hotter

>valve drone is also a faggot

sub 500 hours hate him

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>join game
>bot on other team
>they don't kick
>bot joins our team
>pocket the bot with vaccinator
Nothin' personnel kids

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thanks for pocketing my bot user


If you were to put a 6 player team toghether without restrictions, you'd go 2 scouts,2 medics, and 2 demos to get to mid, and probably stack a shitload of meds with heavys on defense. Classes are restricted in 6s for a reason, having an extra medic and straight up negating the self damage from stickyjumps is absurd.
Have you ever seen a 6s match? Think how fast that composition would travel, staying at full health. 6v6 is just to quick for sniper to be relevant.

>Have I ever seen a 6s match?
i've played several. Div 4 highest i've gotten to, but i main medic and i usually play 1 season and then skip 2 or 3 seasons due to community drama.

Yeah, two medics WOULD be overpowered on paper, but you're missing out on the opportunity to send in sacks, which is really powerful to end stalemates.

besides, if both teams had two medics, they'd be able to infinitely cycle their ubers with naught but 20 seconds between invulnerability phases, which roughly lines up with the time it takes to get dead players back to the front and buffed up.

I mean you were pairing 2 players against 1, for the sake of sense the demo should have one other player.

forgot to add proof

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Dumb comp niggers thinking their retarded club is relevant at all.

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dumb casualfags thinking their ctf_2fort experience is relevant at all

Good to know that if I waltz past the other 11 players on the enemy Sniper's team, cross through his sightline without getting shot, and spend 5 seconds setting an 8 bomb sticky trap next to him (during which time I'm not using those stickies to contribute damage anywhere else and both him and his entire team are ignoring me, including the Medic pocketing him) I have a solid shot of killing him one time before he becomes aware of the traps I can make and stops falling for them, which may or may not even be feasible to place and hide depending on map geometry and his choice of sniping spots.

>+medic pocketing him
nigger cant math

also u know right that 99% of the places a sniper can be in tf2 they cannot watch every conceivable sightline at once, the tf2 team usually goes for this mentality of a main path, and at least 1 flank path, sometimes two.

nigga, theres a tv you need to steal

everything in tf2 has a hard counter that's made effective with teamwork, that's what makes a team-based game balanced
you fucking played yourselves, congratulations

im the third one there, and youve basically explained my own point. Congrats, you are both retarded and not retarded. Teach me your ways.

>compfags thinking being on a spring version of KOTH with over half the weapons restricted because they're a bunch of babies is relevant
Other than that you dumbasses never got serviced in anyway meaningful way till the original dev team decided it was high time to leave.