I've wasted my life

I've wasted my life

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Congratulations! You've won!

Yeah but you can kill ubers quickly

I hate you more than you can imagine.

nice desu ne



>level 99 solo chaos sanctuary with barb
Don't believe it, or they drastically changed the exp curve in the new edition

Diablo 2 plays unironically good on controller

Welcome to Yea Forums and parasocial relations

And it plays better on fucking keyboard and mouse so why would you go full retard?

But you still haven't killed yourself and keep making shit threads. Throw yourself off a bridge or something. It's not that hard.


owww the edge

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>D2 thread
Do you have brain problems? Have you not played the game?

I hate kb+m

You may have wasted your life, but life is going to waste you regardless.

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Indeed you have.

Casual fucking toddlers like you should be publicly executed.

Good job, user!

>Have you not played the game?
sure did, when it came out. the fuck are you on about?

Posts like these make me feel better that I wasted my life partying instead of initiating autistic autopilot on a repetitive digital task where numbers are drugs
Thanks OP

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I beat das1 with kb+m and use it to play d2r on pc with my buddy but its tiresome
Its bad for your wrists and harder than holding a controller after work or coming home from the gym

That the game is for autists so why the fuck are you surprised there are autists in a D2 thread.

>kb+m hurt me hands

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Cringe is getting at your pc screen and acting tough about it over your keyboard
Btw im phone posting

I could tell, you are too fucking stupid to turn off auto capitalization.

>Btw im phone posting

My phone is too small for my hands :(

>implying i care what you think
>implying ill do what you say
Lmao. Even. Stay mad. Faggots.
Phone too small? In current year? Post phone.

I'm sure you don't, that's why you are glued to this thread and keep replying.

You know you can have multiple tabs open in the browser grandpa
They're not viruses its OK

So you are gettint shat on in multiple threads? What a life you must lead. At least you aren't on PC.

Still a big bad tough keyboard warrior over here
Would it piss you off more if I posted from my fridge

Only if you are too fucking stupid to use its features like you are currently doing on your phone.
Please don't tell me you are actually using the mobile version of the site, newfriend.

Oh no an anonymous pissing contest
No i like the black background you only get that on desktop
I can post from two different pcs, shit tops, a steam deck, a phone, and a fridge
But ill use them however i fucking want while you seethe for months over someone doing saying they do something on v
Why do i babysit you retards

>you only get that on desktop
Oh, you are indeed fucking retarded. Good game newfag.

>good gamd
Still mad? Dont burst a blood vessel gramps
>>>>"""desktop mode"""
Sorry i forgot youre violently autistic sweetie

schizo moment

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All me btw

>he doesn't know about Yea Forums apps that have themes
Here, I will green it for you so maybe you will understand it this time, braindead fucktard. Lurk moar.

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>installing apps
Oh fuck now whose the retard

No wonder you are too fucking stupid to turn off auto capitalization, you are technologically illiterate.

>lurk moar
Imagine trying to prove status. On 4channel.
I use linux and help retards like you in emu threads for years.

Seems unlikely but look at you, finally using punctuation to not look like a mouthbreather.
Are you afraid of "status" because you got called out for being shit at using a fucking website?
I bet that must be embarrassing.

What punctuation
About the rest of your post no i dont carw what anyone thinks least of all a noonie moose

Worst part is i said i only play d2r on pc lmao
Hes just fucking malding at the concept of me enjoying a controller more

Why would you play anything on a console that's available on PC unless you have brain problems?

This nigga getting MAD, not even autocorrect can save his ragetyping. Funniest thread on Yea Forums right now.

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Oh no looks like someone made a typo
Stay mad bitch

Auto correct is for weaklings who care what shit crusted Yea Forumsirgins thinj
Just imagine
Being so pathetic that you think your anonymous voice matters here

Damn, you are double texting me now, that's hella desperate. You are the only one who seems to be mad here, are you insecure about your platform choice?

>double texting
Uh oh
Newfag detected!! ! ! !

Youre right i am insecure about pc being my console of choice
Thats why....i bought a steam deck

You are fucking wild my dude, did I really trigger your casual toddler ass? I'm actually grinning ear to ear from your retardation, thanks for breaking up the monotony of farming keys.

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No im high playing ladder
Youre here with me
Malding over my desire to play games on controller

Btw i dont even read all your posts or proof read my own
Imagine thinking four channel is worth your time
I post here bc every time i trigger some faggot schizo for a few hours
Its become one of my fav games

>I'm playing for fun dude, chilling with a controller
You are getting more pathetic with each post, are you pretending to be retarded?

>Imagine thinking four channel is worth your time
>haha dude I have a life
This is the most insecure thing you could have ever posted. I'm loving it. Are you a teenager? It would be really embarrassing otherwise.

Stay mad im not reading that beyond you outing yourself as a retarded str8fag

all you're doing is clicking anyways.

I'm not the one looking like a rabid dog here,
Oh, it's that spamming newfag. It all makes sense now, you are completely out of your element.
I'm going to be "str8" with you. Are you lost, child?

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grats if real, gigachad