What is the point of this game?

What is the point of this game?

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having fun

male power fantasy

>male power fantasy

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pale mower fantasy

good morning sirs
do redeem U11 beta

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good training for the upcoming collapse of society

I get a chubby when i stab women

interactive buddy but you need a $300+ headset to play
VR is so fucking dead

Ever play interactive buddy flash game?
There is a niche for games that are purely for torturing helpless NPCs.
Kids might enjoy them until they grow some empathy then they move on.
If you still play these, I'm sorry, but you're deficient.

If you ever played these you're deficient.

it's a good tech demo for melee combat, the way weapons have weight and must be moved around in arcs instead of shaking them like maracas

I'm always surprised when I see someone fighting a man in this game because in all my hours with it I've always had the gender slider set to 100% women.

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Says the woman
You are an inferior version of man


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Grow up.

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Why do you want to hurt women?

tldr version: beating women up

Why don't you want to hurt women?


>women blame something other than themselves for their problems
Imagine my shock

because i don't hate 50% of the population

Because it's hot.

>both parents have blue eyes
>kids have brown eyes

I don't hate all females just the adults from age 18 to menopause

I'm scared of VR, bros. Not because of what it can do to everyone else, but what I'll do to people with weak mindsets like myself. I'm probably the most harmless guy you'd meet, but I get off on ryona and stuff like this I'm afraid that if I do shit like this in VR I won't be able to differentiate reality from the game. It kinda sounds edgy and cringe, but I really think there's something wrong with me. thanks for reading my blog.

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This was the best I could do
Search Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, Brave images for "family" and you get a bunch of niggers

Is there a version of this where I can fuck the women?


VR really isn't as immersive as you think, the first few hours fuck with you a bit but after that it's very obviously still a video game

It's called a dating sim

Yeah it's called literally any other VR game

the thread has been answered. there is nothing else to see here

They need to implement rape as a gameplay mechanic.

Remember that time in Fallout 2 where you could force a woman to have sex with you in exchange for getting her husband out of jail and then you could just not hold up your end of the bargain?

Men die in war
Women most affected.

What's also interesting is that there are things you can enjoy in a normal environment, and are absolutely repulsed by in VR, and vice-versa. You just need to learn about what and where your boundaries lie.

Example: I don't care about dismembering women in most games, but it's really fun in VR. Conversely, I appreciate NTR, but the few NTR VR porn videos I watched got me shivering, shower cold. You just need to accept your appreciations of things change in function of the medium.

Why wasn't Shillary arrested?

fuck, how do people get the game to look so fucking fluid in webms but when i try it feels like everything is swimming in cottage cheese? either the npcs derp out or my sword swings feel like they are lagging behind my actual arms hard

everything has simulated weight with sweetspots to prevent spastic flailing
if its lagging behind your hands you are swinging too fast
get yourself an actual sword or a big metal pipe and then use that as a guideline for how fast you should swing weapons ingame

Its a game where you live out your wildest incel fantasies, OP.


Are you playing the quest 2 version?

Because Donald Trump was weak. 2024 will be his revenge.

It's easily explainable though.
>Mom has blue eyes and light hair, a recessive gene for blue eyes and light hair and dominant gene for brown eyes
>Dad has blue eyes and brown hair, a recessive gene for blue eyes and light hair and dominant gene for brown eyes and brown hair
>they have children
>Recessive blue eye genes are not selected because both parents have a hidden dominant brown eye gene which takes over
>Dad's brown hair is not inherited because his recessive light hair gene and mom's recessive light hair gene combine to produce light haired kids

DOn't learn how to lucid dream and definitely don't kill people in them.

>t-two more years bro

I don't remember the name, but there was a female writer in 13th century France that said the exact same thing.

quiet troon

The movements he makes to run are amazing.

i swing a lead pipe and sledge around with relative frequency so that just makes it frustrating for me. then again, the real object has more weight, heft, etc to it so i may be perceiving things differently in real life as opposed to the game.
no, have tried it with vive and vive pro wired and wirelessly

dude was walking around like a clown, he should've dressed the part

fucking literally

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Remember the time when you never played the vanilla version and think retarded mods are canon?

its fun as hell, user, you will have a fucking blast dismembering npcs just enough so you can hold them in your hand and watch the light leave their eyes as they bleed out. but end of the day, its just a game and you will recognize it as such, it will not affect you the way you think it will. the graphics are not so immersive that you cant distinguish reality from fiction, far from it.

Troon, I know what I played.

It's not vanilla or even part of the restored content. You're a fucking idiot and a zoomer.

You have no idea what you're talking about retard

how is he walking around without using the track pad/thumbstick?

Maybe he is, but there is also a steam app called Natural Locomotion

>I'm afraid that if I do shit like this in VR I won't be able to differentiate reality from the game.

It's actually normal for a guy to get a chub playing B&S when they're fighting women. Once a week an user comes into the VR thread over on /vg/ and asks about it. Really common.

oh no no no outed as being a modtranny

thank you, you cheeky faggot you

No, it's not a mod. It was put in the game by based devs

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Shut the fuck up Hideo Kojima.

>retards don't remember vault city