Why no black people??

Why no black people??

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Africans don't make up the majority demographic of gamers.
You appeal to your user base to maximize sales, otherwise you may end up hurting sales.

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We got the best one years ago

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I know the title sounds retarded, but if someone would look up this question in YT, they would type it EXACTLY like that
its just a trick to get more clicks

do they even have computers in Africa just get some rice

he's not black he's Scottish


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Because joggers prefer stealing over studying how to code.

Black people in vidya peaked with demoman so there is no point in making more.

Do sports games not count?

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left or right?

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You're wrong OP

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>I demand this
>Okay here
>Not enough
>Here have more
>Not enough
>Here have more
>Not enough
>Here have more
>Not enough
>Here have more
>Not enough
>When is it going to be enough
>How dare you ask me that you Nazi

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black are american national religion
when you don't include black men, you are insulting the american

Why black people?

I don't like them.

Most blacks who play games like pokemon or naruto shit. I used to know some 6'5 bignig that loved Persona 4 and said Chie was his favorite. *insert bbc comment here*

One thing I admire about blacks is how simple they are. They don't give a shit about identity politics in games, they want things that are fun.

are these people for real

>12% of americans
>6% males (we all know these are the ones playing)
>4% in the age range that might actually buy games
if anything, why not more hispanic, they are a much larger demographic
most of africa is too poor to even buy a console and games

Wish black girls were as hot as they are in video games

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because they look grotesque and nobody wants to play as that shit, the only "black" characters people like don't even have negroid features, its just anime wife n 399 but black skin

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both arent human

>features 2 of them in the thumbnail
The fuck is wrong with that retard?

let's talk about why you need the sentence repeated 4 fucking times across your image and your post you stupid cunt.

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There's plenty of black people, it's just the demographic of the people who play videogames do not enjoy black people and will actively not buy a game if it has them in it. They might not even racist either, they just don't like being around them.

Hispanics don't virtue signal, or really care about representation. It's pretty based.

I dont get why people expect fictional characters to represent them.
I grt having a human looking character but they're not earth humans 99% of the time.

I don't want mutts and europoors in my anime either

Is.... Is that a person with different color skin than me??? AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEE I CANT RELATE
This applies to both nigger shovers and nigger haters


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This is true
Just finished Kirby and now looking forward to Sunbreak

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If Demoman were released today you faggots would shit yourselves


>why not more hispanic
because representing hispanics is racist

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There are several dozen black characters for every left hander so "minority representation" virtue signallers are all doing it for literal "brownie" points.

Why is it only black people that give a shit about not being included? You never see Arabs or Hispanics ever bitch about this. Are there really people out there that see a fun game and think
>There's not enough black people, so i can't play this.


Didn't actual Hispanics complain about this? As in other people calling this racist, not Mario wearing a sombrero

can't have proportional representation bro then you might ask how they all got here

>12% of americans
Never gonna make it into the global market if you limit yourself like that

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Yep. That's a tale as old as Speedy Gonzales, at least.

Why do Americans cry so much for more black representation? They don't do this for Hispanic people or South Asians.

if you care about the global market then there should be even fewer niggers because mbwewe wagulu wont be buying those PS5s.

The same people who complained about "cultural appropriation" on behalf of hispanics are the ones that are trying to force "latinx" cultural imperialism.

The main point he makes is that any character of color is rare in a main role, which I guess is true and may suck if you wanna self-insert. But then I would retort by saying: stop trying to fucking do that. Not once have I played a game with a white dude and thought "why isn't he black?"
Who fucking cares? The only aspect of the video that I absolutely agree with is stop with that "Black Experience story" bullshit. It's tiring. I don't always need to be reminded about how poor blacks are

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Do zoomers really never played GTA SA from all the shit they could play?

It's not black people complaining about it. It's white libshits who obsess over blacks so they can stroke their ego for dopamine fueled reddit upvotes.

theres way too many blacks in media

african niggers are too busy doing whatever to start deving vidya, and the only other place with sizable nigger amounts has slavery trauma and feels like it must absolutely make it political every chance it gets to atone for it, and no one likes that shit

>suck if you wanna self-insert
Why can people self insert as imaginary creatures but not people of other colors?

also blacks dont make video games

That E3 was dumb as fuck now post the doot.

it's meant to be an utopia

Black video game characters just need to be attractive. I don't want to look at ugly White people. Why would I want to look at ugly Black people?

