what's the rarest item you've picked up in a video game?

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what the fuck

Ragnarok Online cards 0.01%


troll image

Yep, troll image, it's not in the Carian Archive text dump

Seriously though, the drop rates in ER are bordering on Korean MMO tier.
What the fuck.
Good luck trying to farm the aristocrat set.

I don't keep track since I couldn't possibly care less for achievements or collectables. So I honestly don't know.

you can go find this enemy yourself user
there's at least two items not on the wiki in addition to this one, one is a straight sword and the other I forget

I'm talking about this text dump, I'm well aware that the wiki is not complete, however I'd imagine the text dump that is directly ripped from the game files would contain a "Celebrant's Candle" item description if there really was one:


The weapon icon is probably a real one, the screenshot obviously isn't fabricated either, that's not what I am disputing here, From may have considered adding the thing, but it's literally not in the game text files so it's a cut item at best

>farm for low drop rates
>On a Singleplayer game
>With Cheat engine

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mount from sha of anger

Try farming their weapons instead.
Their rapier takes forever

Does this count as rare? I got it on my first try.

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FromSoft are lazy niggers that cannot implement any new mechanic.

I got it on first kill too
Isn't it warranted?

I actually farmed for every weapon in the game

It's not that bad compared to drop rates in other games. Hardest weapon to obtain for me was the nobles slender sword. Took forever. Second longest was the halo scythe.

Is this a talisman?

noble's estoc is more nightmare to farm. Also the cleanrot's spear too since they often drop their armor and sword

Probably this, or something from OG Maplestory Global. Panlid, or one of the rarer throwing stars.

god fucking damn it don't go there

It's in the torch category

I got 3 estocs to drop before the noble slender sword because it drops in the same spot, definitely seemed like it had a higher droprate. Same with the cleanrot spear, drops from the same enemy as the halo scythe. I'm sure it varies from person to person a bit though

doppelganger card in RO

>it varies
In my first playthrough, the omen always dropped their axe but never the giant scimitar.
On my second playthrough it was vice versa

The hardest shit for me is the that one imp-head variation on the leyndell's sewer

Arteria Leaf

Castlevania HD: Sonic Boots, Miser Rings and the +1 variants of SOME weapons.

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>Missed the Sanguine Noble set because I already beat the Erdtree Avator and the Sanguine Noble NPC won't invade
Still the most bullshit thing that fromsoft ever implemented. There's no reason for the invader npc can't spawn when you beat the local boss.

I didn't even bother grinding for anything after my first character. I just worked with what I got, fuck going through that again.
I didn't even bother farming for all the armor, I only went after the fire prelate set and that halberd Knight that used wind attacks in stormveil castle (don't remember the set name)

Seluvis' talisman is probably the most bullshit missable. It's mandatory for sorcery builds but you either have to give the Nepheli the date rape drug or know ahead of time you can give it to other people.

Yeah I missed it on my first two playthrough and once I was aware of it I still missed it on my third playthrough because I progressed too quickly and seluvis died

slime staff in terraria on like the second day i guess
i also got the alien tube and owl statue in stardew but i think thats because they got nerfed so you get them way easier now

Eeh, I'm playing a mage and missed this one...

Hours upon hours Summer ‘95 or ‘96

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>got 2 cleanrot spear and 3 scythe before I got the fucking chest piece

probably a draconic visage back when i played rs2. 1/10000.

Wait it was swords, not spears

In Terraria, I got the Nymph banner in 1.2 (before Banners were made to only drop when you kill the enemy 50 times)
0.5% chance, on a very rare enemy

Got a bunch of 0.01% drops in Tibia too, but that's the norm in that shitfest

What does it do?

You can't actually get it

Crafted the tournesol in FF12

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Swift Zulian Tiger

About 10 years ago my then-gf got me a dozen WoW card packs for my birthday. I didn't play the TCG but I played the game all the time so that's why she got them. One of them had the in-game Feldrake mount code, pic related. I mained warlock so this was the perfect mount. Felt good hanging out in cities and catching everyone mirin. It was in something like 1 in every 300 packs. I remember the codes were selling for $250 or so at the time. Just looked it up and they are listed for $2000-3000.

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why is elden ring so hard?
I'm at the beginning of the map and the guy on a horse who keeps killing me, I move around the map, I keep dying anyway to bats or random guys

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Talk to Melina, level up your vigor, summon for fights, try not getting hit.

Also make sure to use Katanas and Magic if its your first Souls game.

How's that serpent wizard staff? I think there is only one enemy in the whole game that drops it and you still have to fight your way past a couple of enemies to get to it.

>get Grave scythe
>Search datas to learn the fastest attack you can use or if double weilding it offer a better moveset
>all the guide talks about a ash of war, their talisman/incant build and nothing on the weapon

I fucking hate YouTubefags

save horse guy for later. use stealth to kill some of the soldiers and level up. you can also just run past enemies in order to get various items and if you die so what you go back to the grace.

You're not supposed to fight him yet
He is just a challenge for people who want to fight him at low level

Use the fact that the game is fucking open world to buff yourself first

just try out the attacks on some jobbers, moron, shit you can do it to thin air

>Gelmir Glintstone Staff
Oh shit I forgot about this. Thank for reminding user, gonna farm it now.

During the first GW2 Christmas, I got an Unbreakable Choir Bell from opening the event boxes. This was back in 2012 and it was the first Christmas event so the amount of people who were doing Christmas events were limited vs the amount of people who were still grinding their eyes inside out for the best minmax gear.
Was fun running around Cities just spamming DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING after the event because people would ask me where I got it and I'd tell them they'd have to wait a year or buy it for an outrageous (at the time) price.
They are apparently no longer this rare.

I also have the Yellow and Blue Brewfest Stein in World of Warcraft. Been looking for 30 minutes through wowhead to find my character in the screenshots, but I'll update when/if I find him.

I crafted a Fan O'War upon release so it's a vintage version, which is worth like $50 - $80 right now; all-time high was ~$200. Might throw it up on Steam Marketplace and see who bites at that one.

>I keep dying anyway to bats or random guys
hit them with your sword before they hit you

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I mean I've used the scythe on PvE with the ash spinning strikes to melt any tall ennemies

I love the scythe but i keep getting my ass owned on pvp because i can't seem to connect my moves hence why I wanted some data on the frames of the weapon and it's dual wield

pure bladestone
only took 4 hours

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Just one? I farmed 2 of every weapon.

Man, it took me 10 hours. I was young, I couldn't do that anymore.

>pic related
0.002% drop rate.

I also had Ashes of A'lar and the Raven lord mounts drop back to back on my first ever run at both instances.

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My bad

isnt nobles slender sword like .5 drop rate, a few items have that kind of drop rate i think
generally all the stuff i have farmed has dropped relatively quickly, spent an hour or two farming unaltered banished armor though

>0.05% to drop
>an item she's always holding
gamer moment.

I'm just curious about the drop chances. As far as I know it can only drop from that big headed snake in the final room before the boss fight and I don't exactly consider it easy to farm with all the shit you encounter along the way and in the room with the snake itself.

Zoomers think this is bad.

Dark Souls 2 had enemies that would only spawn one (1) time per playthrough that dropped unique weapons/armor. You'd have to bonfire aesthetic for another try after that, and the drop rates were just as bad as this troll image.

Yes, that is literally the only dude in the game who drops it. At least with the Magma Blades there are two of them who are pretty close to each other.

You talking about these motherfuckers?

They got altered in the scholar of the first sin edition. So you don't need to farm them with ascetics anymore.

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yea now you just have spastic knights around every corner
sotfs was like a romhack lmao