Who are some 10/10 looking video game characters?

who are some 10/10 looking video game characters?

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she will never have cute feet

Cute asian girls are the cutest. Miyeon best girl!

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lol look at those ugly small fake tits. If you wanna get fake tits at least go full bimbo.


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Lmfao she got fake tits? Isn't she rich? Those look awful

I really really really like her

Ew what's wrong with her tits? Did her plastic surgeon botch them?

Kill yourself simp

>does porn
>fake tits
This game gets worse every upgrade

my waifu


Too bad she sucks at doing porn. (No pun intended)

she looked way better before getting the boob job.

Didn't she do porn already? Where do you go from there?

Fake tits are the devil.

lmao did she seriously ruin her tits? wtf

>these fucking tits
get some taste nigger

>fake tits
what a retarded whore

here you go new stuff if you want and all her old shit

imagine ruining your tits with plastic and you only go up to a fucking b-cup in the process

Eurgh, what'd she do with her tits, they used to be perfect.

she was already perfect why would you bog your face and tits up jesus christ its true these people are never satisfied


They're horribly small looking and bimbo botch job looking at the same time, at least her tiny tits were cute

This isn't Belle Delphine, btw.

her new tits suck
would still fuck

Even bad fake tits are at least better than nothing she had before.

wtf why would she do this her tits were fine

Please don't fucking tell me she got fake tits

Why the fuck do all the petite qts get fucking fake tits

yikes i thought she was a mega millionaire from OF, did she get them done in some 3rd world country to save a buck or something

>Incision through the navel, then make a "skin tunnel" for each side and roll the implant all the way up to each breast. Trans-umbilical Breast Augmentation, or TUBA for short.
is this true? what is wrong with women?

worst take itt

I wasn't sure if this was shoppedsince I remember her almost flat, she ruined her image if she really got them filled with pastic.

What a huge mistake.

>Please don't fucking tell me she got fake tits

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Sasha Foxxx and Sava Schultz have done the same thing, and their outcomes are fucking awful too
Flat is best

its like jessie rogers all over again

hope belle gets aids as well kek

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Damn, people really pay for these?

Not being a passive aggression snark, genuinely asking
What's the correct board for finding Belle Delphine shit to get posted, is it just Yea Forums?

They truly are.
It's so disgusting.
Why are these bitches still getting this done despite men of taste telling them NOT TO?!?!

yea, but you and I don't thanks to that site

Her body, her choice.

Her happiness and mental health is more important than you creeps wanting to ogle a flat chest.


I don't get why people are complaining, I'd rail her like there's no tomorrow.

Her money you mean. I guess that's the same thing.

there's a leak website that's pirate bay (without a space) but for thots

you can't really turn flat into melons in one go, there's a limit how much you can stretch the skin


no destroyed nipples and no underboob scars. Interesting what medicine and human body can do.

so shes brain damaged?
the only reason women want nice tits is to appeal to men

Body modifications usually aren't a sign of good mental health to begin with.

>mental health
>changing your body in anyway that isn't done naturally
have truely good mental health is loving who you are and if you wish to change yourself you get fit and work out not get surgery

It's a shame that a majority of the people archived on that site need you to DM the fuckhead just to get the video

She gets her money out of getting creeps to ogle her her flat chest, user.

>fake tits are baaaaad
It's funny when virgins complain about something when they're not in any position to get what they want. Real men don't care. We fuck when we get the opportunity which is often.

We're gonna get to watch her descend into a crack whore, aren't we?

fake tits > no tits
flat ""women"" are worthless

that hoe mid af fr

you don't fuck anything
fake tits feel like fucking shit and you're a fucking turbo faggot virgin

Why do retarded mentally ill pornwhores without a father in their life always get shitty bolt on fake tits when the reason I am jerking off to them is their flat tits? She needs to be killed unironically she has no use anymore.

When can I get a fake cock implant?
Mine is too small

>Her happiness and mental health is more important
getting bogged has never made anyone happy or more mentally sound

not even getting blacked can save her career now

I hate that flat chests and natural saggy udders are so reviled by normalfags that fake tits are seen as an "improvement".

That gave me chicken skin holy shit, women are deranged.

Now there's someone I haven't seen in a while. Is she back for a few more months to collect simp-bucks?

Fake tan in season 4: Los Angeles "Modeling"

>It's funny when virgins complain about something when they're not in any position to get what they want. Real men don't care. We fuck when we get the opportunity which is often.

Axel Stone

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she hit the wall anyway her best years were already when she was making stuff

She got aids? Kek, is it the dangerous ones?

>getting shitted
>doing anyone's career any favours

tfw shes making a million a month from all the simps

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pic rel

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People always said she was smart. Jewing simps out of money by doing suggestive photos then dipping with millions. Then she comes back and does nudes. Then porn. Now fake tits. She just seems like every other whore

lmao what an extensive procedure for such pathetic results

>23 October 1999 (age 22)
feels like she's 35 already, damn

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His boobs aren't round enough.

lmao simps cum to this?

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You never touched a pair of tits in your life you fucking whiny loser. No one cares THAT much, dipshit.

Because she is exactly that.

Except the Bogdanoffs themselves

>she was smart
her boyfriend is who tells her what to do

I'll respect her if she's putting all that money away.

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>I'll respect her if she's putting all that money away.
>Saving money

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That she is, that she is.

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you got scammed on your fake tits jennifer, men prefer natural

Tell me there's a webm with sound somewhere you can post on /wsg/. I'm dying.

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>fake tits
>when they are that small
why even fuckin bother at that point. if you are going to do it go big or go home.

She's a public figure, and I can criticize what I like.

women are fucking disgusting.

>People always said she was smart.
This is a coping mechanism people feel better when they perceive some insanely rich person as secretly intelligent and not a giant retard

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If she was putting money away she wouldn't of come back.

>age 22
She doesn't look that bad for her age. The people that age around my area tend to look terrible.

She got fake tits dude she clearly isnt

For the same reason most men are okay with w*men wearing fakeup

Some user posted some kind of tubes that you use in the bathtub to enlarge your PP. Don't know how safe those are and if they leave numbness or skin damage, but still safer than penis implants that don't work 70% of the times.

Even with 20 liters of makeup?

>these absolutely awful fake tits
damn, she was ugly before, but now she has reached the 3DPD peak

Sure but I would have wanted to with her nice original chest size

maybe you could try not being so new

>fucked her face and tits up for nothing


>boob job
damn it all to hell, at least I still have all her old stuff

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