So why do people hate this remake again?

I hear people from time to time say this shit is garbage. Is it just OG fags missing the polygons or something?

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It's og chads not falling for the XIII saga writer's shit writing, newfag. Play the original if you want to truly see why the remake is in most ways inferior.

bad combat
bad exploration
bad story
bad graphics
good music, which is just remix album of a 25 years old game and is not enough to redeem it

now kiss

this, and the original isnt even well written, it's a jumbled amalgamation of 4-5 different plot ideas they were using at various stages. the fact that the remake manages to bungle an important element that was never that great in the first place...

>bad weapon system
>bad materia rework
>bad summon system
>bad new corny characters
>bad usage of money
>oh wait I got it free
>still bad

Because it misled people.
They heard "FFVII Remake" and assumed it meant "A recreation of the original game with updated graphics."
Not a literal "The plot of the game is that Sephiroth is literally trying to remake the world and alter events of the last game by going back to the past like Samurai Jack"

Not enough Tifa

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They didn't. The only gripe I have is the stuttering nonsense

works on my machine

The biggest problem with this piece of shit is that it's not even the full game it's part 1 lol

>it's not even the full game it's part 1 lol

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i liked it a lot, but a lot of the criticism stems from the ghosts, sephiroth and the general slow pace of it
for 80% of the game it is a remake and that's where it shines, it still feels like a full game even if it uses a small part of the source material, like how fellowship of the ring is part of a larger story but still digestible as it's own thing (even though FF7R isn't on the same level of quality as LOTR)
Still not much of a fan of that entire last chapter but I'm still curious to see what they do with the later parts because I liked midgar so much

Not a remake, a sequel. Get it right for fuck sake.

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Chinese hands typed this

Mass effect 1,2,3. Final fantasy 7 part 1. That sounds retarded when the original game wasn't in parts

People do? There were some complaints that it doesn’t follow the original completely but other than that it’s the best final fantasy game in a long time and has a good amount of soul

hi, barry!

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>bad graphics
what the fuck

The combat was great

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FFXV will always be one of the worst games ever created and no amount of attempting to shit on other games will ever change that

what does that have to do with me outing that chinese poster?

>no news on Part II until the end of the year because 16 and forspoken are gonna take the limelight for the next 6 months

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Don't expect it any year soon

There is no Part 2

Who cares? 7R flopped hard as shit foot censoring Tifa and Shiva.

retards wanted a 1:1 remaster because they don't understand what a remake is

Example of a good ass remake is re2 remake

Doesn’t help it has mindless fan base that defends every shitty addition to the game.
Those 100 stupid sections where you crawl thru a gap along a pipe etc are just there to pad out the running time. It’s that sort of shit fest.
FF13’s still gets meme’d for it’s hallways, FF7r has the same shit.

I never wanted a 1:1 remaster, I just didn't want time jannies taking a fat shit all over the story

1. Not even a finished game. Very loosely adapts roughly the first 4-5 hours of the OG game's FIRST DISC, but STRETCHES that into a 50-60 hour slog fest with fetch quests and shit that did not exist in the original. And it's gonna be 70€ per each chapter, plus DLC tip.

2. Absolutely butchered art-style and atmosphere. Long gone are the moody diesel-punkish dystopian world, and in its place is a pretty fucking cheery and generic modern megalopolis. It's hard to call the early sections as "slums".
The OST is also downgraded in similar manner, only seeming similar at the first glance, but completely lacking the oomph and mechanical world-feel of the originals.

3. Gameplay is god-awful. Combat is literally on autopilot, and its real-time manner ruins the map design, creating these huge, empty "arenas" for you to sprint around. Outside of battle you mostly spend time slowly walking around, and doing THAT cinematic squeezing through narrow cracks stuff you see in modern vidya.

4. The new story (yes, STORY) is absolutely embarrassing Kingdom Hearts -tier shit about "muh destiny", and how some literal timeline janitor ghosts WANT you to play the events like in the original, but this time traveling Sephiroth #69 wants to ruin the UNIVERSE by going against it. And in the end the whole PC party ends up changing the history, so now the sequel chapters will not need to follow the OG's plot at all!

tl;dr: FF7 DEmake is a sad money-grab parody of the FF7, made for people who have never played the original game nor probably never would either. The author's probably both butt-hurt about all his original plans getting rejected and also trying to shoe-horn some Disney Star Wars -style "lol! the IP's roots do not matter! It's the CURRENT YEAR!!" meme, ruining the fun for everybody.

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Dude, graphics are not what people complaining about.
Art direction is the problem.

It's hated because it's not a remake, it's Rebuilt of Final Fantasy VII. The "remake" part is Sephiroth trying to remake the events to his achieve his own goals. Once you accept that fact, it's decent, albeit a tad padded out. Peak of the game was Wall Market though, but that comes at no surprise.

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Fuck off and die. RE2 DEmake is EXACTLY the same kind of butchered clusterfuck as FF7 DEmake. Both are prime examples of everything wrong with the modern zoomer industry.

Resident Evil Remake, 2002, Nintendo Gamecube.
The game that started the whole boom, and literally all that EVERYONE has always wanted from EVERY remake since. A faithful, masterful recreation that respects the original's style and gameplay, but polishes + expands things in a smart manner using the modern technology.

