Master Duel

Fusion event in on, what are you guys using?
Also what decks are you building in the future?

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Hey guys, here's my event farming guide!

The average turn takes about 3 minutes and the average match takes about 4 turns. This means the average time a match can take is 12 minutes.

You should realistically be looking to win once every four games, possible every third or even second game depending on your deck. But let's say every 4th game just to be safe.

This means you could easily spend 48 minutes in the game before you get your first victory! This is pretty inefficient, but there's a faster way.


That's right, surrender early and save time. It's not cowardly or being salty, it's just mathematically the optimal way to play. The more matches you play, the more likely you will find a match up that's highly favorable to you!

>surrender if you don't win coin toss
>surrender if you don't get a perfect opening hand
>surrender if anything gets negated and you can't replace it
>surrender if you don't like the match up
>surrender if you don't understand or recognise the opponent's deck

This way you spend at most a minute in each match, meaning you can easily look for 12 games and win one in the space where you would have played out a full match and probably lose.

You are more likely to clear missions in games you win as well, reducing the time spent grinding out those precious gems! You're not going to hit those missions if you get FTK or all of your cards get negated after all.

Good luck to everyone farming this event!

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>4 connection failed loses during my plays
We will never get BO3 because of this shit alone

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>durr true draco is going to be the cancer of this event
If only. At least against them I can get a fusion monster on the field.

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I'm somehow winning matches with the Predaplant loaner deck

this event seems like its going to be even more annoying than the syncrho event

because no one fucking know what those monsters do, I've ashed the wrong thing so far now lol

fusions are less likely to combooooo for 5 hours

If only Wynn didn't get DD Crow'd I could've gotten everyone on the board

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>Fusion event in on, what are you guys using?
Closest thing I have to pure fusion so them with a bunch of random super poly targets

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how are you getting that many out on the board in that many turns?

Do I need Albion or Titan for a Despia deck?

>tfw already had a HERO deck ready for the event since season 1

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Opponent was an idiot so he kept attacking with his Odd-eyes which lets me use Unpossessed ro SS from the deck and revive with Possessed Partnership

sounds like fun. mind sharing your deck?

I have literally zero (0) (nihil) (none) fusion decks or cards, what the fuck can I make that is cheap but still has a decent chance of victory?

>Lost 12 games in a row
What the fuck is this absolute garbage

albion goes crazy with the new (future) support

What a coincidence, I've been redrawing some of my cards from last night. Here's a slightly lewder Super Poly

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play loaner and surrender if you don't open super poly

>another 3 connection failed

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Based. I run Laundry in my deck just because shes so cute.

And here's Gameciel, now with a better joke

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Here's what I'm currently using. Just a disclaimer, this deck is not very good and without the Dogmatika/Link supports it's even worse than usual. And it's surprisingly not cheap to build(still missing a second copy of Ichirin). I'm still experimenting with stuff.

so, right now I don't NEED him right?
Alo how is this, what do I add/replace?

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Another thing to consider.

Konami will add more missions later (most likely a damage and win duel mission) so it is not worth it to get to 11000 medals now.

I haven't played in weeks because I had to study for exams (and I'm not done yet), I don't have a fusion deck and have yet to remove from my deck all the banned cards (including all my extra deck monsters) and replace them with something else. Most of my monsters are also dark so they'll end up being food for superpoly and starving venom. This event is gonna be painful

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I'm at work but gonna run thundras and cydras and cyberdark

I can practically see...

T-thanks Konami...

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What rank should I climb to in order to bully True Draco players?

See what user? The great big combos you can do?

why are mot yugioh monsters hard to draw?
only the lolis are easy and even then a bunch have a bunch have weird designs

oh draw as in the art thing
not the yugioh card draw from the deck
you confused me for a good sec

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Just make benkei otk my dude.

