Why are gamers like this?

Why are gamers like this?

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Equally interesting is the question "Why were the devs so adamant it needed to be a Black female?" And had it been does that mean the mentor character of the game, a Black female, would have been made a white man instead or would it have just been another Black female meaning the only prominent white male character in the game would have been a villain? Why is race so important to them? Are they trying to incite racial tensions? Is it part of "the plan" to do so? Should I bother washing my balls today?

Because negroes look bad.

>Not black female
>As in black or female
>Unintentionally admitting they just want a token character for the sake of virtue signalling

that would be really cool if they were literally all shot

devs are the enemy
nuke all devs from existence

There is hope for Respawn still.

Or as I've recently taken to calling it, Black + female.

Based. Video games are bad.

>Game has humans in it, racial virtue signalling
>Game has non-humans in it, faggot virtue signalling
Why are devs so obsessed with telling everyone their political beliefs instead of making good games?

There's a black woman in the game though

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>mfw hyperthyroidism

>telling everyone their political beliefs
They're participating in a culture war, it's not merely their own expression.

>space series with a bunch of aliens running around
>not a single main character is an alien
At least Rosario Dawson is making live-action orange buttcheeks I guess

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The part they don't mention is that they also sold this game to Asian countries, which is why that change won out. Obviously Miles Morales and the such would negatively affect sales in comparison to the alternative, however, they don't really care for that and will force it on their customer base if they feel ballsy enough.
They can't however, pull this with the Chinese market. It's really that simple.

Either way its fucking annoying. I used to play shitteo games for fun, not to hear some pencil neck from the Yoonited States lecture me about social issues and representation.

These were just stupid woke employees who didn't understand what the game was even going for, and it sounds like their suggestions were rejected by Respawn, not EA. Cal is obviously supposed to feel like Luke.
It sounds like this person was a major drag on their workplace, a programmed woke robot yammering out the same "systems of power" nonsense that the world is finally tiring of hearing. Good thing they fired her

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We were denied Shaniqua Skywalker.
I will never get over this.

Should be pushing for a alien protagonist if they really wanted diversity instead of virtue signaling

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The game and had some sort of arab looking sith chick and i thought she was aight

Why do all these devs want black female protagonists?

This would have made the game 100x more interesting, and better as a result. Better yet, just have a rudimentary character creator with male/female body type, a few facial and hair options, a skin color selector, and that's it. It never made any sense whatsoever that a game this simple and short with so little dialogue just didn't at least let you pick your gender.

we need more games with alien protags and I mean fucking alien
Not "looks human but is LE alien lmao" or "furry protag but LE alien lmao" I mean actual fucking alien. thanks

This is not news to anyone, can you imagine ANY AAA game in modern times not having someone on the inside pushing for black jewish lgbtbraap characters?

>New TV series
>Named Obi-Wan Kenobi
>About Obi-Wan, Vader and young Luke
>With Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen
>Majority of screen time will take this creature

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ESG from Blackrock.
They won't work with any companies that aren't pushing the agenda and companies are scared and trying to put in all of this crap.

>all the fresh ahsoka porn that will flood the internet soon
can't wait.

This goes as far back as Fable 3, though. What's the fucking deal with the constant pushing?

Hell, you were gonna get a black female in Assassin's Creed Origins if the higher ups hadn't stepped in.

Because there is only black and white, no other race exists.

The goal is to piss off white male chuds, and whites have more in common with ayys than ugly non-whites/ugly white female leftists

I can't wait for her to turn good and keep saving Kenobi.

Dude, it's been going for weeks now.

Sadly I can't. Funny thing, only Russia and Ukraine were fine with making games without blacks. And now they are eliminated from game market.

Why not an asian female protagonist? With a bodysuit and a big ass

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Because white girls hate Asians since they are so much sexier

If the leaks are true it's her who saves Luke from Vader while dying heroically, turning Obi-Wan into a double failure who couldn't protect anyone.

Religion died in the mid 2000's and people took up politics as their new dogmatic crusade.

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>since they are so much sexier
lol no pedo weeb

Czechia and Poland.

They look better as they age which is the opposite of a white girl

Imagine being this retarded to think that all Asians are underage.

>tfw no pakistani sith-lord waifu

Because white guys like asian females.

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asians get plastic surgery so they perpetually resemble children only pedos like asians this is fact you are pedos

It's not 'super' alien but I'd fucking love a game where you play as a wookiee Jedi.

You even get a built in sidekick because you'll need a translator droid.


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lol white girls are ugly as fuck

It would not surprise me, just another example of them shitting on existing characters to make the new ones "better".

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I want to play as this.

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you would think that because white women resemble adults and you are a pedo that only likes children

>tactical snack pouch

It would also be a justification for the habit of current games where the main character keeps stating obvious stuff and does not shut up.

>game still flopped

That'd be really hard to make work from an animation perspective. Potentially interesting, but I can't think of way to make movement as a Hutt feel good to play.

Yeah, it'd be pretty fun. You can have the wookie get uppity at the droid, could lead to some fun banter.

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They didn't even consider it when they were making it, and it was only redesigned after twitter niggers whined about it.
I don't know what you're expecting from a company, that they'll make some fucking grandstand against this shit?
Forced diversity still gets rebuked by slav studios, Warhorse told people asking for niggers in medieval Bohemia to fuck off. Even CDPR, as pozzed as it is, keeps game worlds coherent with no random niggers - all arabs and blacks in Witcher games were considered exotic, came from abroad and so on.

Please tell me there's an option to join Vader after he casually BTFO that bugeyed alien looking nigger.

Lets be real here, a Jedi game starring another Debra Wilson looking sheboon would flop hard with the Star Wars crowd

Its obvious that the suits at the top were just afraid of it not selling as well if they made the MC black/female, because some thing these devs doesn't want to aknowledge is that the majority of video game consumers arent women or african americans

As per non-canon material (anymore), Hutts are only fat slobs because of their culture and not because they're predisposed to be that, so a Jedi Hutt could easily get ripped if he wanted to.
They're also surprisingly quite fast for a slug.



These woman should be starting families, not regurgitating Marxist nonsense they learned from (((university)))

Huh? You can join Vader?

Oh I know that, and their tails are also super muscular. But I still can't think of a way to make dynamic movement feel good to play. They'd be limited to shuffling or slithering, and that doesn't lend itself to fun movement, generally.

Wookiees strike a nice balance. They're fairly alien compared to near-humans yet also have unique traits that could lead to fun gameplay, mostly the fact that they're apparently amazing climbers.


You wouldn't even be able to compile blacks without females

yes totally projection now why don't you tell me about "neoteny" again pedo weeb

>yet another thread about this
I'm beginning to think this kind of journalism is prominent not because of sjw but easily triggered dunces clicking this content to death. I mean if I wanted my article to get read I"d definetively write about how the protagonist was planned to have a tranny friend but didnt get it because racist team LE BAD without never mentioning actual game quality

>t. Roastie toasties


It's called "clickbait" for a reason. It's deliberately designed to anger. Here we have an almost perfect example because lefties will be angered they weren't allowed to have a black or female character while chuds will be angered that they wanted to have a black or female character. Both sides get pissed. Us centrist chads, though, don't give a fuck.