Will there ever be another Blizzcon?

Will there ever be another Blizzcon?

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This is a bait thread. OP does not want to discuss Blizzcon, he wants to discuss the fact that the man on the right became a tranny.


I don't care I'm going to discuss blizzcon anyway. I don't think so. If E3 cant live then why would Blizzcon? Post scandal, post covid, as numbers continue to fall? Why? It just seems like a money sink to me when they can just show their new shit at microsofts events now.

the guy in green or the redhead?

Wait, what?

Blizzdrones are blind to all criticism so yeah probably and Dragondick or whatever will sell multiple millions day one.

Who the fuck cares, anyone still playing Blizzard games is a lost cause

joe became a TRANNY? wtf I actually liked that guy

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never liked joe goes, could always tell he was a bitch nerd

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should i become a tranny?

>you will never bang Tanya Tate


no find, find God instead.


Pls say syke

i want breasts though

It's just part of his upcoming video. Method acting at its finest.

Remember crossdressing and porn episodes?
Some serious foreshadowing...

made me so sad seeing joe become a fucking tranny. i liked his content and his seems like a nice guy

Manmade horrors....

>That fake, gut wrenching smile
Tranny Harry is that you? Because he's got the 'expression' alright

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this video hits me differently now.

do you think its what sissyfied him?

calls himself a thirst trap lmao

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i think it was always there but him living in LA did not make matters better.

why too what?

somoene post memes of jim he trooned out too

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why sad?

tranny FAGGOT!

>I'm gonna mutilate my body and fuck up my bones
>but men bad amirite fellow women
Truly a sane and rational person.

old school transvestites = based
transvestites =/= trannies

It's sad to see someone you like become mentally ill

because his been tricked into thinking this is what he wants and think it will bring him happiness.

This isn't Pink Flamingos, though. It's corporate sponsored dress up with the only purpose being to brainwash and convert

He cute. But seriously he couldnt get any pussy looking like that now he at least gets fucked in the ass which is win in my opinion.

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In the end Joe went...

he should have just come out as a gay man. atleast he would get to keep his penis.

maybe he just wants boobs

Is it possible to get that build Natty on the right?

shut the fuck up tranny faggot basket case

the fuck happened to his nose

>old school transvestites = based
How about no you fucking faggot

i hate cosplayers so much it's unreal

clown world strikes again

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The good brains rise to the top the rest are filtered.


This is why you don't make a living out of self degradation and humiliation.

A true brit.

>But seriously he couldnt get any pussy looking like that
never say never

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I hate everything about it so much.
I hate the low efforts cosplay costumes.
I hate how they don't even look like who they are cosplaying.
I especially hate it when people say "Just let people have fun."

I know, I have no idea how Joe ever thought his woman cosplay would look good. These people have no sense of taste.

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profile/cover photo. It's funny how trannies have no self awareness. The things women would find lame/cringe they think look cool

Everyone he made fun of got the last laugh.

What living in LA does to a MF.

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You could make a mashup of every picture this dude has taken since trooning out and 99% of them would be making the AGP smirk.

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It's too late to grow breasts user, you are in your 20s.

its never too late to grow breasts

he looks like such a fat fucking retard no matter how much makeup he cakes on

When will you seek help for your mental illness, freak?


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Reminder to go and speak to a doctor about your tranny obsession.