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Doesn't that mean those sales are like 70% the western release?

>Was only thinking of getting RF5 to support the series
>Sales reveal that the series will live on
>No reason to buy RF5 now
>Now I can just wait and see how RF6 shakes out
This is the best possible outcome, I don't have to buy a shit game and the series lives on.

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I wonder if the retards who said it would flop in the west will show up now even though it was obvious it would be successful after Pioneers of Olive Town's performance.

But also it's fun to laugh at doomposters once again getting BTFO

Not surprising. The Switch makes every dogshit game sell way more than it has any right to.
How does that compare to other games in the series?

It also guarantees every future game is going to be shit because this mess sold well and it selling better in the west than in Japan also justifies XSEED's meddling in it and pushing for homosexuality and generally terrible translation.

PC when?

There's no official worldwide data for the previous games because most weren't published by Marvelous in the west. 5 is almost certainly the best-selling by far.

I literally have not heard a single argument against this game other than "muh bad frame rate".

You literally just wait 3 seconds for the town to load and the frame rate issues are gone. Bunch of impatient morons.

Honestly the world being kinda ugly is worse than the performance in my opinion. It certainly doesn't help, but they have to go back to a frontier style.

>5 is almost certainly the best-selling by far
That's just fucking sad.

>Girl choices are shit
>Story is shit
>Less content than 4
It's kusoge stop pretending its not

>I have heard plenty of arguments against this game and I've chosen to ignore all of them in order to mock a straw man

It's incredibly ugly
can't have banter with the bois cause they all wanna fuck you now
shit waifs

>Majority of the sales are from the west
we lost dragonbros, they will listen to globalfaggots more than japs

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>Japan drops the game like a sack of shit since they were basically paying full price to beta test the game
>add gay shit for the western release
>fags eat it up
Not surprised honestly. Looks like they're gonna start pandering to the west now. RF is truly dead

>shit waifs
never talk about my waifs (and one husb) again

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How is it ugly? The flower blossom trees in the spring time with the sunrays peeking out of them is so anime and beautiful.

>Girl choices are shit
Personal tastes.

>Story is shit
Not any worse than 4.

>Less content than 4
How? Literally how? Did you play the game? It has all the same stuff 4 has plus more.

Isn't this wolf man married? Aren't you forcing him to cheat on his wife?

Still no DLC announcement huh? Least it's been long enough I can comfortably give up on it now.
Oh well

that's his older sister, i know i didn't figure it out until later

It has less content than 4, and is unpolished as fuck.

By the way, this only accounts for about one week of western sales (March 22nd in the US and 25th in the EU to March 31st). It's probably considerably higher by now. I wouldn't be surprised if it got to one million by the time it gets some discounts and releases on PC.

>It has less content than 4
Wrong. You're literally baiting for replies at this point aren't you

stardew valley effect


You can finish just about everything in the first year.

Ryujinx/Yuzu 60fps patch proved that it can run well enough.
Shit framerate was the only thing holding me back from playing it, so I hope the PC port comes soon enough.

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Good luck documenting all the crops, getting all the food items, fishing all the fish, etc. The game literally has more dungeons than 4 and more things to do. Just because you played it on Easy and sped through the story doesn't mean it has "less content" you uncultured swine.

Pioneers of Olive Town was absolute trash. Westerners will buy fucking anything.

Still not buying. Game is still mediocre.

any update patch coming?

Characters in 5 have less dialogue than in 4.

Both PoOT and RF5 also had the highest opening week sales in Japan for their respective franchises. People saying they had bad word of mouth and stopped selling are just coping, Marvelous mentioned in the same report the OP is referencing that RF5 has seen strong sales in Japan throughout the year.

They've already prepped 4 new bachelorettes and 1 new bachelor's voice lines for both versions so it seems likely.

I'm not disputing the sales, but PoOT is fucking terrible.

I was disputing the claim that it's just westerners who bought it or RF5.

Good luck documenting all the crops, getting all the food items, fishing all the fish, etc. The game literally has more dungeons than 4 and more things to do. Just because you played it on Easy and sped through the story doesn't mean it has "less content" you uncultured swine.

Source on that?

this all it takes is for some article to mention "Stardew Valley" "Animal Crossing" and "LGBT" and women and gays will auto-buy

They will bring back Livia in RF6 as a guest character and she will be dateable. Trust the plan.

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I hate how this guy looks like he has shit on his nose

>Cucking my 5MC
gross they should just give us dlc in 5 and stop being faggots

Games sell more outside of Japan most of the time. It's why people are always making fun of devs like Falcom for being so financially retarded and xenophobic.

I am happy and worried at the same time. Happy because this probably secures a new Rune Factory game, but worried because if the majority of the sales came from the west, it just means XSNEED will have more power over the decisions of any future game.

I made it up

What happened to the Radeaposter? I miss him.

>An RF game that lets you fuck the loli/MILF

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>People saying they had bad word of mouth and stopped selling are just coping, Marvelous mentioned in the same report the OP is referencing that RF5 has seen strong sales in Japan throughout the year.
It hasn't though, we have public sales records showing that the sales dropped off a cliff after the first week and we know RF4 sold better in Japan as accordingly.

>Still no DLC announcement huh?
The devs are working on Digimon Survive, right now. I don't think they have too many devs to divide them between two projects.

There's lines datamined on youtube.

Are you forgetting Amber?

>Amber isn't a loli

As far as I know, we only have physical sales for the first month or so for each game and there's no long-term lifetime Famitsu data on RF5. It was also a very small difference that's definitely way more than made up for by today's higher digital sales ratio.

If you are actually upset about livia not being an option, message them instead of bitching on imageboards over it, if they can add gayshit they can add dragons too

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yes I too look forward to the future of more LGBTQ+ and appealing to burgers content

Amber's story in RF4 was legitimately interesting.

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the gay people will complain about the dragons though, they already want the dog removed

That's pretty low for world wide digital and physical though.

>cant marry livia
>Cant marry the lazy restaurant girl
>Cant marry the milf

Do the lazy restaurant girl and the lazy furniture guy ever have an interaction in the game pointing out that they're both lazy sleepyheads?

It only accounts for one week of western sales and no, it's already very high for RF. It was never a big series.

It's RF tradition.
You will never have best girl.

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Don't all three have datamined marriage dialogue?

What is with literal kusoge selling so high?

4 is higher by a lot. Physical 3ds for 4 compared tp physical switch for 5 in Japan, and then the rereleases of 4 on top of that.

Dude, did you see how far apart their workplaces are? Too lazy for that shit, except when Ryker goes full chuuni mode in the middle of the night.

Livia and Radea at best were happening, and now I doubt it will happen because of the western sales are way more than JP sales, but I hope I'm wrong

Do you have the numbers? I saw them a while ago but I don't.

>yurishit is... le bad
Cope faggot. I, for one, enjoyed taking baths with my wife Lewdmilla

At least that's two out of the three you listed. That's good, right...?

Are we all in agreement that Ryker is basically just Bakura

No. Ask in the famitsu sales thread tomorrow

Yuri is bad, and appealing and censoring content to please to LGBT and twitterfaggots is bad yes

will there be DLC?

Nah, it's the switch. You can release almost any garbage on that system and it will sell it.

I dunno, I am pretty concern that the west and their feelings on the top of the list for marvelous, and dragon lolis is a big no no in the west

At what heart level can I date the girls? I'm getting desperate at this point.

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>/u/shittier failing to realize appealing to SJW crowd is not good
Your brain on yurifaggotry everyone