Why did they make him trans and look like a regular woman?

He was literally en established character. Are feminine men in games forbidden now? I don't get it

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are you implying trans women don't look like "regular women"?

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Are you implying men pretending to be women look like women?

Well this one certainly wasn't supposed to

He canonically discovers makeup and starts taking care of himself. Please stop talking about trannies all the time, you are insufferable.

id fuck the shit outta him

does getting rid of all your muscles help a lot in combat?

>video game does thing
Kill yourself

And your explanation is retarded

>Are feminine men in games forbidden now?
It's honestly weird

He was officially male

Right one? Well yeah they literally just drew a generic anime woman. Want a cookie?

You will never play as female.

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no nigga both


Nigga you gay

Yeah I don't give a fuck about your culture war. Still playing testament in strive

Guess you never gave a shit about the character either

Why did they turn him into jim sterling?

my fault bro

He's one of my 2 mains in +r. I'm just not invested enough in fictional characters' backstories that I have to start bitching on the internet.

Yes, have you ever seen one in real life? I have, and they had a beard as big as mine.

You are bitching right now by accusing others of bitching for asking a normal question

>no u
Wow you really got me there mate

>proceeds to bitch


Because left looks really gay and right looks cool.

Both look like men

This, it's a huge retcon. Daisuke is a fucking idiot and his music is no longer good. Testament was Kliff's adopted son and his name when he was human was Tesu Undersn. He's always had a male voice until Soive turned him into Lowtestament.

It's not a retcon, it's character story progression. You are so stupid.


Because Strive is a shitty party game and appealing to American twittoids is the only thing it does right.

I think you should dilate because you make up shit to justify your pathetic anger over a non-issue and when you get called out, you choose a random funny reddit word from your bag. It has been canon that this "man" has had a pussy for the longest time. What do you say to that? Cope?

Strive > Xrd.

Stay mad.


Oh so those are the funny reddit words. Next, try an argument.

>normal question
it's literally your average /vpol/ tier bait, and not even the good ones

learn to read. This was canon, Transtement is a retcon and Daisuke is talking out his ass now. "Testament transcended humanity just like me" jesus just shut the fuck up already. Shit fell off hard, his music sucks now, his writing sucks, his art went to shit too. Soive is the tumbleweed ending to an otherwise good franchise with severely dumbed down gameplay and gutted movesets.

>reddit reddit reddit
why don't (You) formulate an argument with facts to back it up you mentally ill botched mutilation experiment?

can u niggas shut the fuck up already

That things trigger you doesn't automatically make them bait. People can be genuinely curious about why this happened

Nah, you are just mad. You learn to read.


Character is now the jap genderbender fetish character when before he was so metal but was a futa because thats even more disgusting and metal, but also a jap doujin fetish. Many arcsys characters are based on jap doujin fetishes.

So now you know and can shut the fuck up.
Also stop pretending your not the only faggot shitting up this faggot thread, fucking faggot.

Testament is literally 70 years old. No matter what fantasy world you live in, if you are that matured, you become stable, plasticity stops and you stop having random epiphanies that make you change your whole life. Is it completely impossible? No. But the game passes it off as something perfectly normal you just gotta react to with, "Oh, so that happened, OK," when it applies this completely needless change.

>Yeah I don't give a fuck about your culture war.
I wish game developers didn't.

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>Another episode of Yea Forums schizos rant about changes in a franchise they never played
I hate reruns.

Theystament was always kind of an implied herm, just that he used to prefer male pronouns earlier.
New design is incredibly hot though and it makes me aroused when playing.

Trannies have re instated gender roles. Tomboys and feminine men are dead.

HAHA holy fuck

I've been playing it since GG1's import demo on a Playstation Underground disc now fuck off with your gay shit. Strive is trash.

Uhuh, sure you have.

The demo had no music it was Sol and Ky playable in VS mode only. Your move tranoid.

Not like it matters if people played it or not but you are delusional nonetheless

Here come the the fucking Strive Defense Force trying to defend their shitty game, pretending it isn't anything other than soulless.

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I played it for a few hours and uninstalled because even back then I could sense what a Reddit cringefest it is with that music, the black samurai and the general "I'M NOT LIKE THE OTHERS" style. Does this count?

>Applying western concepts of gender to Japanese characters
Sylvando from Dragon Quest used female pronouns in the Japanese release, but was never intended to be taken as a tranny on any level, the localization didn't even do it, despite having every reason to.
And there's trap characters that consider themselves to have a "female spirit", but understand they're still male, a concept alien to western social justice talking points. I won't take anything a Japanese dev says on the subject seriously, especially since he called this Testament a man during the fucking reveal before correcting himself.

When you are faggots gonna realize that you will never stop this? What you gonna blame Jews for this too? I thought the land of the rising son was some steel fortress. GG has a few brown people an gender fluid character it’s pozzed now right? The people who cope like this where the ones that fapped to Bridget but said it’s not gay because I know they’re trap. Watch Bridget return and look hyper feminine and be cannons trans or some shit. The coping will be insane. Either get into game development and make your based Christcuck game with no trannies or fucking kys.

>Not like it matters
I thought people outside of the franchise bitching about how it should be changed to accommodate non-players (women and niggers) was part of the industry issue.
I guess it doesn't matter when you're doing the bitching, huh?

I thought the hate for trannies was that they always look like ugly men in drag
Testament is very attractive looking and is not an obnoxious asshole about their gender or what ever
So who cares?

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people who like Bridget are secondaries that never played the series just like you.

Damn, you sure showed him with that google search skill.

The character is some lame ass goth troon now when he used to be a cool metal guy, what's hard to understand? Strive is literally for fags

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Not implying. It's a statement

People who whine about this shit haven't even heard of GG before Strive, much less played it.

>No matter what fantasy world you live in, if you are that matured, you become stable, plasticity stops
user, do you even know what a Gear is?

I have no idea what your point is. Fact of the matter is turning men into trannies for no reason is retarded

>cool metal guy
That dresses like a girl


Nigga you’re seething and I’m loving it.
>huuur I’m da only true GG player
It doesn’t matter. You’ve been left behind. You can cut your wrists to it like a little bitch or you can be a real man and realize the world is bigger than.

Cuckservatives just can’t help but implode over fucking nothing.