Give me all your best memes about this game

Give me all your best memes about this game

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Hurry up and off yourself, join your dear pAlice!

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i drew one with the manager having the punishing bird behind him being smug.
But i lost it.

Why is this birb so frequently used?

it's a funny lil bird


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I like how there is a Bulgarian translation completely randomly.

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Take one from the second game

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idont know a lot about the game, but i do know the dude in that pic is that chick's father right?
how true is it that she's trying to Monte cristo'd her own father?

Who in the world would find any of this funny? It's just a guy yelling in his mic

Please help, i can't do shit with the magical girl, she turns into a lizard and kills everybody.

The only way i can do stuff is if she's in her containment and i get a meltdown when she's at 11 eblocks so the low success rate doesn't affect me as much.

>do shit until almost at meltdown like 2 points away
>send somebody to magical girl
>at 1 point away from meltdown now
>send somebody else to another containment when magical girl has 11 eblocks generated
>she turns to creepy form and eblock success rate goes down
>generate 16 eblocks but only just barely.

What else am i meant to do?

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his actual relationship to her is complicated. The girl is a robot based on the guy's dead girlfriend and the guy neglected her for it. this gave her daddy issues which is important to the story line of Library of Ruina.

this Autism want create his dead lover (with more big booba).unfortunately he realise he just creat waifu version of him that make him pissed off.

Kill cl*rks. Unlock execution bullets and go ham

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Lets leave it at "its complicated"

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She's simple, you just need a minimum(two or three read her notes) amount of deaths per meltdown level. If you don't have execution bullets unlocked yet, you probably have something like Der Shooty to blast clerks with

You also stumbled on the easiest and cheesiest method of managing her. Just have someone work on her easily until they're almost finished, then quickly start a work on another abno to trigger the meltdown level increase. You can just leave someone in a hallway under an abno to make it easier to time, and the Good result will increase her back to normal.

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Hey, Jae-heon, cool it with that. No one cares about your dead son, right now.

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What are the odds of Limbus Company coming anywhere close to the goal set on the tripbooking page?


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The what now?

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Wait, are you seriously meant to kill your own employees?
What the fuck.
I unlocked all managemenr tips and nothing

>"When a Qliphoth Meltdown occurred in the facility without the death of 3 or more employees, the Qliphoth Counter lowered."
All she wants is deaths, and she isn't picky who causes them!

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Hopefully 0%. They deserve it for selling out and making a shitty gacha

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Don't open, pale, white and black damage inside

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Eh good luck I guess.
How in the fuck QoH manages to be THE filter of both games? I find it funny as fuck.

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>creating an AI and then neglect it
a healthy dose of vitamin D truly could've prevented things.

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schizo overload

We know

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Guess this means they'll show something at the TGS

Be honest anons: How many of you would OD on this drug?

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count me in

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Do you think we'll ever get a office/fixers based on King Arthur Mythology?

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there is fixer of the lake

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There is no clear cut answer for this and I hate it.

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How fitting to the lore.

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>Thinking the hag would destroy anything but her own back.

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on my backlog for ages now, never tried
is it actually fun? i dont care about story, only gameplay

is it a roguelike? does it have "runs" or is it like a normal game?


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Someone said 4?

hmm, i guess ill try it why not, slow day at work anyway

Honestly the story is probably the most important thing in this game, wouldn't recommend

Lads, I beat Hokma balls realization yesterday.

Absolute kino, I'm a fAith chad now.

It is barely a Roguelike in that your Abnormality choices are random and you can return to the start of the game with many different tools and progresses left intact, but you shouldn't really approach it like one by any means, the Day 1 restart function is something you should only really use one to three times in a whole playthrough.

Gameplay is definitely unique, but it's a very acquired taste in that your typical gameplay loop is having your agents interact with Abnormalities in four different ways to acquire energy and fill a daily quota while obtaining information about how they react to literally anything (not just the four agent interactions mentioned). As you make it further into the day count, the number of abnormalities you have grows, so the amount of things to have to keep in mind can pile up and make the work day tense, but after a certain point you'll realize that's just the basic method of progressing the days, and there is an actual end goal you'll be working towards via special objectives and triggering special scenarios in order to make it to Day 50 and ultimately finish the game.

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Your meant to use her senpai
If you havent broken a bed with your hag im sorry

thanks for the rundown user, actually got me pretty interested in trying it out

i also have libraty of ruina, but ill leave that for another day