>Super Poly a Despiafag's board away for Triphyoverutum
>they immediately forfeit


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Oh yeah they're insane. Just go simple enough that its recognisable user, that's what I did when i was making those shitty cards. As long as people can look at it and go "oh yeah that's X" then its all good

the loner decks are shittier and the only truly anoying fusion deck is shadoll so it isn't as bad as the synchro event

This stalling cunt walked away and made me win through a timeout, fuck I'm mad.

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>Be a faggot and play stall
True dedication though

>yellow pack
>Utopia slash
>nothing above rare, nothing with a higher finish

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Holy kek who runs this in the fusion event?

I'm practicing upscaling old card art using yugioh omega, let me know if you like the result and maybe will take some request from anons in this thread.

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I ran into a Dark Magician player who used it.

im usng depialord darklords like the other 30% of players, the other 50 being true draco scum
but despia mirrors are honestly some of the most fun games i've had in master duel, you have counter play and are weak to stuff so its a matter of good reasource management and decision making

literally looks worse than my mom's waifu2x


>want to build Dream Mirrors for the event
>they didn't release fucking Dark Neiroy despite their solo mode being datamined
Why why why why why

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True Chadco mirrors are so fun.

i didn't know he had horns

This cunt mostly.

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Based amazoness player
post your deck list i want to compare

Doing pretty well I suppose. Thunder Dragons just rape everything it feels like.
Probably going to grab the title tonight just to get it done with even though there's going to be a second wave of missions.
And I just finished getting the stuff I need for Swordsoul Yang Zing so going to save up for birds next month

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>he isn't playing chadiator beasts
are they actually a good deck? why do they run the vanilla bear?

>why do they run the vanilla bear?
unexpected dai for free material

can you post the fusion ticket pack cards?

This but Thunder Dragons.

They're shit as always. I already pulled both URs and Mirror force dragon though. That's kind of neat though I want the summoned skull fusion just so I'll have them all from the event.

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based rogue bro (altough i think thunder is far better than heros)

lol thundra is easy meta right now even in ranked, are you joking?

do heros work without the links?

I didn't expect the 600 damage to add ups so quickly. Worse if there's 2 of them

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Just ash the guy that special summons from the deck and is limited to 1 lmao. I dont even play predaplants but that thing looks like junk speeder in a plant costume

give me the dino xyz

>Everyone using DPE decks
>let me buff up Lunaknight Leo Dancer to 8000 attack without interfering
>then activate DPE's effect because they didn't read my card, just end up destroying DPE
>leave me an empty board to smash into pieces

this event is easy as fuck.

>harpies feather duster has an animation

I highly doubt it, aside from shadoll niggers fusion decks are pretty tame and easy to beat. Just look at the loaners, not a single negate in sight.

they lose an importan extender but you can leave a decent board plasma+dpe+something else

You can't be this delusional, bro.

This is my usual non-event deck. It's definitely got room for improvement; I'm relatively inexperienced.

it's new
bunch of staples got animations

I wish
It's meta for the event for sure but not in ranked

Oops, still blinded by rage.

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I think like no one just know how to play against them in event. You like you see them in ranked very often. No one even ashcuck me

Fang of Criteas is kind of fun, and Trishula is, uhh... Like a generic link monster that can be used during next year's Fusion festival I guess.

>summoning a self protecting flood gate and a near indestructible boss monster that can banish isn't meta
i hate thunder dragon niggers

Thunder Dragons instant win versus anything that isn't tier 1.
Theyre way above rogue for sure, they are maybe in tier 1.5 along with Shadolls and Sky Strikers

How? I have nothing but forced disconnects 5 times in row now.

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Are you the guy who claimed Relinquished is at least tier 2?

Just gonna wait till Konami adds more achivements for the event and then go in with Lava Golem/Timelord burn. Fuck Fusions.

>Thunder Dragons instant win versus anything that isn't tier 1.
Zombie World is tier 1 wow.

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>summoning a self protecting flood gate and a near indestructible boss monster
Heh y-yeah t-those thunder dragon players sure are degenerate

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