What's the rarest game you have on Steam?

What's the rarest game you have on Steam?

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i dunno, probably Duke 3D: Megaton Edition, Darkest of Days, Stomping Land, or FUEL? i have a shitload of games that have been delisted over the years. I should remove StarForge from my library, it probably brings down the value lmao.
no one is paying those prices for a key for SAW though. not even a quarter of that price. key sellers are retarded.

Was going to say Alice: Madness Returns but they added it back to Steam recently.
Why was this removed but Remaster is still up?

PTDE and vanilla Dark Souls 2 lmao

All of them because im a piratechad
>imagine paying for imaginary scarce digital games
Literally download a copy dont be a faggot
>but muh ill btfo my steemie friends with my colle...
No one cares faggot

i have both of these as well as Saw, mk9 Komplete Edition, and probably others... what could i sell the account for do you think??

Because ptde was for an older gen and would go on sale for 4.99
But not the demaster its "new" and should only go for as low as 19.99

>No one cares faggot
take your own advice

cant sell pirated version for $800

Probably Race Driver Grid 2008, now worth $200 on key sites.

Vanilla das2 is still for sale user

>take your own advice
take your own advice

Cope and seethe

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buying steam accounts isn't that big of a thing, people would rather buy keys. and those two games don't mean much, you'd probably get at most like $50 assuming you own other normal shit.

Cant sell an easily downloadable game for 800
Try again

Your games will never be worth that much.
And even if one somehow does get to it you'd never sell it because it means too much to you.

>800 for a saw key on g2a
>sold out when i last checked
>not worth anything


Why is it being sold for so much?
It's easy to download it for free.

got about 40 unlisted steam gifts
every few months or so another bitch boy collector adds me to trade: offer? offer :)
gotta be worth something so whatever man

>remove listing for a while to make it seem even more rare
>list in a month for double the price in hopes some rich dumbfucker buys it
I absolutely guarantee you no one has ever spent $800 on a fucking key for SAW, come on dude.
>someone bought it
>redeemed it
>reversed charge claiming it didn't work

James Bond: Blood Stone, probably.

a brief google tells me it's fags who are obsessed with the movie needing it on their account

No one can beat this

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Why would you ever want to sell your steam account?
Why would anyone want to buy a steam account? Actually I know the answer to that, nvm.

oh yeah?

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well arent you a little ray of sunshine!
jokes on you nigga, nothing means anything to me anymore, not since i stopped feeling

Holy shit

Aw fug, so PTDE only

In 5-7 years all new games on steam will be able to have their keys minted into NFT's and sold and Gamestop is going to run the used game NFT marketplace.
Sounds like redditor fantasy, but I happen to know this is what's in the works behind the scenes.

Welp I got thus fucker, Spider Man Shattered Dimensions and Prey 2006

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yeah nah, never happening. Gaben is vehemently against NFTs.
plus NFTs are already dead.

Not a bad club to be in desu
You try the remastest mod? Pretty fun.

No, friend. The outrageously expensive NFT is dead. The insidious NFT is the one gaben, apple, ms, and the rest of them like. This is the kind of NFT they are working on.
They need people to mistrust it first, then they need people to forget. They're about to throw a party you are not invited to.

Holy shit not the heckin spoopy doopy NFT

Outrun C2C I guess? Not sure since it was a preorder bonus at one point

Got lucky when Rockstar fucked up last year

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Deus ex hr


Prey is still easy to get since you can buy a physical copy and redeem the CD key on Steam
Jericho is great, wish Clive Barker would make a new game.
you forgot to take your meds today, didn't you

not him but QRD? i have both versions

Don't know.

>Bunny Must Die
>The Duke Nukem games including Megaton Edition
>Fable 3
>Alpha Protocol
>GTA 1,2,3,VC, SA
>Midnight Club 2
>bunch of delisted F1 and NBA games
>the og versions of Deus Ex HR and Sleeping Dogs

Pre free to play TF2 probably.

Laugh it up.
Can't wait to see threads you guys make sucking gaben's cock because you can finally "sell" your games.

What is there to possibly go over user?
The remaster is just DaSFix preinstalled and sold for more money.

Two of these are me making fun of your ramblings. Crypto is dying.

Crypto isn't dying, not for them anyway. Public mistrust of crypto is a good thing for them.
By the time it comes back it'll be too late for you. They're going to get your money and you'll get nothing.

Dont you have a power fantasy to drool over schizo

>reading comprehension

Are you in my home? What are you talking about?
I'm warning you of bad things to come and you mock me.

The one I made
No one else bought it :(

Im in your walls which are my home
Youre the on outside my house
This is the warning

Were you the one who made that fish horror game and put it up on steam?
If so I bought your game :)

Duke nukem 3d world tour

Hail to the king baby!

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behold my graveyard

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>i have a shitload of games that have been delisted over the years
Banned in merica.

THere's a secret to this. 8 6 4. First 2. im in my home.
2nd 2 no. 1. youre house, this warning.
im in my home. I know this much.
what does the rest mean?

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Install gentoo


I didn't know God Eater was delisted. I have that in my library since who knows when.

technically its not, you get it for free if you buy GE2

I see. I bought the bundle the years ago. GE4 when, fucking Bamco.

Rayman 2