My fate is sealed

my fate is sealed

I have no choice

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Actually; it is

>My fate is sealed
>I have... nochoice

the most soulful game ever made

whenever a boss blows up in x4 it does this light rays coming out of a point thing, and i used to point at the TV like I was causing it and my friend who watched me play would get really annoyed that I did it because it was fucking gay lmao


this game's plot is so fuckin stupid i swear to god

based autist

Don't have the screencap that btfo into oblivion explaining the high IQ military move it is based on.


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>hey man could you come explain to us why you're in the center of a terrorist attack?
>no I will not, and for daring to not believe in my innocence I will now commit acts of terrorism and high treason to prove my innocence

any advice on the black devil?
i chose zero and got his black armor from the start and zero went the evil route so i can't use him right now
i've got all upgrades that i could get so far for X and that devil fucker obliterates my health even with all my health upgrades



Also this

>A person was paid actual money for this performance

I hope all of these voice "actors" got blacklisted for life.

Except maybe this guy. He seems based.

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also why the fuck is X5 so tedious
it feel like a huge letdown compared to X4 as X4 feels actually fun to play

All the budget went into the OST

lol just wait until you get to X6.

X5 is one of the worst in the series. as much as X6 gets shit on it's still less of a nightmare to play than X5. X7 is the uncontested worst though.

>Colonel sends out the challenge to duel ingame
>Cutscene makes it seem like Zero started it

X5 has mild annoyances. X6 is like the devs were challenged to make the most infuriating gamepaly experience possible.

>any advice on the black devil?
if you duck, only the lowest moving block can hit you
he's weak to that shitty volt attack

>make the most infuriating gamepaly experience possible
wait until you get to mm zero 1

X5 is just mediocre therefore unmemorable, X6 is so bad it's good (once you got the hang of it)

>tfw finding out that he's vulnerable to the exact same pause/electric attack glitch that the original was

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is it me or is X's arsenal in X4.....really shitty?
Im doing a replay of the X series and we all know the special weapons from X5 onward suck dick but i didnt remember X4 weapons being this bad either

A lot of these guys were just random whiteys they pulled off the street in Japan and were given lines they had no context for and directed by Japs who barely spoke english and had no idea what a good performance might sound like in the language.

Zero gets all the good shit from X4 to X6 so it's only natural

Every X arsenal past X2 is shitty. X6 made it good since the game's dev was fucked and weapons really worked out as tools.

I genuinely enjoy X6 more than either X5 or X4 and I'm not sure why

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What were they thinking?

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The soundtracks?

>uh ha huuuu
>time to eat cereal
what did they meant by this

is x4 the darkest megaman of all time? most characters die...

I think you meant Zero 2. There's nothing in Zero 1 that compares to rod autism, bomb carrier lazers and Phoenix fight.

Weird how every X after 1 was inferior in every singel possible concievable way. If this had been a stand-alone, it would be considered the greatest 2D action platformer of all time, and that's a hotly contested title.

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I think X5 and X6 are the darkest since they are literally about the end of the world and the aftermath respectively.

I wouldn’t know because I only use Zero.

X2 is alright, though X1 music can not be topped. Only X6 comes close to X1 in terms of music for me.

X2 wasn't bad but X3 was outsourced and the PS1 games were plagued by budget issues.

Not him, but doing Zero 1 elfless and trying to get an A-rank or higher on all stages is far more frustrating than in the other MMZ games.

X2 is not as memorable but it's superior in every way.

Weapons suck too. Every weapon in X1 is fantastic and make you feel like a physical god.

Challenge, ost, presentation overall.

X2 is just as good as X1 IMO.
I prefer playing X2 because you already start out with the dash.

Thing about Zero is that all of his a abilities are just practical attack upgrades and techs, while X's weapons are all fundamentally extraneous.

What's the appeal of X2? I don't even like X2. I think X3 is better and X3 is not very good.

Going for A ranks is a completely optional challenge, having to go through retarded level design is mandatory and thus much worse

Yeah but X is mega man. Zero is, like, ninja gaiden or some shit.

if you do an elfless hitless run you're guaranteed an A rank, and doing a full hitless run is really not that hard.
the real frustration is gunning for full 100pt runs where you have to grind and force enemies to respawn to kill them for points
now THAT is frustrating bullshit

The game makes you feel so fucking bad for using cyber elves that I can't really do it. It's not optional to me.

Why the fuck would you make your only consumable items living creatures with souls? The fuck is wrong with you Infaune?

>A city full of humans is a attacked and collapses down.
>Instead of complying with the investigation and just snitching on Sigma, proceed to declare secession.
>Lie on television saying you aren't doing a coup or planning to hurt humans.
>Proceed to blow up a human base and try to nuke the planet.
Why was the General and Colonel fucking retarded? Especially the General. Why the fuck would you trust Sigma? The whole plot of 4 could have been avoided just by outing Sigma to the Maverick Hunters and World and turning him in.

>mfw I found out about zero's dash cancel trick

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What? Not every weapon is great but Speed Burner, Spin Wheel, Sonic Slicer are pretty solid and Bubble Splash is amazing.

>Why the fuck would you make your only consumable items living creatures with souls
to guilt trip you into throwing those crutches away

That's why you play Zero 3 and 4

They didn't trust Sigma, it's more of a MUH PRIDE kind of thing since Kernel just blew up when X/Zero told him to drop his weapons

It's like if using robot master weapons killed orphans. Your weapon energy is their souls.

Not my point. Zero's skills are mostly just practical additions or upgrades. Like one of his skills is literally just an air dash, something X gets from armor. Another just changes his jump slash. His worst skill is the weapon upgrade that lets him erase very specific types of projectiles, but everything he has is very practical.

But in the case of X, every boss weapon he receives is just an extra. They're inherently excess.

Wasn't Sigma a great hero before Zero gave him AIDS?

in mmz2 the level design is full of bullshit that flies at you faster than you can react because of the screen size
in mmz2 the level design is full of bullshit that flies at you faster than you can react because of the screen size AND the actual levels are just literal corridors for the entire game (and it has a fucking escort mission).
the final set of levels for both are also horrible as is often the case in megaman games but overall i'd say MMZ2 actually tried to do something other than corridors with its level design so I like it better
MMZ3 is actually a good game, probably the best in the entire megaman (legacy / x / zero) franchise but thats not a high bar