I want to go back bros

I want to go back bros...

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you think you do

i quit classic in phase 1.5 because the pvp was so cancer and everyone got super tryhard about gear
still kinda regret not having done at least lair

take me back to 2020 6-12 month lockdowns where I only played classic all day with friends

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It’s over, Classic burnt out all the private vanilla fags and nobody wants to give their money to shitty Blizzard either.

Just play other games, the time for Blizz games is too far gone at this point it’ll be two decades soon.

nevermind world bosses were phase 2 but yeah thats when everyone got super tryhard and it became unfun

boosting crusade killed it, wrath will be even worse

What stops you?
Oh wait, you think what you do, but you don't

have you gave any of the new mmos a shot? theyre better in every single way. you need a good pc though.

they're really not though

I want to fuck Onyxia's fat dragon cloaca

"you think you do but you dont" was right
We miss 2006 WoW, not WoW itself as a game.
We miss the fact everyone was so shit at this game and everything was new and exciting.
At the point you can name literally every quest in Elwynn Forest it sparks absolutely no joy playing this.
As it was expected, minmaxers which were like 70% of players absolutely destroyed the experience.
It made some internet noise and even I leveled to 60 twice, but after seeing how people clear those impossible raids like its a wotlk dungeon I gave up.
Whats the point of doing something that everyone has already done and I can watch a youtube tutorial that washes down the entire adventure to a bunch of simple moves?

have you even played them?

10g for invite to asmongold layer!

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sat what you want, vanilla/classic pvp was pure unfiltered kino

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So Blizzard doesn't even review reports made do they? The way their system works is if you get reported enough you're banned. I posted a shit post in trade chat saying "guess what my fingers smell like" and a bunch of people started guessing and then I said "mankriks wife" and 30 seconds later I'm slapped with a 9 day ban. 1/3 of a month. 1/3 of my $20 is stolen. I checked my email and the nessage i got from blizzard wasnt specific at all, it just said "youve been banned for abusive chat, enough people have reported you". What the fuck even is this game anymore? Has Blizzard gone ultra strict for left censorship because of the allegations against their studio? How the fuck is this even fair?

Maybe that Ashes of Creation game won’t be shit? Maybe? Okay it’s probably going to be shit, but it could hold you over for a month if it ever comes out

yes and they suck because they try to emulate themepark wow instead of vanilla wow

>vanilla wow wasn't theme park

I got banned for 3 days for shit posting in trade chat saying trump won and apparently that was considered abusive chat. They never specified why I was ban I can only assume it was because of that. Blizzard mod team is like the Yea Forums mod team, it's a roll of the rice, you might say something that breaks the ever changing unspecified rules and get banned, or you might be fine. The only way to be truly safe is to be a complete nice guy npc who only speaks when spoken to, keeps his answers short and doesn't say anything remotely controversial

uh huh

What's that supposed to be in the background with the fire?

how far into modern wow and xiv did you get? they have vanilla mechanics too. world quests for example, but everybody hates world quests because vanilla mechanics are actually pretty shit.

I played in 2006. It was a fun time.

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Asmongolds mother was hooked up to a ventilator cause she couldn’t breathe, it caught fire when she lit a cigarette.

>severe breathing issues
>still wont stop smoking
>risk a literal housefire just so she can get her hit

I hate smokers so much it's unreal, repulsive selfish addicts.

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90% of Classic's problems were caused by community 'optmizing' the game to death.

Just say you hate addicts instead of all that other stuff. There's a reason it's called addiction.

That was living hell for me, and now you retards are spamming you want to go back, you probably even want to suck me in and trap me there with you for all eternity.

Though, if I was as old as I am now back then, I probably would have quit because I started so late. I kept getting one shot by level 19 twinks in the 10-19 bracket. You know they're tryhard assholes when they had the expensive green enchant (+15 agility) on each weapon instead of the poorfag (lifesteal on main), or the "I'm just here to have fun" (double white enchant: crusader).

When half the enemy team had fishing hats and sergeant rank it was pretty fucking useless to even play, you just got spawn camped for 6+ hours since the games didn't have time limits and they would farm hks till we stopped rezzing (either by stepping out of resurrection range or closing the dialogue box with the graveyard resurrection dude; I don't remember the name, it's been like 8 years since I last played).

When I got to 51-60 AV bracket it was just t3 twink losers farming kills most of the time as a guild. Anyways, yes, even in 2007 it was not fun (when BC and wrath came around it turned even worse with broken engineering shit like the speaker thing you put in the trinket slot).
I was in Cyclone battlegroup which wasn't even one of the most competitive ones. Remember how cancer some of those battlegroup forums were? Yikes, man. The drama and shit people managed to cook up back then was awful.
Oh my god, I had like 800 days played by the time it was 2009. I only hit rank 3 Sergeant in 10-19 bracket before BC came out.

