So this... is Fire Emblem

So this... is Fire Emblem...

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OMG... she is SOOOOO attractive...

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Painfully based
all games should have alternative swimsuit models for all their characters

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Four of those are lesbians and two more definitely fuck each other despite being straight.

I hate you.

Lesbians don't exist, twittertranny

Even the prude religious ones are dressing and acting like whores, just like in real life

I haven't played FEH in almost 2 years.
Is it any better or has the insane powercreep continued?

This is what happens when a series bounces back from near-death.

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Yes, mobile gacha

Wtf where is Bernadette?

Ah yes, Three Houses favouritism.

>when a series bounces back from near-death.
did the gacha do that? Or do you mean the series as a whole?
Haven't touched the phone game in a year and I played since launch

what the fuck am I watching?

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The series. The producer famously mentioned that Awakening would've been the last game in the series had it flopped like the few previous games.

It is not appropriate for a teacher to have such massive milkers. How are her students expected to pay attention?

>no horny line

tms vibes

>Cow girl
>tambourine solo
FE is based now?


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haven't played in a while, who's the beast girl?

Avatar of the Dragon from Askr

New Donut Steel OC teammate for the current arc... Book 6 I think.

let me guess, she also thirsts for (you)r cock?

>Awakening saved the series from death
>Three Houses made the series one of Nintendo's major IPs
>The mobile gacha has brought in an ungodly amount of cash

Only took the franchise like 20+ years to hit the big time, but good for FEfags I guess. They don't have to worry about Fire Emblem getting shelved anymore.

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just an april fool's prank

I don't think she speak to you in the story, you're nonexistant.

She falls into (You)r arms in the book's trailer and blushes.

well, I'll be damned
finally, a pleasant surpri-
fucking lel

Literally the first ten seconds by the way:

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That's noncanon bro
Opening movie
>caught a cow falling from the sky with ease.
>encounter her in Embla's woods, speak only to Sharena and Alfonz

pirate titties

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will they top it this summer?

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About time she gets an alt, though it will have to be a very sexy swimsuit to top that.

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This is Fire Emblem in 2022

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Poor girl

Lots of nuEmblem pandering huh, older games had cute girls too but they weren't waifu sims

Twitter or other platforms didn't exist back then

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>no problem to give Inigo a second alt
>become a accessory to Myrrt who had a alt

Bait, dykes don't exist. Also Nintendo =/= Gay, you're not fooling anyone tranny.

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There's no lesbians in three houses, gamer. Stop huffing petrol

>FEH does the unusual for FE

Am I being brainwashed? I'm starting to think she is actually attractive more and more.

I will never understand how this happened, but by the gods did my dick pierce the heavens.

I'm sure even more insanity has happened since this bombshell of a semen demon.

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Legendary corrin is so hot for me

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I'm so fucking glad they always draw the ties in detail

I'm so fucking glad they always draw the ties in detail

for me it's orange spats god I want to see her broken by a fat old bastard so had bros


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She is so very precious.

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Post her soles

They're literally just generic anime girls
Am I missing something?

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they used to be less generic
now it's mobile game trash

FE artstyle and character designs have always been extremely generic reflections of the anime of their era. Gacha only means they also whore the characters out now.

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They at least had cool armor instead of generic bikinis

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