Name a worse race in video games

Name a worse race in video games

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Black people.

lala's are pretty autistic but they can't hold a candle to these little fucks

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i literally cant
imagine being born retarded and deformed looking baby and staying that way for the rest of your life

but lalas are so damn cute

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I don't do MMO shit but I think they're cute. What's wrong with them?

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potatoes are cute


just think of them as japanese dwarves, or gnomes and the anger will subside

fuck these little gremlin shits


DnD halflings and pathfinder gnomes.
They are disproportionate freaks.

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you cant trust the internet with these things especially in a game filled to the brim with degenerates who constantly erping with each other


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The Vorcha

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Good thing you have to be actually deranged to see lalas as "sexy" and not "cute".

Pathfinder halflings are kinda cute tho.

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Yeah, no

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Still would.

Linzi is cute, what's your problem

Dwarves are based, potatoes are pure fucking cringe. Every faggot wants to be "cute" or "le funny" but it looks horrible.
I have also never NEVER seen a potato wearing the dwarf armour.

What kind of gnomes?
Because D&D gnomes are pretty neat but WoW gnomes are grade A garbage.

Mechagnomes are easily the worst race ever added to a game, at least an MMO anyway.

No she isn't, wtf. she is annoying and disgusting. It's really sad I can't throw her out.

they should have kept their FFXI proportions

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what is the problem?
i actually like her design

Shouldn't have added them in the first place

hrothgar are a worse race in their own game. lalas are cute and fun to have scurrying around. hrothgar are just an ugly fucking eyesore

These fucking furbaits

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yeah good thing those people dont exist of they would post something like this

That's a fat lala getting dressed. How's that sexy in any way? It's just cute.

>tfw vulpera and diaper gnomes finally made it impossible for me to relapse to WoW
thank you for freeing me

>Larian gave us a halfling girl romance before owlcat
what the hell

damn cuh just take a chill yall on fleek lmao

Lalas are too cute

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Get with the times, old man.


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>Larian gave us a halfling girl romance

UwU what's wrong user

You can romance a halfling girl in BG3

Tarutaru from FFXI are worse

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Post her pics.

Is she cute?

>Tarutaru from FFXI are based*

lalafell look like retards with downs syndrome

t. faggot

thats because they are
have you seen any of their animations?
the walk like they lack the hip bone

>cuteness aggression
ask me how I know you’re a third worlder

okay mr epstein

I wanna kiss that nose.

that's a toblerone

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Canon jews

They walk like they lack knees actually

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The first and third one don't know how to wipe properly.

Those are some dangerously illegal mods.

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fpbp and any animal/monster races. Kill all furries.

Vorcha are actually cool and a creative depiction of aliens.
Now Asari, those are fucking stupid.

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Fucking you, taru masterrace.

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When you watch some porn and the bitch has brown stained asscheeks. How

that area is naturally slightly darker unless you bleach

I've seen enough assholes to know that some women just shit with their asscheeks together.

Cute slut.

If you think about it, they are perfectly legal to fuck in FFXIV world. Do you really think there is no sex between different races in FFXIV?

There's definite proof it happens and produces children sometimes.
And there's some implied stuff and also a Garlean with potato fever.


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Not pedophilia btw

>Name a worse race in video games
Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Halfflings, half-elves

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Lala would need lots of training to take me though.
Unless he wants to be on top.

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I think it's vile to play as something other than human if regular human is an option.

lala thighs

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