I want a new metal gear game and I want it now

I want a new metal gear game and I want it now.

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mgs6 where we play as the boss

The Boss and Solid are the only duty boundchads in the series, everyone else is legitimately autistic. A new game should only star either of those two.

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What if the purpose of the upcoming mgs3 remake is to get people who haven't played it ready for a Boss game?

What do you want in MGS3 remake?

Why? So you can bitch about how “bad” it is?

No, I wanna play it retard

Not everyone is a sad contrarian, believe it or not.

Is the first MG game worth playing? I haven't played it or MG2, but I hear MG2 is basically MGS. I remember liking the Gameboy game Ghost Babel. They should probably do a remake of the first Metal Gear since I'd wager most people haven't played it.

Is portable ops canon?

First 2 MGs are good but not super necessary since later games tell it to go fuck themselves
GB is pretty good, play it after MGS1
Release order always.

No. It has a throwaway line in pw but is ignored because Kojima no write it

Yes. It’s briefly referenced in every single MGS game that came after.

TPP references it in one of the ocelot tapes.

Its the piece of the puzzle I have no clue about. I assume Solid Snake kills Big Boss and retires to Alaska but I have no context. Weird that never got fleshed out after the success of MGS and MGS3.

Daily reminder that The Boss fucked Naked Snake.

No shit? I'm shocked he did that

That's pretty much it. You get some context for certain future characters but it's up to you. They're fun games and if you don't like em just skip to the next one

Yeah, he makes a passing reference to the time he “recovered the other half of the philosopher’s legacy” which is the ending of PO

>you will never experience the MGSV pre-release hype again

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What's the practicality of a bomb in the vagoo?

That looks awful. She is a beautiful milf in the original game. This fan art looks like a dude

They are both good, but MG2 is better. MG1 has some really obscure progression paths that require a gamefaqs guide.

>fan art
I got some bad pachinko news for you...

Wasn't she originally based on David Bowie or something

Metal Gear 1 is pretty janky but okay to play. There'll be a part where you WILL get stuck and have to refer to a guide.
Metal Gear 2 is pure kino and a great predecessor to Solid 1, it is essentially the same game in its tropes too. Torching Big Boss will never not be kino and fun.
I played both on MSX emulator and they're fun as fuck. The atmosphere is very unique, the closest game to these two is Solid 1, everything changes after Solid 2.

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this mentality led to MGS4 and MGSV
what is it with people that they just can't let things end

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>this mentality led to some of the best games of their respective generations
oh no what a tragedy for gaming

The story should stop focusing on Snakes and shoehorning them, simple as. Metal Gear could be as popular as Resident Evil, if Metal Gear had stopped being associated with just Kojima and Snakes.
Metal Gear is a unique universe that could have many more Rising like spin offs. Hell, they could turn Metal Gear Rex segment from MGS4 into it's own game. While Metal Gear Solid series is also a unique sub-genre of stealth genre. No one makes stealth action games like that.

Yeah that's a man

metal gear survive 2

Never understood why she betrayed CJ like this.

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No I don't want to suffer again.

how about it stars both of them, with the narrative jumping back & forth between time periods

What I wanna know is when did Big Smoke learn to shoot lighting?

>What I wanna know is when did Big Smoke learn to shoot lighting?
When he was training in ashina like 300 years ago.

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Friendly reminder that the so-called Fox Engine cutscenes in the pachinko machine is just pre-rendered CG and not actual in-engine footage and neither Kojima and Konami is interested in any more Metal Gear. If you honestly believe unsourced "leaks" posted anonymously on Yea Forums you are incredibly foolish.

you're a soldier, finish your mission, face me!

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>just pre-rendered CG and not actual in-engine footage
animations and models can be converted or imported to different formats
>If you honestly believe unsourced "leaks" posted anonymously on Yea Forums you are incredibly foolish.
I don't. But MGS3 remake by Virtuos is actually likely to be a thing, since Eurogamer reported on this and they're usually on point with their rumors.

Why do people still act like the remake wasn't real?
Like the zoom out shots in the cutscenes had barrels and fucking vent entrances and minor details faithfully recreated that were not needed for a pachinko cutscene.
It would have been 3 to 5 million sales EASY

I don't. Maybe a spiritual successor but I think it's kinda lame that IPs go on forever.

No you don't. You people don't know what you fucking want and you don't know when to stop asking fucking companies to stop milking the desiccated teats of an old franchise and retroactively ruining it. You got like 4 great games, a couple of decent ones, and then several piles of shit because you couldn't stop going "BUT WE WANT MORE WE DON'T CARE IF IT'S BASICALLY FINISHED MOOOOOOOOOORE." Video game and anime fanbases are full of the biggest retards on the planet.