You now remember black baron/blacker baron

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i want a rts where you harvest black people as a resource, using your black people peons. So you can build black people armies to fight opposing black people.
All the dialogue will be ebonics and the soundtrack rap.

Interesting observation

A lot of black spiderman fans prefer Peter to Miles. Race doesn't matter, it's all surface level stuff. If you really want to, you can project onto anything. If the main character is an anthropomorphic cartoon animal, I can still relate to their struggles as a human.

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A character like Demoman would never be released today anyways.


Sorry bro, but all sheboons are fucking fat and ugly, and they all wear wigs for some reason.

>more niggers in pokemon world
>bikes need to be locked properly
>pokeballs get stolen
>pokemart needs an atendent to unlock products from it's case
>fatal pokemon battles

Miles is just Peter (but black) and thats all he really had going for him.

Donkey Kong is in smash though

So, a leftist ruling class simulator?

Why no white panther?

hey, he's actually Hispanic, atleast half anyways. why does everyone forget this

Team Fortress 2 would not be allowed to be released as a AAA title in [current year].

The French, are at it again.

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Name me a single game that properly depicts black people beyond that of the writings of a white man. It has to be made past 2017.



Democrat strategy game

is this where aids came from?

Because Hispanics are less bitchy about being opressed than Blacks are. Something to do with not caring that the Spanish got some pussy or some shit.

This: Self inserting is extremely dumb, you play video games to play the role of a character with a whole different life. It doesn't matter how they look like as long as they look cool.

That depends entirely on your definition of "properly depicting"

No. He's a fucking parody of the shoe-in token black. TF2 is a game about comedy through exaggeration. He even says it himself: He's a black, scottish, cyclops. He's not just black, he's a fucking one-eyed SCOTTISH black guy, which is ridiculous as fuck, the amount of people who meet that description in history you could count on probably one hand. Not to mention, literally never does he tap into the black bit, it's never a social justice "ayo fuq wypipo," he is fully committed to the bit of bagpipes and drinking, which keeps the joke funny.
Shit like this is why Overwatch's characters are fucking soulless. Even if they tried to copy it, it's such a fucking lightning in a bottle character you couldn't possibly recreate it if you tried, which is probably why there will NEVER be a TF3. TF2's cast is pure fucking genius.
I've moved on from the game for a long time now, but the characters will never be topped by any other medium for how memorable they are. Even as a full-blown racist I fucking love the Demoman.

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Based. Diluting their genepool is literally good for mankind's progress.

That's impossible right

i like my blacks female and good looking

what does "properly" mean?
is treating them like humans that dont specifically confirm to the stereotypes you try to force onto the whole black population on the planet the problem here?
publishers should probably start hiring artists like A. Wyatt Mann to truly capture the black experience in videogames.

The only good black videogame main character.
God, I love Killer7.

there used to be this entire fetish genre of European men traveling to africa to breed black women.

Demo and Soldier being best friends is the best shit in the planet.

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I really dont mind black people im video games if theyre actual characters.
What i hate is when devs try to obnoxiously insert them and try to hammer the point that theyre owning whites.
Just make give them a fucking personality thats not 'fuck wypipo' and we're good.

>used to be
my flight for madagascar leaves in the morning, user

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it ready exist

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alright but isn't it literally statistically impossible to impregnate 600/1400 women even cumming in them all multiple times for weeks?

That doesnt make sense

I've had sex with 100 asian chicks a year over 10 years.
Thats a thousand chicks

based post


The zoologist was released in 2020, courtesy of Terraria. I still want to impregnate her and give her a litter of human/fox baby hybrids.

Me: 1
Racists: 0

>dishonored died for this mid shit


but scotland is being flooded with shitskins as we speak though

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All the important people already left Arkane.

Demoman was already there first and considers himself to be Scottish before anything else. He probably genuinely wouldn't like immigrants.

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Dishonored wasn't very good to begin with, though I haven't played 2

Anime does a good job of making brown attractive, specifically by not including negro facial features or nappy hair. Which are the African features that are conventionally ugly and widely seen as undesirable, even by black people themselves.

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>Gets successful and immediately throws it away by cheating and killing someone
>Joins an organization trying to take over the world, labeled as a war criminal
>Liked by no one, everyone is works with hates him even his adopted son
>Does everything to benefit himself and no one else
>Gets Shadaloo in shambles because he gives the guy who can stop it all the info because he was promised cash
Black representation am I right guys?

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>twittertards start crusades beacuse they dont understand how lighting works and that making a dark skinned characters skin slightly lighter due to the lighting isnt whitewashing