It was a fun time because MMOs were new to me and i was like 13 years old (29 now). Most of my friends quit in BC launch or wrath launch. The last few people I knew on my server quit during the lull around Ruby Sanctum.

I still remember a lot of the names of the people from those days. t3 hunter with commander rank, night elf female hunter, named "Medicore". A t3 gnome male warlock named "biginjapan". Some absolute asshole t2.5 pally named "hotkarl". I have a video from 2008 when I fought him in AV. I can't believe I was still keyboard turning and clicking abilties after two fucking years in the game but damn I was good at it at least.

If you read this far, why?

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A very solved game of stunlock that was entirely dependent on who had the slightly better ping.

not really, people say this a lot but there tons of people playing, both casuals and those that minmaxed the game, even during BC classic, blizzards incompetence with bots while also monetizing the levelling experience killed classic

I'm sorry, not that anyone cares but the t3 night elf hunter was named "Meldiocre".

Holy shit he's still around. I don't understand why the level is wrong. Armory is so different from back then. worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/smolderthorn/meldiocre

That's the fuckin' guild I hated. Horde had no choice but to get buttfucked for hours in AV in 51-60 bracket for YEARS because of these fuckers.

So many memories, man. I spent a third of my life in this video game and nothing to show for it except crap like this no one even cares about.

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>monetizing the levelling experience
how is this blizzards fault?
you expected them to just ban all mages?

I liked your story, user

Funny thing, I bet that hunter is over 40 years old IRL at this point. Looks like he was only Knight rank in prebc. And he only has "of the alliance" which is 100k kills. I hit bloodthirsty (250k). Yes, I'm having a virtual epeen contest with someone I'll never even see again in a game I haven't played in 8 years. Why do I still care.

>I want vanilla experience
>but I don't want chink bots
Another proof that vanilla fags are schizos who never even saw vanilla

>Why do I still care.
MMOs are for life. More deep cutting than a tattoo.

Because it's their game? You fucking retarded?

Asmon is just a lazy fuck who can’t be asked to take his mother outside in her wheelchair for a smoke.

A broken clock is right twice a day.

I mean, season of mastery is going and it's the true experience for the game. It's not too late to get in and have some fun.

i just want pandaria back, not because of the expansion it self, but because rogue + burst of speed was the most fun ive ever had in this game

why? wow was never good lol, now imagine if we got an ultima online classic server with no trammel and the old hardcore full loot pvp. imagine how many zoomers would try to play "that old boomer game" and get buttfucked, dumpstered, and looted. my god the tears would be so good

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you can't
>people play to win, not for fun
>you're older
>everything has been solved
>everything new is datamined and documented before it even comes out

>everything new is datamined and documented before it even comes out
this is one of the primary reasons why many new games that rely on exploration and discovery are shit these days. i remember when edmund got really mad that binding of isaac players datamined The Lost back when it was a super secret character with a very convoluted unlock process, but dataminers removed any fun the community could have had figuring it out, and that's just one of probably 1000 examples at this point of games or parts of games being ruined by datamining

>private servers are dead
>som is dead
>classic is about to enter wotlk which sucks and was the death of the game
i just want to play some wow

>just play other games
which ones

too big, give me one of her hatchlings instead

>death of the game
LOL, it was dead on launch because it was designed by casuals who were very bad at EverQuest and thought it was too hard, like this guy who was one of the most notorious EQ guild raid leaders, bullshitting everyone about how he's gonna ensure that WoW is a hardcore game for hardcore raiders as an endgame content designer, and then it was casual beyond fucking belief.

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play turtle wow

He just turned 30 and looks 60. Amazing with all that money he lives in and looks like complete shit.

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everquest sucks

activision was the death of wow

he is 31 you retard

I stand corrected, he's 31 and looks 61. Thank you based Snopes fact checker.

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>implies he fingered a corpse in a children's game's chat
>wonders why he got banned

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Have you been asleep for the past year? Yes they've gone ultra left-wing it made international news for fuck sake, how they've been firing and replacing staff for accusations and improper attitudes, they've gone through lawsuits and all the other shit.
How can you not know what Blizzard and WoW policies are like with how very public all of it has played out?

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he wasnt right because they didnt deliver on giving us vanilla wow. the servers had 10 times too many people on them, there was layering, the economy was in shambles, the auction houses were fully botted, the servers were filled to the brim with bots and cheaters and hackers, - and there was no moderation whatsoever even tho there were 10 times more paying customers per server.

private servers > classic

I don't. I just want another game that provides the same sense of wonder, community while being an undeniable cultural phenomenon that defines the next 10 years of gaming.

Oh right, we have that, its called Fortnite. Life's good.

While Classic had some gameplay issues due to using the most nerfed versions of everything it exposed that the real problem with WoW is the community. Even once you bring things back to what they should be it still has a terrible community.

because most of them were losers who had been playing on vanilla private servers since at least 2010