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>Resident Evil 1 is a Remaster now

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why? you already have a game with the story of ff7. it's called ff7.
why should the remake tell the exact same story instead of putting in a twist that keeps you guessing?

>The "remake" part is Sephiroth trying to remake the events
Sad, pathetic cope attempt.
The hacks behind the game couldn't pull off what devs 30 years ago did, so they came up with all sorts of excuses for their failure. And now the ADHD zoom zooms eat this up with a smile.

The wall market was totally butchered. Shit's just a China town wannabe, practically tiny paradise compared to what it was meant to be.

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>retards wanted a 1:1 remaster
Who are you talking about?
What ‘they’, the old grumpy fans, wanted was a remake of the original, not a sequel. Sora could pop up any second at this rate.

Because the time jannies aren't a "twist that keeps you guessing", they ruin the tone of every scene they appear in
>Meeting Aerith for the first time
>Shinra destroying the pillar
>Leaving Midgar

Because your pathetic attempt to re-define established terminology is still not working, moron.
People expected AND were PROMISED to get the upgraded FF7 experience, not a 1/4th of a game that tries to be a Doctor Who spinoff.

I still couldn't accept the president shinra part
>Barret chases president shinra into the office, alone, while others are just chilling outside, doing jack shit
>Barret watch as president shinra search for his desk for a good minute and pull out a gun
>only then the party conveniently gets in to see the event unfold
>Sephiroth stabbed barret, and immediately get healed by time ghost, so there's no consequences or affecting the story in any way, all just to keep barret out of the next fight with Jenova
The game is written by a brain dead 3 years old.

>because the time jannies aren't a "twist that keeps you guessing"
yes it is because anything might change now. aerith could survive, zak could appear, sephiroth might join the party. it's anybody's guess
>le ruined
sadbrained take. just because it's different doesn't make it worse.

>putting in a twist that keeps you guessing?
Why would this be something you value above a good story? Why have a game with Cloud and Tifa etc? You don’t just want the same thing again do you user? Why not a character called Tom who farts rabbits too? just make a new IP if you wanted something ‘new’.

Are you perchance a writer for current Star Trek?

>Why would this be something you value above a good story?
the story is good though
>b-b-but it's different

not a single one of you sadbrains has put forth a SINGLE argument about the story being objectively worse, in all the time since the game came out

You vote left politically, don’t you?

Option 1.

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Then don't call the game FF7 : Remake.
Call it "FF7 : Another" or some other shit.
Because it has nothing to do with the original FF7 aside of piggybacking off it.

yes. I'm the writer of star trek, I came to Yea Forums for the express purpose of calling you a faggot.
>sad man is obsessed with contrarian politics
like clockwork

Option 2.

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>yes it is because anything might change now
If they wanted to do that shit they should have advertised it as such from the very start. Calling it a remake is disingenuous
>just because it's different doesn't make it worse
It's not worse because it's different, it's worse because it's worse. All the drama around Shinra dropping the plate is robbed from the characters and given to some fucking ghosts. I'd be complaining about that if it was a brand new game with brand new characters

Because EVERYONE wanted the same fucking story, gameplay, etc all on the latest graphics. No story changes or gameplay changes at all. Instead we got:
>Time jannies
>Shitty graphic
>Censored Tifa and Shiva
>Sephiroth is from that shitty movie
>Not turn based
It's no fucking wonder that SE panicked so much they just sold their entire Western IPs. It flopped hard, the number one requested remake and the final plan when they had nothing flopped. Word of mouth died for it after a month.
Oh yeah, PS5 never excused the shitty graphics and Yuffie remained uncensored after all the outrage about Tifa and Shiva being covered up.
Here's an even better question for you, why do YOU praise this shit?

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>has put forth a SINGLE argument about the story being objectively worse
see The writing is shit, and (((you))) are just a fucking shill if you are defending this piece of shit.

they'll call it whatever the fuck they want

do real people even occupy these threads anymore?

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>Because EVERYONE wanted the same fucking story
only boring people wanted that

>the story is good though
I sure hope we get more Roche. He really added a lot to the story and it keeps me guessing about what happens next.

The story doesn't make fucking sense.

>only boring people wanted that
So 99% of everyone wanting the Remake to be the exact same thing are boring now? Go fuck yourself, I'm happy this shit flopped. I honestly pray to God himself that he uses his divine powers to fully cancel the Remake project.

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cope. roche and johnny were kino characters

Real people hated this shit.
And the shill bots are trying to the twist the public opinions in their favor.
I will keep coming into these threads and remind people how shitty the game is, so they don't get brainwashed by the shill bots thinking this shitty game is "good"

99% of everyone wanted an alternate take, not the same shit all over again
only incel fanboys wanted the same story

Why make it ff7 then? Why not just make a new game then?

>So why do people hate this remake again?
Because it's a bad, buggy, ugly and broken game, and literally not a remake of FF7 as it was marketed as. Simple as that.
You know that something's up when the last two major FF-game releases almost sunk Square, but the much lower budget NieR titles saved them in the end.

>99% of everyone wanted an alternate take

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That's why those 99% are not complaining about the game and the game sold so well to the 99%.
Ooops wait, that didn't happen