At what point did you realize your happiest days were far behind you?

At what point did you realize your happiest days were far behind you?

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Nah I got fucked in the ass like a week ago that was the happiest i've been for a long time

unironically me

was it a Man, a "man" or a strapon?

MW3 was my last COD

I remember when this image being posted on Yea Forums inspired only a torrent of
>zoomers are now nostalgic for cowadoody
posts, but now I wouldn't be surprised if there's a ton of genuine nostalgia for CoD ITT, how far we've fallen

Like last year.

All of 2015 and 2016. Halo 5 came out and was crap. The video game industry officially became the modern cancer you see today. Dad and Grandpa died, and a whole bunch of other insanely stupid garbage that's more personal. No, I don't care about that election.

when all the scene girls disappeared and the band wanted to change genres to stay relevant..
I wanna go back to 2006-2008..


>how far we've fallen
It's called "time", buddy. It's always moving forward. You will be replaced by people younger than you same as you did to the people who came before you. It's a tragedy to nobody except your old, irrelevant ass.

I wish I had bought BO2 in its heyday but my dumbass wanted to be contrarian and unique and decided to enter my “COD is bad and for kids” phase right around its release

They disappeared because they realized they were wearing a costume 24/7.

Stop being a birch

I think Halo 4 was when I realized things will never go good again, and everything is slowly starting to collapse.

>COD is bad and for kids
It's not. It's bad and for retards.

In 5 years we will see these posts on Yea Forums but its fortnite on a ps4 lol

Modern warfare 2019 unironically came very close to the old school cod feeling. If only the maps were good and we had old school map from the beginning.

Never, my whole has fucking sucked and I can barely remember anything because I never had good memories to look back on

The post isn't about zoomers being nostalgic for CoD retard, that was always inevitable, the post is about those zoomers now being on Yea Forums when Yea Forums used to bully these types of people into leaving if they somehow managed to stumble here in the first place

I can't really relate. But i'm also driven to improve my quality of life. It unfortunately cuts a lot of binge gaming time, but I get a solid amount in. I am also easy to please with games though, my standards aren't as high as the average Yea Forums user pretends to have.

>when Yea Forums used to bully these types of people into leaving
No. Yea Forums used to unashamedly enjoy mainstream AAA titles. This place, for example, used to love franchises like Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty and openly discussed them all the time. The "You don't belong here shit" started later.

the only thing i remember of BO2 is my parents fighting while the multiplayer theme was playing

No shit it’s for retards. You know, it’s okay to just turn off your brain for a while and just shoot shit, not every game has to be fucking Pathologic 2. You replied to the wrong post btw retard


Absolute lmao, work on your bait it's too obvious

I gave 343 the benefit of the doubt back then, considering it was their first real game. Then 5 came out and all faith was tossed out the window because they doubled down on everything that made 4 disappointing, plus they made the multiplayer tryhard sweat fest, solidly killing the franchise in every way. I hate 343 so much it's unreal. Halo 5 being like the pre Reach games would have given me some desperately needed respite from a ton of grief.

This board was best when everyone laughed at codfags for being normies and console mongs

Oh haha ME demorarized, ME so upset, me cry arrrrr time. boo hoo, america different and not good as CHINA now, america fat retard hotdog coca cora. when peopre carr me dumb american they right so i cry :(

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Then play good mindless shooters like Serious Sam instead of AAA garbage

That image is unironically correct

the good old days...

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I played the beta and like you say the 2 maps they previewed were not fun

Imagine being at peak of your life in fucking grade school lmao

can you blame them seeing how games are now?
at least the older cods were straightforward gameplay, no zoom zoom skins, comeback mechanics like ultimates (yes there were deathstreaks but they sucked) so everyone gets a feel good moment, season pass, constant microtransactions etc

You turned on MW2 loaded into a lobby and started shooting people. you had things to unlock like skins that were purely from gameplay. You got a couple dlc packs every few months that had 5 or 6 maps in and not zoomer dances

Agree, spent my whole life getting mixed signals from family. Wanted me to be more social, but kept me on a tight as fuck leash. Wanted me to do well in school, but also would not give me adequate support or even school supplies. Anything I showed an interest in they would wall it away with chores and drama and make sure to take it away if I disobeyed.

not everyone was bullied in school.

take bath, u smerry

Zoomers will never know how kino MW2 online was

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MW19 was the most different and unique COD in the series and plays like nothing else in the series (until Vanguard copypasted it), and the maps were terrible until they started releasing old maps

And thus, with lust and greed, the amerimuttoid race mixed itself into extinction, its IQ lowered into oblivion, its mind poisoned by fluoride and corn syrup.

This is the result.

>unironically having nostalgia for the worst gaming gen

> cods were straightforward gameplay,
>last chance
Unironically neck yourself

yuck i was never happy
My happiest days are ahead of me when i get to cuddle and yiff my very own loving wifwolf

Welcome to life. If you haven't figured out what you're doing when you turn 20 then you should unironically consider killing yourself.

haha ya you have us american pegged comrade, rong rive china, ret us take ahhh-great ahhh-reap forward comrade user

And not everyone's a fucking loser

is that suppose to sound fun lol

Representing last chance chads


Wrong. It had the feel of mw1-3 but was dragged down due to poor map design and an extremely low ttk. But gameplay wise it was the closest we're ever going to get to the glory days of cod4.

kill yourself underage nigger

>But gameplay wise it was the closest we're ever going to get to the glory days of cod4.
Did you mistake Modern Warfare Remastered with MW19?

>he actually
>died to martydom/last chance

not the games fault you were clinically retarded tbf

It's perfectly ok to be nostalgic for CoD.
As long as its 1 or 2.

>no unlocks
>no XP treadmill
>no annoying popups
>no stupid loadouts
.just take a weapon and go

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>tfw you ruin some guy's killstreak with martyrdom

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>that giga-martyrdom glitch where people were firing javelins straight into the ground and the map was constantly shaking and covered in little mushroom clouds

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but mw2 was/is a zoomer game

I tried Vanguard in one of those free weekends, it was utterly terrible. It didn’t even feel like MW2019, there were so many effects that I could barely tell what was going on, both sides have the same operators, it was a total goatfuck

During teenage years, I'd go to school from 730-330. Be home around 4pm if I didnt have marching band, which made it 730 pm instead. Did homework, played vidya til midnight, went to bed, only hung out with friends on the weekends.

Now its work from home 8-430 whatever the fuck I want unil about 1am. Vidya, workout, watch tv, go out, whatever. Arguably I have more freetime on average at 32 than I did at 16, and I have way more money, my own place, a car, friends for gaming, friends for drinking, and friends at work to interact with, and I occasionally get laid every once in a while. No kids, no gf, no ex-wives to bring drama.

Feels pretty good.

I'm 40 and still don't believe this to be the case. Besides the political upset, every year is on average better than the last. More games, more money to play them on better gear and more platforms, doing 3 day work weeks gives me more time than ever before. Besides, any happiness I had before was based on ignorance, not knowing any better. Hopes that would never be realized. The only reason I would ever travel to my past, if I could, was for my youth. Not for anything that I had there that I would want back.
That shit was so funny. God watching this video makes me laugh. Seeing the people on the other team realize he's using it and instead of attacking him they just try to run away from him so it's just some dude with a javelin chasing 4 people.


>doing 3 day work weeks
How do you land a job like that? Or are you part time

>Get home from school and immediately play video games
Good way to flunk out. Do your fucking homework first then goof around with the rest of your free time.

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>it was the peak of your life
>you didn't realize this at all at the time

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If you were 13 when the game came out you'd still be a zoomer now.