Yakuza kenzan development span was 16 months

Yakuza kenzan development span was 16 months

Yakuza 3 development was span 11 months

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Kenzan any good?

are you a fan of child prostitution?

There's literally not a single bad Yakuza/Judgement game.

>There's literally not a single bad Yakuza/Judgement game.
Yakuza 3 & 5 have entered the chat.

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What's wrong with Yakuza 3?

the enemies block too much, and you can't hit them

That's it?

The vast majority of gamers are retards that don't realize you can just quickstep behind enemies and combo their backs.

it's not that bad

what did he mean by this?

5 is kino, if you don’t like 5 you don’t like Yakuza.

lol so redditors are the ones hating on the best yakuza game with the best combat aside from 0. fucking filtered idiots.


4, the kiwami games

most of the new fans of Yakuza hate it because blocking, but for me it's not problem

What's wrong with the Kiwami games?

Nothing, people need to lern2styleswitch

I'm a new Yakuza fans who started with 0. I then played the Kiwami games,3 and am now playing 4. So far I really enjoyed 0 and K2 and hell, I even enjoyed 3.
4 is alright but it's the one I like the least at the moment especially because of the story and the side content that I don't really find interesting. A shame because on their own, the playable characters (aside from Kiryu) are really nice.

After I'm done with LAD, I plan on playing the original Y1 and Y2 to see the difference between them and the Kiwami games

Wait till you do 5, user.
I hope you enjoy crazy taxi, dance battles and hunting.

They suck ass and are straight downgrades

This argument just proves Y0 brought in a flood of troons and zoomers that just want to mash light attack to see the le daddy kiryu memes. You can side step, guard break, throw and just overall use heats and the environment to name a few ways to get past something as rudimentary as fucking blocking. These people don't play video games, they want to watch movies or have the game play itself for them

This is literally all of those "why can't Metroid crawl" posts except for yet another generation of retarded children used to dumbed down piss easy nigger games, which is sad considering Yakuza 3 is ridiculously easy. It may be easy but still not simple enough, so it's just like the endless complaining about tank controls, motion inputs in fighting games, shooters not having aim assist or auto aim. Fuck this generation and fuck them for dragging the average skill level needed down even in the easiest fucking franchises on the planet

I do like crazy taxi and don't mind the hunts but I'll admit I'm a bit anxious about the dance battles, especially with Haruka. What I hope the most is that 5 has at least a slightly better story

5 has Shinada so you are wrong.

You can't do that in Yakuza 3. Enemies track your movements.
And when you do eventually break their guard, they instantly block again.
Y3 is a damn good game, and this is the only thing that holds it back. Just one tiny hurdle everything else is brilliance.

Shinada sucks

Don't (You) me, secondaryfags. You're newfags who discovered the series a few years back. I feel disgusted sharing Yakuza with you niggers.

I'm willing to bet that you discovered the series with Yakuza 0, man. It's always the loudest who have something to hide.

It's the same game every time.

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This except with Nintendo and not Yakuza.

Hey! Be real! They changed the combat engine for worse after 10 years of rehashing, give them some slack!

Yakuza is SEGA's New Super Mario Bros.

And Lost Judgment has the best combat in the entire series now.

Quit projecting, zoom zoom. I've been playing Yakuza before your whore mom shitted you out.

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>What I hope the most is that 5 has at least a slightly better story
Lets bash each other on the roof of the millennium tower until the big baddie turns up, Saiejima

It's always the same autism with you bandwagoners. "I've been there since the start" and yet, 17 years later, you're on Yea Forums being an uppity spaz.
It's the oldest trick in the book. We can see through your autism.

>I'll take a picture of a game I bought yesterday, this'll show the internet
Real long-time fans let knowledge speak for them. You've basically just admitted to being the dork you claim others are.

Fits perfectly.

The Kiwami games are much better than the originals

>5 am
Based fellow NYC bro

Child's hands wrote that

I'm op and i respect you, i know you don't care but this my playthrough of Yakuza series:
Yakuza Kiwami
Yakuza 2
Yakuza 3
Yakuza 4
Yakuza 5
Yakuza 6
Yakuza 0

my favorite top Yakuza game ( from the starting with worst and stopping with a best )

Yakuza 6
Yakuza 0
Yakuza 3
Yakuza 2
Yakuza 4
Yakuza Kiwami

have good time sir, the fact that you understand the growing pains of yakuza series from the start and you enjoyed every game deserve mad respect

he's a newfag bro. as another user said actual long time fans don't do the gatekeeping shit he does.
we welcome the shit because we remember what it was like when we rarely got the games.


oh, really??

to be honest, Yakuza fanbase have been toxic the last 5 years, i heard stories about people got their addresses leaked because they favored certain game above Yakuza 0 , and i did got stalked because i said shinada was shit, what is happening?

nah, my man. it's not toxic. it's one of the better fanbases out there.
not perfect though as you can see with the odd autistic cunt here and there.
never heard of anyone getting their addresses leaked or being stalked for not liking a certain character though.