>muh story
fuck off and read a book

>Snakes and shoehorning them
GTFO faggot if you cant understand snakes you dont know vidya

>What about you, CJ? What's it going to be? Loyalty to your hood or loyalty to me? Your homies or your old mentor? The mission or your beliefs? Your duty to Grove Street or your personal feelings?

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MGS3 was also the peak gameplay wise because 4 decided it wanted 30 minute levels worth of gameplay in between several full length movies, Peacewalker was dogshit, and 5 needed 95% of the game to take place in giant open areas with no level design that you can insta cheese the moment you get a silenced tranq gun.

>Peacewalker was dogshit
shit taste, as expected of someone using the word "dogshit" unironically

I played it on PSP. It's not good. Although funny enough that you don't like stories because I thought that was the only halfway decent part of that "dogshit."

No you don't. You people don't know what you fucking want and you don't know when to stop asking fucking caterers to stop baking the desiccated treats of an old cookbook and retroactively ruining it. You got like 4 great recipes, a couple of decent ones, and then several piles of shit because you couldn't stop going "BUT WE WANT MORE WE DON'T CARE IF IT'S BASICALLY DELISH MOOOOOOOOOORE." Cooking and baking fanbases are full of the hungriest retards on the planet.

I don't say I don't like stories. Stories are just not a reason people want more games of said series.

Genuine question to Metal Gear fans by someone who hates the games: Do you think that Metal Gear Solid, or any game in the franchise for that matter, could be made better by:
-Making them into actual stealth games with proper mechanics and no scripted detections where the protagonist obliviously walks in on a boss in a cutscene
-Restructuring the worldbuilding so the "as you know" -clumsy exposition diatribes don't exist in dialogue and the player learns those things in ways other than incessant talking heads
-Rewriting the Engrish dialogue so the American characters actually speak English in a western manner instead of directly translated Japanese that sounds nothing like people
...Or do you think that such changes would make it worse?

such changes would make it worse, i think. I'm a die-hard MGS fag, I unironically love all the games. Even AC!D. I would say that these things, while obviously not being to everyone's tastes for a multitude of good reason, add to the rather eccentric charm of the games. It's what seperates MGS from other stealth games. It makes it unique and sometimes unique can be an acquired taste and sometimes unique is not always good, but it's what makes it MGS in essence.

Metal Gear isn't pure stealth series, it's stealth action series. There's no need to turn it into Thief or Splinter Cell, as this is what makes the series to stand out from the other games.
On the other hand, action scenes in Splinter Cell, like multiple action scenes in SC1 or Bathhouse in Chaos Theory, do stand out in a negative way, as Splinter Cell is expected to be a stealth game (SC1 has more excuses as it was the first game in the series so they didn't know what exactly would work out, but Bathhouse was shit)

>Making them into actual stealth games
stopped reading there
fuck off thief/scfag

Thanks for the good response. I'll never agree that those things aren't flaws but at least I can understand why people like them.
Yeah, Splinter Cell started out as really scripted, and unlike Metal Gear in which the forced combat scenes do serve story purposes for the most part, there isn't really a reason why Fisher gets into firefights in SC1 in the vast majority of cases.
Even the part in MGS 1 where the prison cell is flooded by a platoon was meant to demonstrate, albeit in a ludicrously hamfisted way, Meryl's lack of experience and dangerous hesitation. There's hardly even an attempt at actually justifying the combat in SC1.

Ac!d 3 will release next year, with 6 chapters (Big Boss, Venom Snake, Solid Snake, Raiden, Old Snake, Cyborg Raiden) that each have different sets of cards. The game will be F2P and will have gacha for all cards not in the Story mode, as well as online multiplayer where players choose one of the 6 aforementioned characters. There is no new story or new voice acting. 1 year exclusivity to Apple Arcade before getting ported to Switch, Android, & PC.

Source: I expect Konami to do something like this.

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>Eurogamer reported on this and they're usually on point with their rumors
Refers to VCG who refers to anonymous "sources".
It's not happening.

>Eurogamer sources suggest the publisher has mulled a new version of MGS3 for some time.

It's David Fucking Bowie

It makes sense to, if you were to have a new entry rather than remake, have a game about her since she’s the reason Big Boss and the Patriots do anything at all, but as at least part of it would take place during WWII, what weapon would she have to disable? Some sort of Schwerer Gustav gun that’s actually a component for a Shagohod-like weapon? Also, should the story go from various periods from WWII to her perspective of Snake Eater?

so these games all work pretty good in retroarch, right?

>That's according to a VGC report