Hopefully never.

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you need to dig up to see the shit, yesterday day i made post in yakuza subreddit and i got downvoted to hell because i pointed out how 0 fanboys ruined the fanbase, whenever a person say he wants to a yakuza game, you got these weirdos want him to play yakuza 0 to death, 0 is good but not masterpiece tier like 4,5 or 1,2

>blocking apparently was one of the files
Who talks like that? Is this guy retarded or is this some new kind of slang that I'm not aware of?
God, I fucking hate youtube comments.

5 is long, but it's so fucking dope. I agree that 3 sucks though

It's one of my favorites of the series next to Judgment but I'm bias for it. The story's interesting, it's got some great characters (Itou, Kojiro, Marume, and Shishido are fun), the map is in general my favorite with Gion being my #1 town to this day, it has some good boss movesets, the gauntlets are pretty good, it has unique minigames that Ishin kind of changed up some of, and it has some fun Ultimate Missions that even let you play as the bosses.

The downsides are numerous though.
>Blocking is the worst in the series, enemies just do it nonstop which leads to normal enemy fights and boss fights being an absolute chore.
>There is also no way around it. 1kat and 2kat's guard breaking moves like kicks or L1 knockbacks take longer to recover from than the enemy has their guard dropped so you basically just get to the enemy's back or do nothing.
>Hand-to-hand is unusable because you can't block enemy weapons but about 80% of the enemies you fight have a weapon, the combo strings are Shinada-tier, and the damage is lower than the weakest swords.
>2H is unusable because blocking issues + low damage and DPS + you move at a snail's pace means you won't touch it.
>Most missables in the series, you cannot play it without a guide if you want the secret boss because of needing correct substory answers and chapter locations even if it was translated.
>One-time Heat Actions for bosses that must be obtained from playing the melon cutting minigame at the start of each chapter.
>Gion gets locked out permanently in the final chapter for no reason locking you out of all the yuujos, all the Japanese gambling minigames, and Gyoutensai's inventions.
>If you complete Gyoutensai's inventions before chapter 13 you permanently lock yourself out of his substory.
This is actually kind of hard to do though, you'd have to grind at the tournament for hours to do it.
>Premium Adventure (Adventures in Tokyo) wipes your completion list except for crafted swords.
>So does NG+.

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First timer for the series here

I just beat Yakuza Kiwami and i've gotta say it left me with a really sour taste after i ruined the game for myself by unlocking Tiger Drop also i wanna bomb the house of the dickhead that designed the Jingu fight, i dont know how are you supposed to do that fight wihout chugging at least 5-7 Emperors or exclusively abusing Tiger Drop/Komaki parry.

Overall i give it a 5/10 because i fucking hated how before you can unlock counters, some bosses are straight up untouchable until they finish a specific combo which doesnt even opens them for half a combo before they magically do a 180 and fuck my ass with super armor.

At least the game was actually hard so my brain didnt turned to mush like with Yakuza 0

in my opinion Nishiki was a fucking retard holy shit

>i dont know how are you supposed to do that fight wihout chugging at least 5-7 Emperors or exclusively abusing Tiger Drop/Komaki parry.
That is more or less how you have to do it. It was worse in 1 because you were on the ground more often, weren't able to target the guys as easily, and did less damage.
That's not the worst fight in the series.

absolutely filtered, 0 baby

How is it possible to make something even worse than 3 faggots with guns/knives, perfect blocking and attacks with 0 frames startups other than just adding more guys to the mix which i doubt they would fucking dare

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>than just adding more guys to the mix which i doubt they would fucking dare

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wow real cool of you to go back and buy the classic on ebay after playing 0, as if it proves anything. 0 babies are the fucking worst

can you at least let me know in which game happens so i dont make a repeat of the CBT session with Jingu on Hard mode

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4. Specifically Tanimura's last boss.

Thank you, now on my way to get Kiwami 2 for my journey of beating all the yakuza game i can on PC alone

The reason they kept making Yakuza games, is because the development was quick. They had to be profitable in Japan alone.

I've bought Judgement and it's sitting around, so I have to ask, is it still like CLASSIC Yakuza where it takes maybe 6 hours for the entire game to finally open?

More or less. Lost Judgment takes longer.